The Twice-Blessed Child


Wyatt is generally cheerful and optimistic almost to a fault. He sees the good in almost every situation, and in just about everybody he meets. However, he is haunted by the dark future he witnessed, and is terrified that he won't be able to stop it. That's not to say he's easily frightened, far from it. Despite his age, he's been fighting demons his entire life, despite everything his parents did to protect him. He's been vanquishing demons since his first month of life. He's powerful, and he knows it, so it takes a lot to frighten him. Wyatt has his father's compassion and patience, but when his family or friends are threatened, he has his mother's temper.




Since an incident where Wyatt was left without most of his powers, he has been training with Angel on a regular basis on how to fight. Though this training focused quite heavily on swords, since Wyatt is destined to someday inherit Excalibur, the training did include hand-to-hand and other weapons as well, to prepare Wyatt to survive when he doesn't have his powers for some reason. Wyatt has since mastered the basics, though he still has a lot to learn.



Wyatt may be a magical child, but he's grown up in the age of computers. He's no hacker, but using a computer for daily tasks is as natural to him as it is to... well, most other kids his age. He also knows how to find the darkweb sites where other young witches communicate.



Wyatt doesn't attend a human school. Instead, he attends Magic School, floating in a pocket dimension above San Francisco Bay. There he's spent his childhood learning about magic and magical creatures.



Wyatt's aunt Prue was a professional photographer before she died. Having found some of her old equipment and books, Wyatt has taken up photography as a hobby. He still has a lot to learn, but he knows how to expose shots properly and the basics of composition.



Writing spells is the art of writing poems. Wyatt is still inexperienced and very much a beginner, but he's grown up learning how to write spells, but at home and at magic school.



One of the key arts of witchcraft is making potions. Wyatt has learned, not only from Magic School but from his mother how to recognize most potion ingredients and how they function when mixed together. He's still nowhere near the master his mother is, but he's able to make many basic potions himself.



As a witch, Wyatt is able to cast any spells either he knows or makes up himself. Spells can do just about anything imaginable, but he doesn't have the ability to cast any more powerful spells that require the Power of Three at the present time, though he's likely to inherit this ability at some point in the future.

Note: Wyatt cannot directly undo the effects of another witch's spell or power. They can, however, cast similar spells. For example: If a spell is used to send someone in San Francisco to Timbuktu, another witch in Timbuktu can cast a spell to send them back to San Francisco. It isn't undoing the original spell, just a second occurrence of a teleportation spell.




Wyatt has the whitelighter ability to create an illusionary image to make himself look like anybody else. This isn't a shape shifting effect, simply an illusion, though the illusion affects all the senses.



Wyatt has inherited the whitelighter ability to heal with a touch, or sometimes holding his hand over a wound. This power manifests as a golden glow, and can heal any injury or sickness, and even bring someone back from the dead if their soul has not moved on. Normally, he would only be able to heal humans, witches, and inanimate objects. Adding in his projection power, however, he can heal anybody, but doing so is tiring.



Whitelighters have the ability to hover in the air, and Wyatt has this ability too. He can very slowly raise himself to the ceiling, for example, but the power has little use in combat. This power only affects vertical movement, as well, and any distraction can cause him to fall out of the air.



Whitelighters sometimes need to learn very fast, or to find specific information very fast. This power allows Wyatt to magically scan a book, absorbing the information within and allowing him to search its contents as if he was searching a memory. Any such information gathered for personal gain will not be retained.



As a witch, Wyatt has the ability to see and communicate with ghosts on the mortal plane, whether they are there naturally or through a summoning ritual.



As a half whitelighter, Wyatt has inherited the whitelighter teleportation ability of orbing. Using this power, he vanishes from one place and can reappear in another anywhere in the world, heavens, or underworld. He can also delay his reappearance, sensing those who are nearby and watching, so he can appear without unexpected witnesses. The power is called orbing because he vanishes and appears in a swirling swarm of glowing orbs.



Wyatt's potiential power manifests most readily in his orb shield, which was the first power Wyatt gained (manifesting from the womb). Combining angelic powers of protection with his witchly power, Wyatt can create a force field around himself and at most five others that's impenetrable by either physical or magical force. (It does not, however, protect him from psychic attacks.) Even powerful beings like elder angels have been unable to bypass this shield, though they can use other methods to strip it from him.

Weakness: Wyatt's orb shield takes all his power. He cannot use any of his other powers or cast spells while the shield is up. However, others he's protecting with his shield can cast spells. Also, those Wyatt implicitly trusts, or anybody he believes are those people, are able to pass through the shield unharmed.



As a half whitelighter, Wyatt has the ability to project lights and orbs. This can be used for intimidation, (making his eyes glow), or to light a room. He might also use it to give himself an angelic glow to hide his identity.



When a mortal mixes certain herbs and ingredients together, they'll likely just end up with odd-tasting tea. When a witch does the same thing, the results can be explosive potions. Many upper-level demons, short of those requiring the Power of Three, are only vanquishable by using potions, sometimes made from the flesh of the demon itself.



The rarest of witch powers, Projection is the ability to project one's will on reality itself. One day, when he has full control of the power, he will likely very rarely need to cast a spell again. For now, however, he's only learned some control. He knows how to create and control flames, how to conjure items he may need, how to imitate his mother's combustion power (which is dodgeable and not enough to destroy more powerful demons), and how to enhance some of his other abilities. (For example, focusing this power into his healing allows him to bypass the restriction of healing nonhumans.)

Most of the time, however, this power is out of his control. It manifests mostly during heightened states of emotion, usually enacting whatever he subconsciously thinks will fix the situation. (For example, once, as a baby, he blamed himself for a conflict between his parents and subconsciously conjured an evil duplicate of his father to kidnap him, so he would no longer come between his parents.)

Wyatt has always had this power, from the womb, but then it was drawing on his mother's magical power. When he was born, magic stopped all over the world for a day, as in fact Wyatt was absorbing that power. As he has now travelled back in time to before he absorbed that power (and even when he catches up to his birth, it'll be going into baby Wyatt instead of this Wyatt), he lacks the magical power to charge the effect. Any use of this ability will drain his powers, depending on the scale of the effect, from a few minutes to days or weeks. Also, because the Angels of Fate had not yet prepared reality for his powers, any major changes his projection power plays to the Grand Design can cause a kind of destiny course-correction. For example, if he uses his projection power to defeat a major evil, he will likely in effect cause a new evil to take its place.

This ability is limited by range. He can only affect what's in his field of view. However, anything or anybody conjured can then leave said field of view. Effects of this power last until dispelled by Wyatt. Like all other witchly abilities, other witches can't dispell the effects, but other powerful magical beings may be able to.



As a witch, Wyatt has the ability to scry for people or objects using a map and crystal. For witches and most demons, he only needs to know the person he's scrying for. For mortals and objects, he'll need some more tangible or emotional connection.



Wyatt has the ability to sense the condition, and (if he concentrates hard) location of those he cares about. In whitelighters, this ability is used to track charges, but as Wyatt has yet to be assigned a charge, he simply uses it to keep track of those he cares about. The farther away he is, the harder time he has sensing them, but he can hear his name being called from anywhere in the world. This power also allows him to hear the call of the Elders, and any global alerts from the heavens.



Wyatt also received one of the traditional Warren family powers: telekinesis. Or, more specifically, he could move objects with his mind. This power has the strength of an exceptionally strong normal human, unless empowered by his projection ability. This power can be combined with his orbing, allowing him to send objects (people move too much and he needs to take them manually) anywhere in the world or to the heavens or underworld. (In fact, most of the time his telekinesis manifests with orbs as well.)



While Wyatt didn't bring the Book of Shadows from the future, he knows where his family keeps it in the present, and can sneak in. The Book of Shadows contains all the magical knowledge of the Warren line of witches going all the way back to Melinda Warren. It is both an encyclopedia of magical knowledge, and a compendium of spells. It is one of the most potent spell books in the world, and is as much a target of demons as Wyatt is. It is protected, however, by the power of The Charmed Ones, and as long as their power remains, no evil can touch it.


Wyatt is descended from the Warren line of witches, a line that has been growing more powerful every generation since the original Melinda Warren was burned at the stake, culminating in his mother and her sisters: The Charmed Ones. The legacy continues to grow in every generation, and as such, Wyatt is already a powerful witch even at his young age.


Wyatt's father was a Whitelighter, a type of guardian angel assigned to help witches. As a result, he has most of the abilities of a whitelighter, except for their immortality.



While one of most powerful witches ever born, Wyatt is still a child. Beyond his magic, he's just a small and frail human being that's just as vulnerable to illness and injury as any other child.


As a half-whitelighter, Wyatt is fully vulnerable to the poison of darklighter crossbow bolts. Even a knick is enough. Darklighter poison is a slow killer that painfully kills over many hours. The only cure is the healing touch of another whitelighter (or, presumably, other types of angels).


Wyatt is still a child. A child that, specifically, has grown up with demons trying to kidnap or kill him. To him, good and evil is black and white, and he trusts perhaps too easily.


One of the core precepts of good witches is that magic should not be used for personal gain. This manifests in consequences for any witchly magic used for personal gain. For example, a spell to find a lost item may result in finding every item you've ever lost. The more serious the personal gain, the more serious the consequences. Small enough matters of personal gain may not have immediate consequences, but can build to serious consequences at a later date if the activities continue.


An ancient prophecy predicted Wyatt's birth and power, and predicted that he would one day be the deciding factor in the battle between good and evil. As such, Wyatt is, as a child still, a target of evil, and sometimes good. Some see him as a threat to be eliminated, others as someone who must be turned to their side.

Most of the magical community knows about the prophecy of the Charmed Ones, but there is another prophecy as well. This prophecy stated that magic would stop for a day to welcome the birth of a Twice Blessed Child. That's me. It did happen, too. Even the demons that were on earth that day had no magic. At least, that's what mom says.

Because of that prophecy, demons have been after me my whole life. From the day I was born, they've been trying to either kidnap me or kill me. It wasn't just demons, either. An Elder once tried too, thinking it would be too dangerous if I turned evil. But my little brother Chris had come back from the future, and he helped my dad save me. Even The Cleaners wanted to wipe me from existence, when I was a baby, just for conjuring a dragon from a TV show. Okay, that was bad, but I wasn't even two. I really don't think I knew what I was doing.

Oh, I guess I should tell you about my parents. My mom you've probably heard of, she's Piper Halliwell, one of the Charmed Ones. Together with my aunts Phoebe and Paige, they're the most powerful witches ever born. They vanquished The Source, and every demon that's tried to take over the underworld since. Well, all but one, but I'll get to that.

My dad was their whitelighter. A whitelighter is a guardian angel assigned to good witches. Before he died, he was a medic in World War II. A whitelighter and their charge aren't supposed to fall in love, but my parents did. My dad did everything he could for me, to protect me and make the world better for me. He became an Elder, then an Avatar. Finally, he gave up all his power just to stay with us.

Before me, there'd only ever been one half whitelighter born, my aunt Paige. But nobody knew about her being half whitelighter until after my mom and dad were married. Nobody in the family knew about her at all until after my aunt Prue died, but that was before I was born.

I've only ever met aunt Prue's ghost, but she's nice. She was a photographer, and said I could use her old stuff if I wanted to. I like taking pictures. It's just so much fun trying to get the right picture in the camera. Some people might find it weird that I got permission from a dead person, but that's normal in our family. My great-grandmother, who died three years before aunt Prue, is around for every major family event.

I guess that's why I didn't go to a normal school, I'm just not normal. I don't mind, magic is part of who I am. Well, I went to a normal preschool, but I guess they saw that was a bad idea when so many demons went after me there. Instead, I went to Magic School. My brother Chris, my sister Melinda, and my cousins go to that school too. We can be ourselves there, practice our magic, and there's no secrets. And dad's the Headmaster.

That wasn't the only place I was learning magic, though. Mom and her sisters taught me a lot. Aunt Phoebe taught me to write spells, mom taught me how to brew potions, and aunt Paige taught me about being a whitelighter.

What else can I tell you about me? So much has happened in my life, they could probably make a TV series out of it. Oh, I guess I should mention Excalibur. Yeah, I'm the next wielder. The Lady of the Lake gave the sword to my mom to look after until I was old enough. It sitting up in the attic, back in my time.

What do I mean "my time"? Well, that's when things get weird. A demon named Crowley surprised everyone, doing what no demon had done before: he took control of the underworld, and didn't come after the Charmed Ones. Nobody knew anything was wrong, until he attacked. Not us, the world. He somehow figured out how to unleash not only the demons of the underworld, but of the Wasteland as well. Every demon that had ever been vanquished joined his army, except a few that would have been powerful enough to challenge him.

I don't know what happened, but I know my mom and aunts died, because the Power of Three came to me and my brother and sister. Chris was hard to convince, but we decided to try to go back in time and warn mom about Crowley. I came up with the best spell I could, one that would let us keep our powers in the past, and we cast it.

Except, I went too far. I don't know what happened to Chris or Melinda, not yet, but I found myself before I was born. The Source isn't even dead yet, so I don't know what to do. My parents won't even know me, nobody will know me. But I must be where I need to be to stop what happened. Magic can be strange, but it always works. If I'm here, this is where I need to be. I just wish I knew what to do.

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