As an ongoing metaplot, this story arc has progressed in and around other interconnected stories.


It began when the Winter Court of the fae aided a group of heroes and champions to stop a coalition of doomsday cults from draining the Earth of its magic so that they could feed it to an ancient demon in a hell dimension, thus granting him transcendent power. Guided by the Leanansidhe, agent of Queen Mab, the heroes were able to stop the ritual at Beacon Hills' Nemeton. Instead, the magic of the ritual restored the Nemeton to full power. What few know is that the spell went much farther than that. The demon lord's realm was robbed of its magic, instead, and that raw magical power was released into the world. As small signs only a year later began to reveal, that seed of magic has grown.

The Veil between the Earth and the Nevernever has fundamentally changed, and the world is more magical than it has been in any age recalled by modern beings. This ongoing plot explores the questions surrounding this effect: Why did the Winter Court do this, and why have the other Powers That Be--even Heaven and Kingdom of Hell--accepted it without so much as a comment? What is the true power of the fully restored, awakened Nemeton? What does it mean for Beacon Hills, for San Francisco--and for the world? And, in the center of it all, what is the true agenda of the Queen of Air and Darkness, herself?

The Key & UnchainedEdit

As of The Key Plot, it became clear that Mab had sought additional power to help guard the world against the ravages of the Outsiders, which was the duty of Winter. Strangely, some tension between the Winter Queen and her daughter, Maeve, seemed to arise during these events, and soon it became clear that the Winter Knight, Lloyd Slate, was not properly performing his duty, even openly siding with known enemies of Winter during the events of the Unchained Plot. Mab had already begun considering others to replace her knight, but at this open defiance, it became clear that Slate would not last long in the position. As to why Mab allowed such behavior to go unchecked for so long, no answers were yet forthcoming.


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