Ex-Watcher, Rogue Demon Hunter, Investigator


Wesley Wyndam-Price - former watcher, former rogue demon hunter, now employee of Angel Investigations. He's a deeply flawed, formerly pompous individual with a penchant for stepping in it. Still, he has a good heart and good intentions. He'll fight the good fight until the day he dies - and maybe beyond that if there's a perpetuity clause.

Personality Edit

Wesley is a man who was told he would never live up to his potential. He was constantly berated, put down and rarely, if ever encouraged. Despite all of that, he perservered and rose through the ranks of the Council on merit alone. His pompous attitude was swagger to cover up his many (real and percieved) shortcomings. He has a tendency to say the wrong thing, embarrass himself, and come off as completely insufferable. Recent years have given him self-awareness of some of his more undesireable traits, and he actively works to improve himself. His cowardice runs deep, and it's something he constantly rails against. He is also worryingly ruthless in some senses. He was taught from a young age that sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good. The whole role of the Slayer, after all, is to sacrifice so that the world will be saved. Wes is the man who is capable of making the hard choices, and of treading that line between good and evil. Sometimes his foot slips. Despite all of his shortcomings and flaws, Wes is a good person at the core. He could have been an academic, a teacher, an historian - but instead he chose to fight the good fight. He is intensely loyal to those he calls friends, as well as driven to protect those who cannot protect themselves. He is an underdog himself, after all.




Wes is not what you would call a natural athlete. However, he is highly disciplined, a fast learner, and heavily motivated to be more useful in a fight. It's taken time and effort, but he can now hold his own against most human opponents, and several low-level vampires and demons as well. He can use bladed and melee weapons, as well as his bare fists should the situation require it.



Wesley's skills may have taken time to develop in other areas, but his crossbow training was consistent from his childhood on through. That training coupled with superior hand-eye coordination as well as discipline has made him an expert marksman. Though not his first choice of weapon, Wes is competent with a range of firearms as well. No matter what he's firing, he's an excellent shot.



You don't grow up with a father on the Watcher's Council and not develop an extremely solid knowledge of the occult. He is versed in dozens of human languages, both living and dead - as well as many demon dialects as well. He can translate extremely complex texts that require not only linguistic knowledge, but also contextual knowledge. If they gave out PhDs for the occult, he'd have two.



Wesley is strictly a 'by the book' occultist and not a practitioner of magic. Still, he has shown some talent in casting spells with the aid of artifacts and the right combination of words. He can enact rituals with varying levels of success. This isn't his strong point, but there's potential for him to gain real power.



You don't spend your life with your nose in a book without learning a thing or two. Years of reading about the battles of masters has given Wes a head for strategy. When you're sending a Slayer in against much tougher opponents, you can't hope to help them win without a solid plan. He happens to not only have the book knowledge to help create strategies, but the real-world experience in it as well.



Wesley has a team in Angel Investigations. That team relationship is sometimes strained, sometimes broken, but usually comes back together again. He has people who will watch his back and help get him out of a jam.


Wesley is an extremely intelligent man. He's pushing genius level. If he had chosen another field, he would have achieved academic noteriety.


Wes might be a disgraced former member of the Council, but they're still working towards common goals. He can, on occasion, gain access to their knowledge, contacts or artifacts in the right set of circumstances. He also has other contacts from his Watcher days who may assist.


It takes a true leader to be able to send people off, knowing they will likely die in service of the greater good. Wesley would not have lasted as long as he had on the Council without his willingness to make those calls. He will take the moral hit if he believes it's the right thing to kill one innocent to save a million.



Wesley can fight quite well when he wants to. But that agility and body control doesn't seem to translate to day-to-day life. He's the sort of person who will trip, slip, fall and generally make a fool of himself all in the name of trying to appear suave and in-control.


Wesley has a tendency to overestimate his abilities and his accomplishments as a way of trying to compensate for his shortcomings (both real and imagined.) He feels the need to boast and swagger, even when it's clear to those around him that it's not really the case. Sometimes these boasts get him into hot water, when he both communicates his competency past its actual level, and /believes/ that exaggerated compentency in himself.


Wes has worked very hard to be a better, braver man, but he constantly fights against his own cowardice. His natural instinct is to run and cower, though his intellect and his better nature causes him to stand and fight.


Though how much of the situation with Faith and Buffy's disengagement from the Council is his fault is debatable, the fact is that it happened on his watch. That has irreparably damaged his reputation in some circles and labeled him something of a failure in the eyes of many of his peers.


Wesley had a very unpleasant childhood and he has an exceedingly poor relationship with is family. He has virtually no support from them, and in fact, contact is more likely to hurt him than help him. His terrible childhood and strained relationship with his family has done lasting psychological damage.

It makes sense that an organization as ancient and close-ranked as the Watchers Council would have dynastic tendencies. Wesley's father Roger Wyndam-Pryce, was a long-time, well-respected member. Wes was groomed from a young age to one day become a Watcher himself. He was reading occult texts as he read schoolbooks, and learned the truth of the supernatural along with science and mundane history. He also learned strategy, basic combat skills and marksmanship - the latter which he proved very adept at. His father was exceptionally hard on him. The rest of his family was likewise disdainful and expected him to fail.

There were whisperings of nepotism when Wes was selected to take over duties as Watcher for both Buffy Summers and Faith Lehane. When Wes heard that particular rumour, he laughed for a half an hour and then took several shots of whiskey.

Wes thought that going to Sunnydale was his real shot. Unfortunately, his training as a Watcher was woefully inadequate to handle the strong wills of the Slayers. He found the tight-knit group around Buffy in particular to be nearly impenetrable. He was pompous, rude, arrogant, boastful and also completely useless in many circumstances.. He made no friends in Sunnydale, and earned no respect. His actions led to Faith going rogue and his failure to gain the Council's assistance to save Angel caused Buffy to sever all ties with them.

After that incident, Wesley was summarily fired from the Council. They wouldn't even pay his way back to the UK. Despite all his failures, Wes was determined to put his skills to good use. He began working as a self styled 'rogue demon hunter,' who criss-crossed the US, hunting supernatural creatures. The trail of one such creature led him to LA, where he crossed paths with the newly-formed Angel Investigations. He assisted Angel and Cordelia on a case, and ended up sticking around. Slowly, he began to prove his worth and become more competent in a fight. It took some time, but Wes found a place with Angel Investigations - as well as friendship and teamwork that he failed to achieve in Sunnydale.

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