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These are messages from the game's IC Twitter feed, up until May 1, 2017.
For an up to date feed, connect to the game and type 'tweets'.

@BHHSAthletics: Oh hey turnips now we're getting somewhere Thu Nov 22 11:04:00 2018

@BHHSAthletics: TINNED PICKLED BEETS ARE YOU FOR REAL Thu Nov 22 10:59:38 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: My fridge will work tied to my SUV roof. #doestneedpower Thu Nov 22 10:39:55 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @Wolfherder Listen, I don't care where it's held as long as I get to stuff my face full of an alarming amount of varieties of food and then complain about getting fat... but somehow lose weight the next day. Thu Nov 22 10:38:04 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Says the guy who plays guitar Thu Nov 22 10:35:38 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder @WildThing1 @WildTHing2: Wait, food's at the Hale house? Aw man I gotta drive an extra few feet #sarcasm Thu Nov 22 10:33:53 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Least @Pup4Evar and I are in college and enjoying it, unlike the guys working minimum wage in the pzzeria here #sadtruth Thu Nov 22 10:33:04 2018

@Wolfherder: @Wildthing1 Okay nevermind YES HALE HOUSE IS A GO Thu Nov 22 10:31:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: And I'm taking sociology *frowning face emoji* #dumbjock Thu Nov 22 10:31:25 2018

@Wildthing1: @Wolfherder: Wait, we're not doing it at Hale House? I've almost finished stuffing all the food into the SUV! #needabiggerdiningroom Thu Nov 22 10:31:06 2018

@Wolfherder: @Wildthing1 Seriously? Also why aren't we doing this at Hale House where there's way more room? And why do we only figure these things out this late in the game? Thu Nov 22 10:29:28 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAM: Shut up it was an accident *angry emoji* I didn't read the instructions okay? #meh Thu Nov 22 10:28:23 2018

@Wildthing1: @Wolfherder: Already have three kinds of @MacNCheese, but more is always welcome! Thu Nov 22 10:27:33 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder: LOL I'm with ya. I'm bringing bacon/eggs and buying a pie from the diner at this rate. @JustJace won't let me use his microwave #goodidea Thu Nov 22 10:26:43 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Bringing it to the twins'? Ethan's been cooking non-stop! Thu Nov 22 10:25:21 2018

@Wolfherder: I'm making the only Thanksgiving food I know. @MacNCheese Thu Nov 22 10:23:53 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Hey can you save us food for tomorrow? #leftoverturkeyis Thu Nov 22 10:22:06 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder @WildHing1: Thought I tweeted at you guys earlier but do ya want me to drop by the Smart and bring anything? Thu Nov 22 10:17:47 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo: I'm pretty confused by all this#wtf #turkeyday #nomnomnom! Thu Nov 22 10:16:33 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo @BHHSAthletics @OzDAMB: I'm....just.....gonna hope that's snow you're eating Coach. No yellow snow though....and Oz, glad yer in SF man. Just don't smoke the salad bowl Thu Nov 22 10:15:19 2018

@PetTheSoo: @OzDAMB @BHHSAthletics Are you TRYING to lose your other testicle? Thu Nov 22 10:08:43 2018

@BHHSAthletics: BECAUSE I'M IN SIBERIA Thu Nov 22 10:08:31 2018

@BHHSAthletics: I'M EATING SNOW OKAY ARE YOU HAPPY Thu Nov 22 10:07:48 2018

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics Coach, are you okay? Did... did Lance give you your Christmas present early? Thu Nov 22 10:04:35 2018

@BHHSAthletics: Tofurkey? Keep it! #snowconeturkey #snorky #snurky #whatever Thu Nov 22 10:02:21 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar @PetTheSoo: Hey, want me to bring anything for fod? Thu Nov 22 09:40:42 2018

@ParisGirl218: @Hanabi: Pretty. Thu Nov 22 08:44:29 2018

@Hanabi: *Picture of a bowl of udon noodles placed on a piece of silk. In the background the morning horizon of the bay, a pair of chopsticks crosses over it.* #thanksgiving #udon Thu Nov 22 08:40:49 2018

@XanderTheTool: Oh I found Twitter again. |My twitter pic is apparently me in MLP women underwear? #wasidrunk Thu Nov 22 08:17:09 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac, @OzDamb: I'm not in a harrum. If I was I'm afraid I'd kick someone's ass. It's a decition. Thu Nov 22 08:13:45 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: @OzDAMB just said you'rrur part of it so which is it? Thu Nov 22 08:12:21 2018

@ParisGirl218: @scarvesIsaac: I am not part of a harrum at all. Thu Nov 22 08:09:59 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesIsaac You do realize you just hit on @pup4evar Like SUPER hard right? like... I'm almost jealous hard. Thu Nov 22 08:08:51 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Don't wanna know bout your harem of girls. I take it @ParisGirl218 isn't part of said harem? #curious Thu Nov 22 08:08:12 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Pup4Evar HE started it, he won't give me back my SHOE. He doesn't even WEAR a size 8 in men's. I mean, to be fair, who the hell does besides me and Greenberg... Thu Nov 22 08:07:52 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: No fights this year for me. Stick's staying locked away. @Pup4Evar I'll put yours in a hole #shotsfired Thu Nov 22 08:06:51 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarvesIsaac So you're not joining us this year? #shotsfired. @pettheSoo... last year you started a fight with @Bobohob before you even got to our place.... Thu Nov 22 08:04:21 2018

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo I'm telling you. Siberia. #escape Thu Nov 22 08:03:27 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Pup4Evar @ScarvesIsaac I was planning on starting a fight, bursting into tears and running away for a day or two. You know. Normal Thanksgiving stuff. Thu Nov 22 08:02:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder @Pup4Evar: Can we just have a nice normal dinner then? #curious Thu Nov 22 07:58:05 2018

@Wolfherder: @OzDAMB I don't even like turkey Thu Nov 22 07:50:56 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar: You sure that's enough for us? Thu Nov 22 07:50:15 2018

@Wolfherder: What the hell for @OzDAMB ? Who eats that much!? Thu Nov 22 07:49:03 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB @WolfHerder: We're normal up here Thu Nov 22 07:45:22 2018

@PetTheSoo: @OzDAMB ... there are supposed to be rails? YZMA PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!!! Thu Nov 22 07:45:00 2018

@Pup4Evar: Are we having an army over? Ethan made like 6 turkies 4 tofurkies 5 hams.... *the list goes on through three buffers* Thu Nov 22 07:44:52 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo @WolfHerder: Hey @OzDAMB started talking smack on my man. I gotta defend him #honor Thu Nov 22 07:39:30 2018

@Wolfherder: @OzDAMB We're not all as nuts as @ScarvesIsaac #FYI Thu Nov 22 07:39:25 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac Uh. I already have a boyfriend I'm very happy with, but thanks for the offer? Thu Nov 22 07:38:14 2018

@JustJace: @wolfherder is this what it feels like to be the adult? #newfeeling #Idonthinkilikeit Thu Nov 22 07:38:05 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac God the sass is real Thu Nov 22 07:36:33 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac #BedIsWarm #NotUpYet Thu Nov 22 07:36:01 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: You're missing out. Wait, once you touched something it's worthless? #yourdick #shotsfired #iwentthhere Thu Nov 22 07:35:45 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac #Gross Thu Nov 22 07:35:14 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo @WildTHing1 @WolfHerder @Wildhing2 @BubblegumBanshee: Anyone want to skip the turkey and stuff an Oz this year? He's being rude to my bf and I #turkeyday Thu Nov 22 07:34:28 2018

@BHHSAthletics: Some people are actually thankful for what they have. #electricity #heat #food Thu Nov 22 07:31:12 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace @OzDAMB: Stop trying to steal my man, Oz. He's outta your league Thu Nov 22 07:30:00 2018

@JustJace: @ozdamb Well you're not here to mitigate the damage #traitor #havefuninSanfran #Ilikehashtags Thu Nov 22 07:12:53 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: It's not sickness babe #scarves Thu Nov 22 06:16:50 2018

@JustJace: I just ordered like 3 dozen scarves... It this love or a sickness? #truestory #honestquestion Thu Nov 22 04:43:58 2018

@Hanabi: *A picture of a couple snowflakes slowly falling by a bamboo plant, some japanese building blurrily in the background* California Snow / Fickle and rare at some times / Fragile beauty is. Wed Nov 21 23:52:07 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Enjoy being stuck in traffic or take the train Wed Nov 21 14:25:46 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Yeah but road trip is not the same as driving down the...wait, your van survived Colorado? WTF man wtf? #bullshit Wed Nov 21 14:17:02 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Just remember to keep it at highway speed if your van can even get that fast. And don't tick off the big rig guys Wed Nov 21 14:13:29 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Watch, it'll break within five feet of leaving town probably. I'm so not loaning you my SUV to drive Wed Nov 21 14:07:37 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: OzDAMB: Got a good mechanic in town or city? Wed Nov 21 14:06:21 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Don't get into a wreck on the freeway man. Remember what I told ya #carefuldriving Wed Nov 21 14:05:35 2018

@BHHSAthletics: Just in case anyone wonders, I won't be in state for Thanksgiving this year. I'm spending time with family. In Siberia. Wed Nov 21 14:05:29 2018

@Wildthing1: @ScarvesIsaac @OzDAMB, Pies are for Thanksgiving! Wait till tomorrow. Wed Nov 21 14:04:00 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WildThing1 @OzDAMB: Sweet! Hey, send a pie to @BHHSAthletics too, THey deserve pie love Wed Nov 21 14:02:25 2018

@Wildthing1: @ScarvesIsaac @OzDAMB, Everyone gets a pie to take home. Wed Nov 21 14:01:23 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WildThing1: Yo we gonna give @OzDAMB a pie??? Wed Nov 21 13:57:27 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WildThing1: You got any idea how hungry that pic makes me? #hungryjock Wed Nov 21 13:46:57 2018

@Wildthing1: *a photo of a long table covered in pies -- pumpkin, pecan, mince, apple, cherry, and lemon meringue* #ready4thanksgiving Wed Nov 21 13:40:40 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Pizza! #food #pizza #garlibread #breadsticks #wtfisafishonpizza Wed Nov 21 11:35:33 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: *picture of Liam photoshopped peeking out of a hole* #holepuppy? Wed Nov 21 10:44:30 2018

@ParisGirl218: *A picture of a woman lounging back against a sofa with her hair fanned out around her* Lazy. Wed Nov 21 10:32:21 2018

@Hanabi: *A picture of a cup of tea, resting on a bed of stones, a lone golden leaf just about to settle next to it* Falling leaves come / Have a cup of tea with me / Falling leaves go Wed Nov 21 07:01:56 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: I would bring food home but......@WildThing1 distracted me with #holestories Wed Nov 21 06:24:36 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: Gotta drop @Pup4Evar off at a construction site #findalltheholes Wed Nov 21 06:21:56 2018

@Wildthing1: @JustJace @scarvesisaac, Get a room, you two. #TMI #videooritdidnthappen Wed Nov 21 06:21:40 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesisaac On your way home? #evilgrin #totallyinnocent #anotherevilgrin #isbadatinnocent Wed Nov 21 06:19:26 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace Breakfast in the diner <3 #fooood Wed Nov 21 05:55:30 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesIsaac @pup4evar Do you two sleep? Seriously Babe get your but home and to bed. Wed Nov 21 05:54:10 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarvesIsaac *Starts throwing Scarves away* #battlelinesdrawn Wed Nov 21 05:48:31 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: *digs a hole and eyes @Pup4Evar* It's your natural habitat #joking Wed Nov 21 05:43:23 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: *picture of Isaac eating breakfast* #food #nomnomnom Wed Nov 21 04:51:17 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder: I know right? I say one thing and people take it out of context #wtf #stupidpeople Wed Nov 21 02:24:27 2018

@Hanabi: *A Picture of the Peace Plaza at night, no moon in sight but the illuminated Peace Pagoda dominating the view* At Night the dreams soar / flying high on silken wings / Just to die at dawn Wed Nov 21 00:40:14 2018

@Wolfherder: I don't check my phone for ONE DAY and Twitter goes nuts #WTF Tue Nov 20 21:49:49 2018

@OzDAMB: @JustJace If my tires are gone it's on you. Tue Nov 20 21:28:25 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesIsaac @ozdamb I didn't do anything babe I was no where near his van. You can check the security cameras. #innocent #shushbabe. Tue Nov 20 20:31:26 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac I highly disagree with that #truth Tue Nov 20 20:25:02 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Because we in BH are normal Tue Nov 20 20:22:38 2018

@OzDAMB: Why? Why, why, why is this happening? Tue Nov 20 20:22:11 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: Music is inherentyly dirty #thinkonthat Tue Nov 20 20:21:34 2018

@OzDAMB: @BHHSAthletics @SarvesIsaac @JustJace @Parisgirl218 Um. What the hell did I get myself into? Tue Nov 20 20:13:12 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: Since I don't like penis and I had a weird interpretation that is who you were... or what you were talking about... It sounded dirty, ok? Tue Nov 20 20:12:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: If you see a guitar and think male organ you got issues girl #wtf #worried #runningtoCanada #hidingfromrageliam Tue Nov 20 20:12:07 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: You did what? Uh oh......quick, pretend you were sleepwalking or something Tue Nov 20 20:10:34 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: FTR I wasn't the one going on about guitar dicks. I was saying Oz's actual guitar in his van was nice. You perverts twisted my words #youneedhelp Tue Nov 20 20:08:46 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl2ooc ...aaaand my work here is fucking done XD Tue Nov 20 20:07:49 2018

@BHHSAthletics: Disgusting! You know who you are. #cringe Tue Nov 20 20:07:00 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: Isaac, word of advice... Quit talking about a guitar like it's a penis. Word of warning, if I have to read it again I'll throw up. And it scares me just a little. *sends an emote of a screaming woman* Tue Nov 20 20:05:30 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace @OzDAMB: Don't you agree that's a lovely guitar Oz has? Tue Nov 20 20:04:16 2018

@JustJace: @oxdamb Hey Oz... Did you know that someone stole all the tires off your van? #weird @coincidence Tue Nov 20 20:04:02 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac What van? Tue Nov 20 20:02:54 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: You got a lovely guitar in your van, don't you? Tue Nov 20 20:00:22 2018

@OzDAMB: @JustJace Why? It's not like they're useful to you anyway. #shotsfired Tue Nov 20 19:58:18 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: Babe relax he's not droppng weights on me yet. Not my faultOzis a weak one #gymfolife Tue Nov 20 19:50:04 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ustJace: Babe relax he's not droppng weights on me yet. Not my faultOzis a weak one #gymfolife Tue Nov 20 19:49:17 2018

@JustJace: @ozdamb Don't you dare #Ilikethoseintact Tue Nov 20 19:42:24 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac I did! And I didn't drop it! Perhaps it was the wrong head though... #oops Tue Nov 20 19:33:42 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: I said lift it over your head and *don't* drop it. The one ABOVE your shoulders #smartboy Tue Nov 20 19:20:43 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac Everything hurts. Maybe I'll drop it on your nuts. Tue Nov 20 19:18:34 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB Don't drop it on your nuts #truth Tue Nov 20 19:14:57 2018

@OzDAMB: Weight lifting hurts #fml #pain Tue Nov 20 16:56:47 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo @BublegumBanshee You guys want me to bring you ice cream? Tue Nov 20 15:18:55 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Pie. That's all #pie #food #nomnomnomnomnom #dinerfood Tue Nov 20 14:44:24 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: Indeed. #hungryhungryoz #food #nomnomnom Tue Nov 20 14:16:40 2018

@ParisGirl218: @Scarves Isaac:Hungry man anyone? Tue Nov 20 13:50:26 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: *picture of Oz stuffing his face* #hungryOz Tue Nov 20 13:49:13 2018

@OzDAMB: @Hanabi Wow, I like that picture. Where are you getting these? Tue Nov 20 13:42:49 2018

@Hanabi: @ScarvesIsaac *a picture of a deep red piece of cloth upon which a dark blue is folded and then a golden cord* thousand one scarves / A home can be so small / As a piece of cloth. Tue Nov 20 13:41:26 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: I think you got my number backwards. Tue Nov 20 13:32:59 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: More clothes #truth Tue Nov 20 13:32:44 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: ParisGirl281: More clothes #truth Tue Nov 20 13:32:16 2018

@ParisGirl218: @Scarves Isaac: You forget, I can burn through warmth. Tue Nov 20 13:29:46 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: ParisGirl218: You need scarves to stay warm in the winter! #commonsense Tue Nov 20 13:29:28 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: Ah ha... I should really buy some dresses eventually. Tue Nov 20 13:28:55 2018

@OzDAMB: @Hanabi Oooh another pretty picture. #melikes Tue Nov 20 13:28:54 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: You're missing a bit of money. I like my scarves. #girlsaremean #proudtobegay Tue Nov 20 13:27:54 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: What is that, like one thousand dollars worth of scarves? Tue Nov 20 13:24:21 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: *picture of ALL of Isaac's scarves set around him in piles* Tue Nov 20 13:23:54 2018

@Hanabi: *A picture with the Golden Gate bridge in the background, a crimson leaved oak in the foreground.* Shoreline from a bridge / Dark waves lap the closest rocks / One tree flaming red Tue Nov 20 13:23:03 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac Meeting Isaac for lunch, gonna try this diner in town. Can't wait #food Tue Nov 20 13:09:16 2018

@ParisGirl218: At least it's fair and cool. Thank God for small favors. Tue Nov 20 12:14:11 2018

@PiperHalliwell: I am getting tired of people wanting food then not giving an address. Learn to order food right. Tue Nov 20 11:59:50 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Diner. Nuff said #food Tue Nov 20 11:46:35 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: I love you too, bail me outta being kept back babe? #truelove Tue Nov 20 09:45:45 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Hanabi @OzDAMB Bless you? #gesundheit Tue Nov 20 09:44:20 2018

@Hanabi: @OzDAMB @ScarvesIsaac #arigatougozaimasu Tue Nov 20 09:43:56 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: ....wait, did I set that to public???? #fml Tue Nov 20 09:40:20 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Yeah well accidentally texting my prof got me busted with telling him what I wanna do to you x.x #awkward #gotsentocounsellor #hidingfromLiam Tue Nov 20 09:39:27 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesIsaac I love you... But seriously? Also how college professors don't usually care if you're playing an mmo on your computer unless you're like giggling and disrupting the class Tue Nov 20 09:37:24 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: kept behind after class for texting. @OzDAMB I blame you #busted Tue Nov 20 09:36:12 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Hanabi @OzDAMB: Agreed pretty picture Tue Nov 20 09:14:53 2018

@OzDAMB: @Hanabi Oooh that's a pretty picture. Tue Nov 20 09:14:24 2018

@Hanabi: *Picture of a red acorn loosing its leaves against the light* A squat tree bright red / In dawn soft sun filters through / Strands of outdoor lights Tue Nov 20 09:12:15 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac Uh. No. No no no no no. Tue Nov 20 08:51:25 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: Ye. Leave the nerding to @Pup4Evar and Lydia and I. You can bring DAMB to the college if ya want? Tue Nov 20 08:51:07 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac @Pup4Evar @BubblegumBanshee At least I can play the guitar, ok? Tue Nov 20 08:49:47 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar @BubblegumBanshee: @OzDAMB iss not one of us smart people #roomateisdumb? Tue Nov 20 08:48:14 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac #collegeisoverrated Tue Nov 20 08:45:59 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMB: No in sociology #whyisthisathing? Tue Nov 20 08:45:03 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac #geology #enoughsaid Tue Nov 20 08:44:38 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Bored in class #boringcourse #keepmesanes #iamreallystudying Tue Nov 20 08:44:13 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: ...was I out of it again last night? I swear I only ate one of Lance's sprinkled brownies.....I'm regretting that last tweet #cringe #hiding Tue Nov 20 07:39:14 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: YEAH BROWNIES YAY YAY YAY BROWNIES I LOVE BROWNIES SCARVES #scarves Mon Nov 19 20:12:43 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo: Keep the food coming and I'll put my phone down #truth Mon Nov 19 19:06:35 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: I'm moving next door @Bubblgumbanshee do you need a wolf to clean house? Mon Nov 19 19:05:52 2018

@PetTheSoo: @OzDAMB @ScarvesIsaac Phones down, friendship times!!! Mon Nov 19 19:05:35 2018

@OzDAMB: @ParisGirl2018 At least you don't have to be in the same room with him! Mon Nov 19 19:05:11 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: I knew my phone was blessedly quiet. Mon Nov 19 19:04:07 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac no one asked you to start tweeting again. Mon Nov 19 19:04:02 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: OMG I haven't tweeeted for hours! #sarasm Mon Nov 19 19:03:33 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: I am, Oz, I am Mon Nov 19 14:11:35 2018

@OzDAMB: @JustJace @Wolfherder Oh no, now @ScarvesIsaac is texting me and complaining it hurts. #plshelpme Mon Nov 19 13:00:00 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac You're the one who asked why you! Mon Nov 19 12:26:16 2018

@JustJace: @scarvesIsaac Because you tried to ditch the boyfriend who would have stopped you #didntstayditched Mon Nov 19 12:25:18 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder: Gee thanks Captain Obvious. I didn't know drinking gets me drunk and hungover #educational Mon Nov 19 12:24:44 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac Because you decided to drink too much. #StateTheObvious Mon Nov 19 12:23:16 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: You can stop hurting now hangover. FML #whyme Mon Nov 19 12:18:15 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac I'm pretty sure I don't even want to know. Just remember that @Sourwolf can see these tweets. #Busted Mon Nov 19 10:32:27 2018

@OzDAMB: @ScarvesIsaac @Pup4Evar @JustJace Serves you right! #gotwhatyoudeserved Mon Nov 19 10:31:20 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Just kill me now #hangoverfromhell #whyme #pain #truelove #neverdoingthisagain Mon Nov 19 08:33:36 2018

@JustJace: To those who are wondering yes I am still with @IsaacScarves To those who don't know what this is about don't ask #OneDrunkenNight #Stillinlove Mon Nov 19 08:32:32 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar: @WolfHerder's gonna #cringe again. stg you guys gotta keep me safe outta BH Mon Nov 19 06:31:22 2018

@Pup4Evar: @isaacscarves He did his best to keep you out of trouble. Kinda amazing since you've been dating like a day. #youvegotacatch. But seriously anyone can read these txt me if you wanna talk more. Mon Nov 19 06:30:09 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar: That's not my house. I don't have bondage gear in my bedroom O_O #getingideas #scarves Mon Nov 19 06:27:45 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar @WildThing1: Don't you dare post that video. Great. Now people are gonna wonder about that video no doubt. #facepalm I remember talking to Cordy and Angel.....then waking up in my bed #confused Mon Nov 19 06:24:48 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarves Isaac tell ya later. @wildthing1 got most of it on video... He won't be posting it >.>; Mon Nov 19 06:23:00 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar What the fuck did I do in SF? #cringe #neverdrinkingagain #iwannadie #myeverythinghurts Mon Nov 19 05:38:32 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder What the fuck did I do in SF? #cringe #neverdrinkingagain #iwannadie #myeverythinghurts Mon Nov 19 05:36:05 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac:Whatever? Just askin. No worries. Sun Nov 18 15:43:46 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218 THey ARE needed #ragescarves Sun Nov 18 15:43:21 2018

@ParisGirl218: @ScarvesIsaac: Do you ever get the empression that scarves are not always needed? Sun Nov 18 15:42:30 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Also shoes, and jacket and wallet and keys and socks....and #scarves Sun Nov 18 15:38:47 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Pants are needed to go outside, @PetTheSoo Sun Nov 18 15:36:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder #totallynotcringe Like you wouldn't do the same. @PetTheSoo and company do worse Sun Nov 18 14:14:17 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac #TotalCringe Sun Nov 18 14:12:49 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Still with @JustJace <3 #inlove #tamedpuppy #notcringe Sun Nov 18 14:12:30 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarvesIsaac Fiiiine I'll share. But you owe me some Lacrosse practice later. #sharingiscaring Sun Nov 18 11:18:18 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Pup4Evar: #adorkable. Can I borrow that hashtag? Sun Nov 18 11:14:15 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Why do they grill tomatoes with salsa? #weird Sun Nov 18 09:18:33 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218 Wascally Wabbit Women? :O #confused Sat Nov 17 16:25:47 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl2818 Wascally Wabbit Women? :O #confused Sat Nov 17 16:25:17 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @ParisGirl218: You're tooooooooooo quiet.....norally you tweeet once a day. What going on? :S Sat Nov 17 16:22:59 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: #scarves #enoughsaid Sat Nov 17 16:21:56 2018

@JustJace: I think I'm actually dating someone #confused #scarvesarefun #suddenlylovescarves Sat Nov 17 16:18:17 2018

@Pup4Evar: @sourwolf I don't get it? #clueless #puppy Sat Nov 17 15:23:16 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerdr @BubblegumBanshee: in shock #mindblown? Sat Nov 17 15:19:49 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wolfherder He did. Are you happy now, are you HAPPY!? Sat Nov 17 15:19:36 2018

@Wolfherder: @BubbleGumBanshee @ScarvesIsaac Did @Sourwolf just make a Twitter joke?! Sat Nov 17 15:19:07 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @Sourwolf *links to WHat is Love (10 hours)* Sat Nov 17 15:13:13 2018

@Sourwolf: @PetTheSoo @ScarvesIsaac baby don't hurt me no more whoa Sat Nov 17 15:12:17 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac @BubbleGumBanshee Oh! Maddening obsession! Sat Nov 17 15:04:45 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @ScarvesIsaac @PetTheSoo he means that emotion you have toward @BHMostWanted Sat Nov 17 15:04:22 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @PetTheSoo: Something you've never experienced obviously? Just guessing #shotsfired Sat Nov 17 15:01:02 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace: Don't ask. You'll get used too it Sat Nov 17 15:00:38 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac @Wolfherder What is this 'love' emotion? Sat Nov 17 13:41:47 2018

@JustJace: @ScarvesIsaac Your friends are weird. What did i get myself into? #pettheisaac #toolatetochangemymind Sat Nov 17 13:41:38 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac That's just how @PetTheSoo shows love Sat Nov 17 13:38:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @JustJace @PetTHeSoo is being mean to meeeeee :3 #pettheisaac Sat Nov 17 13:38:28 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac You're... a little bit different, aren't you? Yeah... Sat Nov 17 13:36:16 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: PetTheSoo: Yehah? They're #scarves Sat Nov 17 13:34:05 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac ... does it count if I knit them? Sat Nov 17 13:33:42 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: More people should collect scarves #truth Sat Nov 17 13:32:57 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: Fooooooooood w/@JustJace? Hey, need more shoes Sat Nov 17 13:20:39 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: So warm and soft and fluffy and fuzzy and cuddly and adorable! @JustJace #notscarvesforonce Sat Nov 17 12:26:23 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ScarvesIsaac @Wolfherder ... More than me? Sat Nov 17 12:24:48 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @WolfHerder: I'm being the best Isaac I can be! #positivethinking Sat Nov 17 12:24:44 2018

@Wolfherder: @ScarvesIsaac You still worry me Sat Nov 17 12:23:44 2018

@ScarvesIsaac: @OzDAMN @PetTheSoo Better? Sat Nov 17 12:22:15 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Scarves4LifeIsaac Seriously. Just... Shorten it to Scarves4Life or summat Sat Nov 17 12:21:26 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac You seriously worry me Sat Nov 17 12:19:49 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Microwave go bang #sad Sat Nov 17 12:19:28 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder And if anyone knows pa- Nah, too easy. Sat Nov 17 12:17:55 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo @Scarves4lifeIsaac Seriously that name is a pain in the ass to type Sat Nov 17 12:17:19 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Scarves4lifeIsaac We need you a shorter handle. Also, I don't like being heteronormative. Sat Nov 17 12:16:00 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @PetTheSoo: You're very welcome Sat Nov 17 12:13:21 2018

@PetTheSoo: @OzDAMB @Scarves4LifeIsaac @Pup4Evar You're making me look heteronormative. And I'm in stilettos and a corset. Sat Nov 17 11:44:26 2018

@Pup4Evar: @Scarves4lifeIsaac Nope some people are cool just hanging out. #eyeroll Sat Nov 17 11:41:52 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: #collegeisoverrated @Pup4Evar #rocksforjocks Sat Nov 17 11:41:29 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @Pup4Evar: Bullshit you'll #netflixandchill and Oz'll be yours Sat Nov 17 11:38:28 2018

@Pup4Evar: @oxdamb Want me to take a break and help you get set up in your own apartment? OR you can come here and we can just watch some tv or something #friendship Sat Nov 17 11:37:57 2018

@Pup4Evar: @ozDamb you're welcome to hang out dude. But you do know I have two boyfriends right? #toomuhgaysex #nosuchthing Sat Nov 17 11:34:24 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WildThing1 Can you spot the error in @OzDAMB's tweet? #curious Sat Nov 17 11:34:10 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: #wtf @OzDAMB you gotta get laid dude Sat Nov 17 11:32:38 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @Pup4Evar: I'm having fun times. Come hang out here @OzDAMB Sat Nov 17 11:30:03 2018

@Pup4Evar: @ozDamb I'd say come hang out here but its boring. Ethan's baking and I'm studying.... boooring. We're like old people now. Sat Nov 17 11:29:25 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Lesson. Never have your phone at crotch level. Touch screens are that sensitive #awkward Sat Nov 17 11:29:17 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: mydckcdaweftwet342w5231 Sat Nov 17 11:28:46 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: ..fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck that wasn't private? #fml #runningawaynow #witnessprotection Sat Nov 17 10:30:03 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Scarf bondage #bowchickabowow @JustJace Sat Nov 17 10:29:41 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Just got punched in the face at pizzeria. You know that d-bag who hated my dad?Ya, him. His GF got him outta there #wtf Sat Nov 17 06:30:40 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarves4lifeIsaac Nope private show get your own Sat Nov 17 06:14:26 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Sorry WT11, Wasn't trying to drag you in, mah phone slipped outta my hand. #pizza Sat Nov 17 06:14:12 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WildThing1: Are you trying to compete with that dude wearing a bra and panties? I mean, if you want to we can help #badIsaac Sat Nov 17 06:13:48 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WildThing11: Are you trying to compete with that dude wearing a bra and panties? I mean, if you want to we can help #badIsaac Sat Nov 17 06:13:36 2018

@Wildthing1: Wearing only an apron and a smile. #kitchennudityrules Sat Nov 17 06:12:21 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Just steal Edna's food, @Pup4Evar is kinda good at that Sat Nov 17 06:11:20 2018

@Pup4Evar: @wildthing1 I know I'm sitting right behind you watching ... I love the outfit. Sat Nov 17 06:11:08 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Just steal Edna's food, @Pup4Evar is kinda good at that Sat Nov 17 06:10:54 2018

@Wildthing1: @pup4evar I've been baking since midnight. Sat Nov 17 06:10:24 2018

@Pup4Evar: @wilfthing1 Hun You realize its tomorrow already right? 6am Sat Nov 17 06:09:39 2018

@Wildthing1: Feels like I'm cooking for all of Beacon Hills. Only eight more pies, and then I'll be done for today! Sat Nov 17 06:08:52 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WildThing1:Does this mean you cook for your big ol family? Sat Nov 17 06:07:55 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarves4lifeIsaac I'm studying you know for class? @wildthing1 Is gonna be in the kitchen like all week, he forgot it was Turkey day this week. Sat Nov 17 06:07:19 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Pizza n videogames #nerdgasm #nomnomnom #wheremyboysat? Sat Nov 17 06:05:38 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @JustJace: yeah the one in BH. I live here #collegesucks Sat Nov 17 06:04:32 2018

@JustJace: @scared4lifeIsaac Just checking we're talking about the one in Beaconhills? Cause I was apparently flirting with someone in Hawaii earlier without realizing it #newtosocialmedia. Sat Nov 17 06:03:40 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @Pup4Evar: Well can we share it? Heading to pizzeria #nomnomnom Anyone wanna come along? Sat Nov 17 06:00:02 2018

@Pup4Evar: @Scarves4lifeISaac That's my hashtag! #ragepuppy #adorkable Sat Nov 17 05:59:06 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @JustJace: I try #adorkable Sat Nov 17 05:58:06 2018

@JustJace: @Scarves4lifeIsaac Your feed is adorable #toocute #suchadork #goingtobuyscarves Sat Nov 17 05:55:45 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @OzDAMB: distracted by the pretty sky. #sorry Sat Nov 17 05:23:27 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @OzDAMB: Yep took the train back to BH Fri Nov 16 23:01:03 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @OzDAMB: Road trip oh yeahhhh #Portland Fri Nov 16 21:17:07 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @OZDAMB: Never been honestly. I wanna go for the curiosity Fri Nov 16 21:11:09 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Wonder how much it'd cost to drive up to Portland Fri Nov 16 21:07:13 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Oh yeah, Ice cream, no roomate to share it with, and....mmmm choc sauce #bliss Fri Nov 16 21:03:58 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @OzDAMB: But.....ce cream @Pup4Evar @PetTheSoo: You guys wanna come over later? Fri Nov 16 21:01:42 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I got alll the ice cream @OzDAMB #icecream #thereisnospoon Fri Nov 16 21:00:31 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @pup4Evar: No that's where the leaked nudes go? #wth Fri Nov 16 20:35:58 2018

@Pup4Evar: @ozDamb Free publicity for your band? Fri Nov 16 20:35:00 2018

@KeeperOfMysteries: @PetTheSoo @XanderTheTool *I* can make anything look good. Fri Nov 16 19:27:26 2018

@PetTheSoo: @KeeperOfMysteries @XanderTheTool Who'd wanna wear a food sack dress? Fri Nov 16 19:27:06 2018

@KeeperOfMysteries: @XanderTheTool I can make a dress out of a foodsack. Fri Nov 16 19:26:41 2018

@JustJace: @xanderthetool Someone emailed me some weird pictures, And I had to sign up to twitter just to say .... Really? Fri Nov 16 19:22:16 2018

@XanderTheTool: @KeeperOfMysteries: You're wearing one so you ell me! Fri Nov 16 19:21:51 2018

@KeeperOfMysteries: @XanderTheTool ... That depends. Will the dresses be of the same questionable quality as your unmentionables? Fri Nov 16 19:20:59 2018

@XanderTheTool: @KeeperOfMysteries: Why am I getting marriage proposals? You're being the bridesmaid! Fri Nov 16 19:20:01 2018

@KeeperOfMysteries: @XanderTheTool Honestly, just own up. It's 2018. Just... buy some better quality lingerie. Fri Nov 16 19:18:52 2018

@XanderTheTool: *links to Shaggy - It Wasn't Me* #howIfeel Fri Nov 16 19:11:24 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac Good, then me too! Fri Nov 16 19:02:20 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WolfHerder: Nono, I was being sarcastic Fri Nov 16 19:01:05 2018

@Wolfherder: Scarves4lifeIsaac I will hurt you. Fri Nov 16 18:59:05 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WildThing1 @PetTheSoo @WolfHerder: Just LOL at you guys....fuckin idiots Fri Nov 16 18:57:32 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 I... That's... not even what transgender is. I will end you. Fri Nov 16 18:54:58 2018

@Wolfherder: @Wildthing1 I don't know what you're talking about but don't make me smack you dude Fri Nov 16 18:54:41 2018

@Wildthing1: Hey, anyone know who this transgender kid is? I think ze needs a hug. Fri Nov 16 18:54:03 2018

@XanderTheTool: @KeeperOfMysteries: That. Is. Not. Me. #wtf Fri Nov 16 18:51:38 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: That picture. WHY?????????????? #scarredforlife Fri Nov 16 18:38:13 2018

@KeeperOfMysteries: @XanderTheTool I bloody well didn't need to see that!!! Fri Nov 16 18:37:01 2018

@XanderTheTool: #wtff pics of me in womens clothing are not me #fakepics Fri Nov 16 18:22:39 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Scarves4lifeIsaac You're banned from pie. Fri Nov 16 15:42:26 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I want pie. #dinerfood Fri Nov 16 15:42:09 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wolfherder ... Is it Tuesday already? Fri Nov 16 13:42:50 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218 You need therapy. Fri Nov 16 13:40:54 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo @ParisGirl218 What the hell even is today? Fri Nov 16 13:40:40 2018

@PetTheSoo: @ParisGirl218 Next time just @ me! Fri Nov 16 13:39:44 2018

@XanderTheTool: But. My candy bars! Fri Nov 16 11:33:09 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218: That's way, way too smart for Twitter Fri Nov 16 11:32:16 2018

@XanderTheTool: I'm bored in my hotel room. Why do they put those minibars in then lock them? #curious Fri Nov 16 11:29:44 2018

@XanderTheTool: I was pointing the TV remote and hitting the buttons. Realezed it was a mirror #fml Fri Nov 16 11:27:54 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: It's not? Oh, that's the leaky pipes up here #baconhills Fri Nov 16 11:25:34 2018

@XanderTheTool: I move up in the world. I'm not living in my van! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fri Nov 16 11:24:46 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I'm gonna tell Coach and get him to talk to my prof #hopeful Fri Nov 16 09:09:17 2018

@Pup4Evar: @scarves4lifeIsaac Probably @wolfherder or @petthesoo #not-it Fri Nov 16 09:05:51 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: #wtf my lacrosse stic got put in my prof's office #BS Fri Nov 16 09:04:27 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Campus security let me take pie into early classes #pie #nomnomnom #gettinggrades Fri Nov 16 08:23:02 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Edna threw me outta the diner for saying I'd go get my fave guy to cook and show her how it's done. Joe was maaaaaaaaaaad #fml Fri Nov 16 08:19:19 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @PetTheSoo: I'm normal. I don't sleep in air vents. #normal #weirdSoo #dinerhasnopie Fri Nov 16 07:50:09 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Scarves4lifeIsaac @Pup4Evar just sleep in the airvents like I do. Fri Nov 16 07:48:06 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @Pup4Evar: So are door locks. Guess who took both keys? #classes #bored #hidingindiner Fri Nov 16 07:41:04 2018

@Pup4Evar: @Scarves4lifeIsaac You do know that there are spare rooms right? #Hastoomanyrooms Fri Nov 16 07:38:10 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Roomie's not on Twitter #genius #dinerfood #nomnomnomnomnom Fri Nov 16 07:29:25 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Roomie snores #nosleep #annoyed Fri Nov 16 07:28:57 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: My new car's not hideous #coolcar #cheapcar #notcrashedit #scarfinthetrunk Fri Nov 16 06:10:57 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: 5:40am and off to run in the woods #outthere #training #scarfday Fri Nov 16 05:20:16 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac @Sourwolf is a way of life. Embrace the sourness of the wolf. #workout Fri Nov 16 00:27:22 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Getting terrified by @SourWolf #scared Fri Nov 16 00:24:06 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Beer, bacon, buddies. #awyeah! Thu Nov 15 21:48:17 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WolfHerder: I'm not. He's making me a dork Thu Nov 15 20:58:00 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac Don't corrupt @Pup4Evar ... he's bad enough as it is. Also there's always Beacon and Eggs #dinerfood Thu Nov 15 20:55:20 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I want bacon! #baconhills Thu Nov 15 20:54:06 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Hanging out w/Liam. #baconhills Thu Nov 15 20:52:32 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Had to reread that. Thought it said pecker. Thu Nov 15 12:33:10 2018

@Wildthing1: @Scarves4lifeIsaac, dude, he signs things for everyone. He signed my pec at a gas station once. #sofiveminutesago Thu Nov 15 12:32:46 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: omgomgomgomgomg Colt Bradford signed a place mat for me!!!!!!! #omgomgomg! Thu Nov 15 12:30:19 2018

@MRiesse: I'm so bored I'm expecting public TV to entertain me #bored #saveme #sendmovies Thu Nov 15 11:59:53 2018

@MRiesse: Anyone know a 24 hour takeout in SF that does home deliveries? I want snacks #hungry Thu Nov 15 11:56:36 2018

@MRiesse: Winne the Werewolf Stalker. I'm slowly getting into it #confessions Thu Nov 15 11:54:53 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I can't help it @ParisGirl218 #scarvesrule Thu Nov 15 11:53:53 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I want Aussie scarves #sad Thu Nov 15 11:52:31 2018

@MRiesse: Locked my door. Time to climb down the fire escape again... Thu Nov 15 11:51:18 2018

@MRiesse: Cold rain. It's not November. Not walking in it Thu Nov 15 11:37:26 2018

@MRiesse: I mean. Isn't it supposed to go 'tweet' when I tweet? #wtf Thu Nov 15 11:04:02 2018

@MRiesse: So. Am I doing this twittering thing right? I type, I hit tweet. Don't hear a sound #confused Thu Nov 15 11:03:18 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Scarves4lifeIsaac ... Really, queen? That's what you chose for your twitter? #Cancelled Thu Nov 15 10:58:50 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Foooooooooood *nom* @ Beacon/eggs diner #food #yum #nomnomno Thu Nov 15 10:51:49 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I'm eating 3.14 slices of pi. #diner #noschoolmorning Thu Nov 15 09:23:33 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Anyone else like running in the woods at sunrise? #outthere #bored Thu Nov 15 08:59:02 2018

@MRiesse: I do not approve of Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on my door! #rant Thu Nov 15 08:50:40 2018

@MRiesse: @Caritas: Can I bring a sleeping bag and stash it under a table if shiz hits fan? #curious Thu Nov 15 08:37:45 2018

@MRiesse: Apparently my window in my apartment banging means I can't sleep? #meh #firstworldproblems #ducttape Thu Nov 15 08:22:17 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Being out in the woods when the sun rises. #trees #scarvesontrees #idonthaveascarfproblem Thu Nov 15 08:19:50 2018

@MRiesse: Ugh. Daytime. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz? Thu Nov 15 08:17:16 2018

@MRiesse: What's this Twitter thing even about? Also. Scarves suck. I said it. Come at me! Thu Nov 15 07:29:55 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: I should really go run. But. It's cold. Answer? #scarves Thu Nov 15 07:28:01 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @BHHSAthletics: Exactly I graduated. Don't like it? Ignore the drama #simple Thu Nov 15 07:19:29 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218: Sorry I was on swim and lacrosse. Want me to craddle hamburger and pass it to you or dive for it? Wed Nov 14 21:40:53 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218: You gonna throw food at me? I could get used to that Wed Nov 14 21:37:51 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Normal ice cream @ParisGirl218. Is the best ce cream! Wed Nov 14 20:29:34 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218: Nom nom nom nom nom with better food #shotsfired Wed Nov 14 19:09:39 2018

@BHHSAthletics: I swear to god @Scarves4lifeIsaac I thought I was done hearing about your scarf drama when you graduated! Wed Nov 14 18:05:57 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218: I like not being scratched by people :( Wed Nov 14 17:30:10 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @parisgirl218: Try a scarf? #imdone Wed Nov 14 17:26:40 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Liking my new digs. Who wants to come chill here? Bring paint and stuf Wed Nov 14 17:17:27 2018

@Sourwolf: I got you some BB-8 and porg scarves @Wolfherder Wed Nov 14 17:16:04 2018

@XanderTheTool: Is this thing on? Wed Nov 14 16:57:04 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: caught me. Wed Nov 14 15:56:05 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WolfHerder I did. I got two. See. I'm doing better now...wonder if I can put them on the wall Wed Nov 14 15:50:54 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac You're just trolling at this point Wed Nov 14 15:50:27 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: Just tried to start my car with a scarf. #iamnotobsessed Wed Nov 14 15:48:45 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scares4LifeIsaac How the hell can you even afford that? Pick just one at a time dude #InterventionTime Wed Nov 14 15:32:16 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: $2295 of neckwear? #wtf #salesarealie #clearancemyass Wed Nov 14 15:31:07 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: ParisGirl218: Not turning down help. THis is the least awkward thng I've done today Wed Nov 14 15:23:30 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @ParisGirl218 You know my boss reads my feed? Right? #akward Wed Nov 14 15:22:27 2018

@Wolfherder: @Scarves4lifeIsaac Are you being weird in public? People stare when you do that. #PersonalExperience Wed Nov 14 15:17:05 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: @WolfHerder: There's somebody tweeting about me. #freakingout Wed Nov 14 15:15:56 2018

@Scarves4lifeIsaac: No. Really. I won't tweet again today. #promise #pinkieswear Wed Nov 14 15:12:17 2018

@Wolfherder: @IsacLahey This is what I get for trying to help. #beyondhope Wed Nov 14 15:06:43 2018

@IsacLahey: Me.....and everyone else are obsessed. Okay. Fine. I'll turn my phone off. Oooh, scarves! Wed Nov 14 15:06:07 2018

@Wolfherder: @IsacLahey Dude we know you're obsessed but now you're announcing it to the world #cringe Wed Nov 14 14:59:08 2018

@IsacLahey: Hanging out @ mall. YAY SCARVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! scarves Wed Nov 14 14:57:54 2018

@IsacLahey: Beacon Hills. #roadtrip Wed Nov 14 14:15:37 2018

@IsacLahey: Beacon hills here I come. Frigging SF traffic. Can't people learn how to drive in a city? #roadrage Wed Nov 14 13:52:56 2018

@Wolfherder: @IsacLahey Well as long as it runs #wheels Wed Nov 14 13:51:43 2018

@IsacLahey: Just found the worst car color. Like. omg #limeminivan Wed Nov 14 13:50:35 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Pup4Ever Okay but do I look gorgeous? Tue Nov 13 16:53:28 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo @Pup4Evar I hate you both. Tue Nov 13 16:49:01 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Pup4Evar @Wolfherder THIS is flirting. *selfie of Soo holding up the gnome bathbomb... which looks... suggestive without any help from Soo* Tue Nov 13 16:46:42 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Pup4Evar @Wolfherder You call this flirting? Tue Nov 13 16:41:39 2018

@Pup4Evar: @petthesoo @wolfherder Just don't yell at me if your boyfriends see you flirting with each other. Tue Nov 13 16:39:09 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Admit it, you love me. I bring you bathbombs that look suspiciously like other things. Tue Nov 13 16:38:41 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo With HATE! And don't you start, @Pup4Evar Tue Nov 13 16:34:30 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Pup4Evar @Wolfherder Not *everyone*. I mean, for example... the illiterate. Tue Nov 13 16:33:09 2018

@Pup4Evar: @wolfherder @petthesoon You guys do remember everyone can read twitter right? Tue Nov 13 16:32:20 2018

@PetTheSoo: You adore me. Tue Nov 13 16:32:03 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo I hate you. Tue Nov 13 16:31:37 2018

@PetTheSoo: You take showers my ass? Tue Nov 13 16:31:21 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo I TAKE SHOWERS YOU ASS Tue Nov 13 16:30:13 2018

@PetTheSoo: That explains so much. Anyway, it's a gnome. Have fun! Tue Nov 13 16:29:48 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo I haven't taken a bath since I was like eight. Tue Nov 13 16:28:46 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder ... Why would I get you an actual bomb? You'd use it on me. Tue Nov 13 16:25:46 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo If it's an actual bomb I'm telling my dad. Tue Nov 13 16:23:45 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder I got you a bathbomb. Tue Nov 13 16:22:51 2018

@Wolfherder: @Pup4Evar The fact that you happen to be telling the truth does not mean you aren't still a terrible liar. #hopeless Tue Nov 06 03:27:54 2018

@Pup4Evar: Any reports of naked dog boys running around the campus weren't me. HONEST! Seriously College campuses are weird! Tue Nov 06 03:26:36 2018

@Wolfherder: Breaking Twitter silence just to note: Mischief Night and Halloween were successes, nobody died or got arrested, and I officially can't talk about any of it. For legal reasons. Tue Nov 06 03:22:35 2018

@Wolfherder: @2trueAlpha Well, it got weird again, lol Fri Aug 31 19:54:34 2018

@2rueAlpha: @Wolfherder Bro, Twitter is not the place for our torrid love affair. Fri Aug 31 19:49:32 2018

@Wolfherder: @2trueAlpha You know you love me for it. #nerdbro Fri Aug 31 19:47:43 2018

@2rueAlpha: @Wolfherder It's good that you can admit to your weirdness. #neeeeerd Fri Aug 31 19:45:29 2018

@Wolfherder: @2rueAlpha Don't worry about it. I'm just using you as a scapegoat for my adolescent weirdness. #TheUsual Fri Aug 31 19:41:16 2018

@2rueAlpha: I have no idea what's going on. Fri Aug 31 19:37:49 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder I know, I proofread-... Nevermind. Fri Aug 31 10:54:55 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo And besides, I'm sure @2rueAlpha has gotten over his obsession by now. #IHaveThisFriend Fri Aug 31 10:54:46 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo That was in like seventh grade! Fri Aug 31 10:54:07 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder I'm not the one who wrote love letters to Ray Bradbury! Fri Aug 31 10:51:10 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Have I mentioned lately that you're weird? Fri Aug 31 10:49:04 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Whatever, I call shotgun. Which... is Optimus Prime's right nipple. Ultimate shotgun! Fri Aug 31 10:44:53 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo No, but it probably should be. Also, it's Decepticon. #philistine Fri Aug 31 10:43:33 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Isn't that one of those... Deceptibot things from that show you like? Fri Aug 31 10:40:37 2018

@Wolfherder: People who think the Panopticon is scary have never been to Beacon Hills on a full moon. #CollegeReading Fri Aug 31 10:37:39 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wolfherder @PetTheSoo Are we still doing that? I thought we cancelled that. Fri Jun 15 08:37:03 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo @BubbleGumBanshee I'm good with weird. I'd just like less apocalypse with the weird. Fri Jun 15 08:35:06 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @BubbleGumBanshee Among the weirdos, the normal one IS the weirdest? Anyway, I have to be weird, you'd all worry otherwise. Fri Jun 15 08:30:59 2018

@Wolfherder: @BubbleGumBanshee Hey, I get good grades and don't miss much class anymore--usually! Plus, you aren't the weird one. @PetTheSoo is much weirder! Fri Jun 15 08:28:32 2018

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @Wolfherder I've got a perfect GPA and never miss a class. Of course I'm the weird one among you. Fri Jun 15 07:52:56 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @BubblegumBanshee He said you're #weird. Fri Jun 15 03:09:00 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo #MyFriendsAreWeird Fri Jun 15 03:07:01 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Listen, if I stopped my life every time the world ended, I wouldn't be pregnant. Wait. Hrm. Fri Jun 15 03:01:42 2018

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Yeah, but with the world constantly ending, who's got the time? Fri Jun 15 02:12:58 2018

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder ... Beach party day? We could camp. On the beach. Smores and open flames! Sexy tan lines for our menfolk! Fri Jun 15 01:58:26 2018

@Wolfherder: I remember this thing where I used to get to enjoy summer. Anyone else remember that? Thu Jun 14 23:52:50 2018

@BlondeBabe92: Finally got my ride all fixed up!!! Now I need to get my gear back together. Lord mom is going to die I'm sure. Wed Mar 07 21:00:10 2018

@PetTheSoo: *picture of Jackson & Soo, surrounded by members of Soo's family in front of a Christmas tree. Grandparents front and center & cousins and their significant others fanned out. Towering over Soo is a striking young man with the same odd amber eyes & feral grin* Mon Dec 25 21:50:10 2017

@PetTheSoo: Merry Christmas everybody! Good News and Bad News! Bad News, I'm disowned. Good News, Jackson now favorite grandson. Best News, Cousin Hyeung not happy about this. <3 Mon Dec 25 21:49:16 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @RyGuy2018 So far, so good, how about you? Sun Dec 24 19:09:50 2017

@RyGuy2018: Hoping everybody is having a great holiday! Sun Dec 24 19:04:02 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Mmm. So true. Sun Dec 24 19:03:22 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Just like @Sourwolf ;) Sun Dec 24 18:57:33 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Nah, they're too thick. Sun Dec 24 18:55:12 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Need cookies. Put them in my mouth. I have a printer, scan them. Sun Dec 24 18:50:58 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Hey, @Sourwolf and I baked cookies. Saving you some. Sun Dec 24 18:49:12 2017

@Wolfherder: @BubbleGumBanshee I always knew I loved you, L Sun Dec 24 18:47:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Wildthing2 @BubbleGumBanshee Everything is homotastic. I miss you guys! Sun Dec 24 18:40:36 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Wildthing2 @Wolfherder Don't listen to him, S. Sun Dec 24 18:36:53 2017

@Wildthing2: @Wolfherder It's sad that I have to be the one to tell you to get your mind out of the gutter. Sun Dec 24 18:32:38 2017

@Wolfherder: Presents in chimneys, stuffing stockings, gay apparel--Christmas is seriously kinda homotastic. Sun Dec 24 18:26:15 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: If anybody makes me do a musical number, I'm going to scream. Sat Dec 23 18:46:05 2017

@Wildthing1: Hey, I'm still 19, and I still have 19 boxes of ugly Xmas sweaters. #BeaconHills Sat Dec 23 05:46:26 2017

@Wolfherder: Looking like a white Christmas, and nobody's singing against their will! #BeaconHills Sat Dec 23 05:43:43 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder #Narcoberry Sat Dec 02 05:35:47 2017

@Wolfherder: Taking #statistics right after lunch was a huge mistake. #bhc #iregreteverything Wed Oct 04 15:00:28 2017

@Pup4Evar: @ryguy2018 You'll be fine! #supportive Sat Sep 23 19:14:15 2017

@RyGuy2018: I'm new to this, hope I am doing it right. Sat Sep 23 19:04:44 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo Hey, do you know if BHC has a lacrosse team? Maybe intramural? Sat Sep 23 18:59:14 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics I still miss you, Coach. <3 Sat Sep 23 18:57:39 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @Pup4Evar @Wolfherder It's not my fault you're an obsessive overachiever. But I do like that in a man. Sat Sep 23 18:57:08 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @Pup4Evar Don't think you can hide from me just by changing your handle! Also, I would never, ever take out my irritation on a student by failing them. Sat Sep 23 18:55:16 2017

@Pup4Evar: Also I think i might fail Economics this year. Coach is not happy that I skipped a grade he's taking it as a personal insult. Sat Sep 23 18:53:40 2017

@Wolfherder: @Pup4Evar Everything I'm taking is for college credit. I'm in college. Sat Sep 23 18:53:19 2017

@Pup4Evar: @wolfherder Have a certain redhead set your study schedule and you'd be a month ahead already ... and taking an elective for college credit. Sat Sep 23 18:52:46 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo I'll take it. Sat Sep 23 18:51:48 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder ... there was that one training montage... Sat Sep 23 18:51:24 2017

@Wolfherder: @PetTheSoo Would we magically finish all our homework in the space of a single song? #ThereAreWorseThings Sat Sep 23 18:49:44 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder Do you want to start singing again? That's how we start singing again. Sat Sep 23 18:49:08 2017

@Wolfherder: Well, it's December and I think I've finished my first week of reading from college. Wait, it's not December? #FreshmenProblems #BHC Sat Sep 23 18:48:10 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: Summer is Finally here! ... Why am I studying more now that I was when we had School? #crazytutor #Idreamaboutstudying Sat Jun 03 20:32:34 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: (Continued) mers supposed to be fun? Sat Jun 03 18:06:50 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @petthesoo You guys are all Old now. I'm still just a care free high school student.... Who is working on his third Essay. Today. Aren't sum Sat Jun 03 18:06:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 We're adults. How are we adults? Can we just be... adult-ish? Sat Jun 03 18:04:10 2017

@StilesBH24: Coffee + chocolate = Lunch. *thumbs up* Sat Jun 03 13:21:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wolfherder @Pup4Evar Mine is still applicable. I'm not changing. But if I did, it'd be 'KissMeInThePark'. >.> Sat Jun 03 10:26:11 2017

@Pup4Evar: @wolfherder I can be fancy too! Plus my old one was kinda lame. #newbeginnings Sat Jun 03 08:22:17 2017

@Wolfherder: New Twitter handle is a GO. RIP @StilesBH24 and hello #college Sat Jun 03 08:10:43 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Just one star. Mon May 01 20:44:31 2017

@StilesBH24: RT @PetTheSoo has an ass full of stars. Mon May 01 20:43:14 2017

@PetTheSoo: The stars look amazing tonight. Just like my ass. Mon May 01 20:41:52 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I'm pretty sure Lance would help. Mon May 01 19:33:57 2017

@StilesBH24: @Sourwolf @DevilUKno You're protecting me from this. Mon May 01 19:32:35 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 @BubbleGumBanshee She microchipped me. Mon May 01 19:31:59 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo Like I don't know how to find you. Mon May 01 19:30:36 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 @BubbleGumBanshee Awww, but we wanted to create Princess Slay'a! Mon May 01 19:29:58 2017

@StilesBH24: Suddenly I'm going on vacation. #Mexico #OrPossiblyLance's #OrPossiblyDerek's #Bye Mon May 01 19:28:23 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm coming over. I have all 9 seasons on Prime. We're watching. Mon May 01 19:27:07 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @BubbleGumBanshee Unless you mean R2D2 I have no idea what you're talking about. Help? Mon May 01 19:25:58 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 #TeamMomo for RPDR? Mon May 01 19:24:32 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo #TeamMomo Mon May 01 19:23:36 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Momo already did. Like it's my fault I ate her food. Mon May 01 19:23:18 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm going to puke in your shoes. Mon May 01 19:22:56 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 UP&AK are my new OTP tho <3 Mon May 01 19:22:28 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I kind of feel like I spent the whole month not being able to talk and dealing with P&K fuckery. Mon May 01 19:21:12 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo Just... stay out of the catnip. Mon May 01 19:18:42 2017

@PetTheSoo: Is it me or was that the longest month ever? Mon May 01 13:49:34 2017

@PetTheSoo: ... Still haven't figured out the plans for prom #I'mNotGoingISwear Thu Mar 30 20:56:59 2017

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse I especially like Supergirl. That guy they have playing Superman is HOT. Fri Mar 10 02:59:31 2017

@StilesBH24: All my friends are total dorks. #LoveEmAnyway Fri Mar 10 02:47:51 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Nerd Only a nerd stays up all night watching tv. #Didn'tsleepallweektogetcaughtuponArrowverse Fri Mar 10 02:46:53 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, try switching to #GayPr0n. Always a happy ending. Fri Mar 10 02:46:12 2017

@StilesBH24: But WTF CLIFFHANGER ENDING? WHEN IS SEASON TWO!? Fri Mar 10 02:45:45 2017

@StilesBH24: And even if I were, that show is seriously annoying and I am I no way addicted. Fri Mar 10 02:45:12 2017

@StilesBH24: I'm not up at quarter to 3AM watching #ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents Fri Mar 10 02:44:18 2017

@PetTheSoo: ... OK, one wyvern cannot take a Titanosaur. #AlmostDied #ShitArkSays Tue Mar 07 15:16:57 2017

@PetTheSoo: There need to be more tall buildings here, dammit. Wed Feb 22 19:06:30 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics Thanks, #NotCoach! Mon Feb 13 20:25:50 2017

@BHHSAthletics: (Continued) you, I just say "Good luck." Mon Feb 13 20:25:02 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @Wildthing1 @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 You idiots are about as subtle as a brick to the face. Shut up about your stupid wood! Not you, Park. To Mon Feb 13 20:25:01 2017

@Wildthing1: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 More like mighty oak. All for my 1Tru<3 @LiamLaCrosse. Mon Feb 13 20:21:09 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 ... I don't like knotty pine. Mon Feb 13 20:17:58 2017

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 @PetTheSoo My wood needs are very well met, thank you. Mon Feb 13 20:17:21 2017

@Wildthing1: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I got all the wood you two can handle. Mon Feb 13 20:11:58 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... I want his thatch too. I need it for building! Mon Feb 13 20:07:23 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You don't want his thatch. You want his wood. Mon Feb 13 19:52:38 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... At least somebody is. >.> Mon Feb 13 19:51:50 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I filled your beaver with thatch. Mon Feb 13 19:51:19 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 #LowHangers Sun Feb 12 03:10:59 2017

@PetTheSoo: @Wildthing1 @StilesBH24 We are nuts, it's why you love us. We're a real pair. Sun Feb 12 03:10:47 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo I take it back U guys R nerds. #ARKSux #Fallout4Rules Sun Feb 12 02:28:39 2017

@StilesBH24: @WildThing1 @PetTheSoo #shitARKsays Sun Feb 12 02:26:34 2017

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo U guys R nuts. Sun Feb 12 02:18:01 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics @StilesBH24 ... I'm uncomfortable. Sun Feb 12 02:04:50 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 That is 'sir and/or madam' to you. Sun Feb 12 02:04:19 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @BHHSAthletics OH GOD COACH WHY Sun Feb 12 02:03:57 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo I will not apologize for getting some tail, sir. Sun Feb 12 02:03:02 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 You're the one that shot her ass. Sun Feb 12 02:02:38 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You dino-stud, you. Sun Feb 12 01:59:41 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Elizabeth Van Dyne II is sated, that's all you need to know. Sun Feb 12 01:57:17 2017

@StilesBH24: What happens in the Pack Attack base is my business, too, @PetTheSoo Sun Feb 12 01:56:28 2017

@PetTheSoo: What I and my dinosaurs do in the privacy of our base... Sun Feb 12 01:55:37 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Are you stuffing the dinos full of meat? Sun Feb 12 01:55:16 2017

@PetTheSoo: HATCH ALL THE EGGS Sun Feb 12 01:53:55 2017

@PetTheSoo: Come on, egg, hatch! I LONG FOR MOTHERHOOD!!! Sat Feb 11 20:57:00 2017

@StilesBH24: Survived English w/o detention. Woo! #BHHS Mon Feb 06 14:39:48 2017

@PetTheSoo: Starting my own clothing line. Soo Fashionable. Get it? No... now I'm sad. Sun Feb 05 10:45:53 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Nope, it was me. #Freedom Mon Jan 30 16:50:09 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... Was... was it me? Mon Jan 30 15:50:25 2017

@StilesBH24: So guess who got detention for covering for @2rueAlpha ... #ItWasMe Mon Jan 30 15:36:29 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 Scott... it's cute that you believe that. <3 Mon Jan 30 14:13:27 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 It's not like she's gonna hunt me down. #StillLaws #CreeperTeacher Mon Jan 30 14:05:17 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 Have I taught you nothing? Ignoring/running from cat=bad. Attracts attention. #GLHF Mon Jan 30 13:55:50 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 I did my homework! You can turn it in. That'll make her less mad right? #ILeftItInYourLocker #ITotallyDidntPlanThis #YesIDid Mon Jan 30 13:51:17 2017

@StilesBH24: Dude, @2trueAlpha -- she will totally know, but I got your back. Mon Jan 30 13:50:29 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 True love would be covering for my absence. #ReallyLoveMyBro #TakeTheHit #SheWontKillYouImSure Mon Jan 30 13:48:19 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Because I love you and am concerned for you, obviously. #LoveMyBro #WinterIsCreeping Mon Jan 30 13:46:41 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Why do you insist on reminding me? #ClassOfNoneOfThisCrap Mon Jan 30 13:44:20 2017

@StilesBH24: Almost time... #EnglishClass #BHHS #ClassOf2017 @2rueAlpha Mon Jan 30 13:39:00 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Like I said before... #HotGirlProblems Mon Jan 23 13:36:15 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Dude I can't unsee her eyes anymore Mon Jan 23 13:35:20 2017

@StilesBH24: Got your back. #CreeperTeacher @2rueAlpha Mon Jan 23 13:34:10 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 But I'll be there Mon Jan 23 13:32:55 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 NO Mon Jan 23 13:32:45 2017

@StilesBH24: Ready for English class in 20, @2rueAlpha ...? Mon Jan 23 13:31:49 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha #HotGirlProblems Tue Jan 17 14:53:20 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I'm having a Day ok! A Tuesday Day! Tue Jan 17 14:51:00 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha Of course you pick his side. #Traitor Tue Jan 17 14:50:32 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I'm with Soo. Tue Jan 17 14:48:03 2017

@PetTheSoo: @2rueAlpha @StilesBH24 TELL HIM Tue Jan 17 14:46:32 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Okay, okay. #TuesdaysAreEvil Tue Jan 17 14:40:10 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 IT'S TOTALLY A THING OK Tue Jan 17 14:37:16 2017

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm pretty sure that's not a thing. Tue Jan 17 14:32:24 2017

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Could you NOT remind the fates it's Tuesday? It seems like everything goes to shit on Tuesday! Tue Jan 17 14:23:16 2017

@StilesBH24: How is it only Tuesday? I swear it's been at least a week since Sunday. Tue Jan 17 14:21:05 2017

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @2rueAlpha ... Shaaaade. Wed Jan 04 13:45:56 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo jk jk! Wed Jan 04 13:45:01 2017

@2rueAlpha: @PetTheSoo Who are you? Wed Jan 04 13:44:49 2017

@PetTheSoo: @BHMostWanted @StilesBH24 Just remember me when I've died. Of heartbreak. All alone. Unloved. Wed Jan 04 13:43:18 2017

@LiamLaCrosse: @Bhmostwanted Co-Captain! I don't have a Co-captain on the JV team AND I'm a starter on yours #JustThatGood Wed Jan 04 13:19:08 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted @2trueAlpha I will continue to #GetBetter #BHHS Wed Jan 04 08:48:03 2017

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 well you keep whining about how often coach benches you #getbetter #loveyoubro Wed Jan 04 08:37:01 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 Soooo sappy @2rueAlpha better put on his big boy pants LOL Wed Jan 04 08:34:40 2017

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha gonna get back in the game too #BHHS Wed Jan 04 08:26:58 2017

@StilesBH24: Also I love you @DevilUKno and @Sourwolf Wed Jan 04 08:26:09 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted Dude @PetTheSoo @DevilUKno will kick our asses. #JustFriendsForever Wed Jan 04 08:25:11 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 Times like this I remember why we almost got married #AlltheT Wed Jan 04 08:12:50 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted You're... a T-rex? #BreakingNews #DinoDanger @PetTheSoo Wed Jan 04 08:11:26 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @BHMostWanted YES! That's what I like to see! Wed Jan 04 07:58:55 2017

@BHMostWanted: @StilesBH24 I'M THE CAPTAIN Wed Jan 04 07:55:26 2017

@StilesBH24: @BHMostWanted You are a slavedriver. #AlreadyInPain Wed Jan 04 07:52:02 2017

@BHMostWanted: @PetTheSoo & @StilesBH24 are gonna kick your asses thx 2 my training Wed Jan 04 07:50:13 2017

@BHMostWanted: Be ready for more practice now school's going to be back in session! #BowB4theCapn Wed Jan 04 07:49:36 2017

@BHHSAthletics: @LiamLaCrosse @Wildthing1 You two disturb me on multiple levels. Don't get flabby over the break! #HappyHolidays Fri Dec 30 06:34:28 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 OMG Someone gave me their class ring! We're going to the Sockhop next weekend #actuallythrilled #Notgivingitback Fri Dec 30 05:58:48 2016

@Wildthing1: Guess who's back and badder than before! #Being18Rules Fri Dec 30 05:55:24 2016

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 #TMI Tue Dec 27 03:49:52 2016

@Wildthing1: I'm not a baby! I can date whoever I want! #LifeIsUnfair #IHaveNeeds Tue Dec 27 03:30:09 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BHHSAthletics ... Thanks, NotCoach. Mon Dec 19 21:20:21 2016

@BHHSAthletics: @PetTheSoo Park you never need my permission to pee. Just promise to put on clean pants afterwards. #NotCoach #DefinitelyNotCoach Mon Dec 19 21:10:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's because high school. #BHHS Mon Dec 19 21:03:37 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Well it's not like I know what I wanna be when I grow up. Still have to ask permission to pee! Mon Dec 19 21:02:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Knowing you it would be more like Cats Gone Wild. Mon Dec 19 20:56:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BubbleGumBanshee @StilesBH24 Fine. I'll live out 'Coyote Ugly' instead. Mon Dec 19 20:37:38 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 You're not allowed to live out the plot to a movie older than you. Mon Dec 19 17:27:59 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Don't tell me, tell @BubbleGumBanshee :P Mon Dec 19 17:25:39 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 College will be that thing you guys do and tell me about while I live out the plot of Showgirls. Mon Dec 19 17:24:36 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I barely survived high school. Mon Dec 19 17:24:24 2016

@Wildthing1: OMG R PPL STILL TWEETING? #ilovethefuture Mon Dec 19 17:23:15 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Dude #college Mon Dec 19 17:21:27 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Are you kidding? Once we finish those, we're /done/! Graduated! I'mma be a stripper! Mon Dec 19 17:20:47 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo We just survived midterms. I can't think about FINALS finals yet! Mon Dec 19 17:18:12 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 The finals are never over. They're watching, waiting, for their revenge. #May2017 Mon Dec 19 17:15:51 2016

@StilesBH24: Well thank god at least finals are over. #BHHS #WinterBreak2016 Mon Dec 19 15:14:41 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo 2016 can bite my ass. Tue Dec 13 01:10:18 2016

@PetTheSoo: Finally work up the courage... and then weird crap happens again. #So2016 Tue Dec 13 01:09:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Ask me after class. Fri Dec 09 05:49:18 2016

@PetTheSoo: @stilesbh24 Okay but I need to know later. Fri Dec 09 05:48:37 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo I'm pretty sure we shouldn't tell people that story. Fri Dec 09 05:48:06 2016

@PetTheSoo: ... Does anyone know why Hobo Bob just ran screaming 'Not again!' when he saw me...? Fri Dec 09 05:43:42 2016

@Wildthing2: Beacon Hills WE ARE IN YOU. #HomeAgainHomeAgain #LookOutBHHS Fri Dec 09 04:45:24 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 I've literally seen it all before. #GloryDays Fri Dec 09 00:19:13 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Oh like I'm worried about that!!! Fri Dec 09 00:16:28 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo Dude just resend it. Lydia doesn't care. Fri Dec 09 00:15:55 2016

@PetTheSoo: ... Would seppuku be considered cultural appropriation? Asking for a friend. Fri Dec 09 00:15:37 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: ... You sent that to me, Soo. Fri Dec 09 00:13:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo This should be good! Fri Dec 09 00:12:47 2016

@PetTheSoo: Oh god I did it. Wake me up when December ends! Fri Dec 09 00:11:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @BubbleGumBanshee @StilesBH24 Girls, girls, you're both pretty!!! Fri Dec 09 00:10:22 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 @PetTheSoo #YouAREnerds Fri Dec 09 00:10:00 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee @PetTheSoo #JustSendItAlready #StudyingIsForNerds Fri Dec 09 00:09:02 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo @StilesBH24 #JustSendItAlready #SomeOfUsAreStudying Fri Dec 09 00:08:08 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo You would have anyway. Fri Dec 09 00:07:46 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Okay, but I'm blaming you. Fri Dec 09 00:07:29 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Do it. Fri Dec 09 00:06:20 2016

@PetTheSoo: To send, or not to send, that is the question... Fri Dec 09 00:05:57 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 No more Meatloaf for dinner. Sun Nov 27 20:20:00 2016

@StilesBH24: This time of the week, I always ask myself: Whatever happened to Saturday Night? It wasn't #Meatloaf though. Sat Nov 26 23:47:15 2016

@StilesBH24: THE PIE LIVES! #thanksgiving #success #baking Thu Nov 24 18:04:35 2016

@DevilUKno: That was for @LiamLaCrosse btw Mon Nov 21 01:22:20 2016

@DevilUKno: Botany! Horticulture! Career of the FUTURE #uknowuwant2 Mon Nov 21 01:18:48 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: (Continued) irplane Repo? Mon Nov 21 01:17:43 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 ... okay a couple of the booths were for like 10 careers I got them all. Should I be a submarine chef? Or Maybe a Pearl Diver? A Mon Nov 21 01:17:42 2016

@StilesBH24: Where was @2rueAlpha during #BHHSCareerDayNov2016? @PetTheSoo told that story. (Sorry, Scott.) Mon Nov 21 01:07:42 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm pretty sure @LiamLaCrosse was warping spacetime back there. #BHHSCareerDayNov2016 Mon Nov 21 01:06:30 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: 437 Pamphlets.... How did that many booths even fit? Mon Nov 21 01:03:45 2016

@StilesBH24: These materials from #BHHSCareerDayNov2016 sure are interesting! I learned a lot in school on Friday. Mon Nov 21 00:55:34 2016

@QueenCordy: New info abt old case! Thx @WHLawSF for renewing interest! Let's have some REAL #Justice4Faith #NoManhunt Mon Nov 14 22:25:45 2016

@StilesBH24: I know Faith Lehane, and she's not a murderer. #Justice4Faith Mon Nov 14 21:32:16 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Dream all you want! Just trust me: This was mouthful-of-dustbunnies awkward, not sexyfuntimes. Thu Nov 10 05:03:43 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 I've been single almost a year. Let me dream man let me dream. Thu Nov 10 05:00:54 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Don't make it weird, Liam. Thu Nov 10 04:55:58 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 Sterek? Thu Nov 10 04:51:31 2016

@StilesBH24: TFW you wake up half under the bed wondering how you got there. Thu Nov 10 04:50:00 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @PetTheSoo I'm taking away your Photoshop privileges until you learn to use it responsibly. Tue Oct 11 12:21:52 2016

@PetTheSoo: (Badly Photoshopped Image Of Stiles' Head on Prom Queen Body) Mon Oct 10 23:35:56 2016

@DevilUKno: Voting @StilesBH24 for Official HC Princess #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:08:17 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 <3 Mon Oct 10 23:07:14 2016

@StilesBH24: @DevilUKno I might just take you up on that. #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:07:13 2016

@StilesBH24: @BubbleGumBanshee #TrueStory Mon Oct 10 23:05:21 2016

@DevilUKno: @StilesBH24 I have a couple of spare fucks if you want em #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 23:05:02 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Damn. Spoilered my own gift. #HappyBirthday Mon Oct 10 23:03:44 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @DawnofSummer Oh, honey. It wouldn't be fair if I ran. Mon Oct 10 22:55:26 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Wait, you got me a t-shirt? Mon Oct 10 22:54:22 2016

@DawnofSummer: ...kind of fun. #Homecoming2016 #stupidcharacterlimit Mon Oct 10 18:10:47 2016

@DawnofSummer: @StilesBH24 I don't care much about the king or queen stuff, (but you'll have my vote @BubbleGumBanshee if you run), but the rest seems kind Mon Oct 10 17:55:47 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse You know Coach reads these, right? #CreeperCoach #NeverTweetGreenberg Mon Oct 10 17:24:10 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Don't look at me #goingstag #Dancingwitheveryone #Spikingthepunch? Mon Oct 10 17:22:16 2016

@StilesBH24: Now in the market for any spare fucks people have to give #Homecoming2016 #NoDoubleMeaningHere Mon Oct 10 17:17:44 2016

@StilesBH24: Coach has reminded me that I'm obligated to care about #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 17:17:05 2016

@StilesBH24: Oh, wait. I never had any to start with. Nevermind, just kidding! #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 15:31:21 2016

@StilesBH24: Seriously, people, all the fucks I have to give about #Homecoming2016 are up for grabs. Get 'em while they're hot! Mon Oct 10 15:30:42 2016

@StilesBH24: Holy crap, it's Homecoming? I'm out of time to get rid of all my fucks before it starts! #Homecoming2016 Mon Oct 10 15:30:02 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy birthday, @PetTheSoo -- made it to 18 in BH, and all you got was this stupid T-shirt! Mon Oct 10 15:29:03 2016

@StilesBH24: @Sweet_Molly Isn't that the vampire version of Mardi Gras? You really want to ask #Whatisnormal come to #BeaconHills sometime. Mon Oct 10 03:21:42 2016

@Sweet_Molly: Man, that St. Vigeous thing last week was weird, when did my life get so odd? #Whatisnormal Mon Oct 10 03:18:05 2016

@StilesBH24: When you wake up from a homework nightmare. #Horrified Thu Sep 01 04:27:13 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm pretty sure the science department has been practicing the black arts for years. #EvilED Wed Aug 31 15:48:03 2016

@BubbleGumBanshee: @StilesBH24 Wait literally or figuratively? Wed Aug 31 15:42:50 2016

@StilesBH24: Senior year, day three. Still alive, despite attempts by teachers to turn us all into zombies. #Left4ED Wed Aug 31 15:39:58 2016

@StilesBH24: When the librarian kicks you out of the reference section because you're asking about "fiction." Fri Jul 29 13:22:18 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: I totally wanna see the #Aliens! That would be awesome! Fri Jul 22 17:06:26 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Knowing our luck? Probably the incinerate-us-from-the-sky kind. Fri Jul 22 14:29:24 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 The tentacle kind, or the evil-penz0r-tiny-mouth-inside-the-bigger-mouth kind? 'Cause one is less okay than the other. Fri Jul 22 14:16:13 2016

@StilesBH24: The #BeaconHillsPreserve is totally #Haunted by #Aliens for sure. Fri Jul 22 14:14:20 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Don't do that. They probably really are. o.o Fri Jul 22 00:29:18 2016

@StilesBH24: Power's out here. #BeaconHills #They'reHeeeeeeeere Thu Jul 21 21:10:56 2016

@DawnofSummer: Look who I just met! <Selfie of Dawn with Colt Bradford kissing her cheek.> @TotallyAwesomeColtBradford Mon Jun 27 23:23:43 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Pics or no can do Thu Jun 23 16:42:36 2016

@PetTheSoo: I... may have made a mistake with hair dye. Not sure. Someone tell me I'm still pretty? ;.; Thu Jun 23 16:39:36 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: Summer hiatus is totally awesome! Thu Jun 23 12:02:32 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Don't you tell that story! Tue Jun 21 19:12:55 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Oh I dunno there could be some #TruthInHumor Tue Jun 21 19:12:11 2016

@PetTheSoo: Some people have summer loving, I get summer part time job. I miss being a hooker! #JustKidding #ThePaySucked Tue Jun 21 19:10:02 2016

@TotallyAwesomeColtBradford: Getting tired of sushi. Gotta hire a cook soon. Mon Jun 20 22:46:54 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 ... Okay, Silver2. >.> Mon Jun 13 23:23:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's not even funny. :| Mon Jun 13 23:19:30 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 I will hack your LoL account and drop you to /Bronze/. Mon Jun 13 23:15:51 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Make me! Emoji-tongue.png Mon Jun 13 23:11:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Young lady, you behave! Mon Jun 13 23:04:55 2016

@StilesBH24: Pool hall on a Monday night. #MustBeSummer Mon Jun 13 22:46:25 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy Saturday, and good night. Sat Apr 23 02:21:46 2016

@StilesBH24: Happy birthday to me! #TheBig18 Fri Apr 08 07:04:28 2016

@StilesBH24: Al... most... free... Wed Mar 30 14:48:50 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Oh god. I thought I was the only one. #WaitWhat Sat Feb 27 19:42:01 2016

@PetTheSoo: Then... other stuff? Sat Feb 27 19:40:38 2016

@PetTheSoo: Then you're making out with the hamburger... Sat Feb 27 19:40:32 2016

@PetTheSoo: Do you ever have one of those dreams where you're eating a hamburger... Sat Feb 27 19:40:23 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo A little paint and your birds should be good as new. #ARKproblems Thu Feb 04 00:05:14 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Mindwipe it and put all the points in health. #SlowButUnkillable Wed Feb 03 22:37:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Goddamnit. We're taming you a level 99 now. Wed Feb 03 22:35:24 2016

@PetTheSoo: Dear ARK. Could you stop murdering my birds? KthxBye. Wed Feb 03 22:32:04 2016

@StilesBH24: What is it about 3AM? #WideAwake Wed Feb 03 03:50:30 2016

@StilesBH24: It's three AM. I must be hungry. #IWantPizza Mon Feb 01 04:03:00 2016

@StilesBH24: So ends another fascinating day of education. #zzz Wed Jan 20 16:29:31 2016

@StilesBH24: Hoping for a #SnowDay here! Tue Jan 19 05:46:03 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 #HITTHEBRAKES!!!! Mon Jan 18 20:18:12 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo FOR DEMACIA! #LOL Mon Jan 18 20:14:34 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 You, me. league. smashing nubs. k? Mon Jan 18 20:11:07 2016

@PetTheSoo: #ShadyShade at that. Sat Jan 16 19:17:06 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo That's #Shade ...right? Sat Jan 16 18:08:31 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Suuuure. Sat Jan 16 18:05:03 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Yeah that I can do without. #NoBallsToTheFace Fri Jan 15 15:11:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 At least we're not being subjected to dodgeball... #BallsToTheFace Fri Jan 15 14:01:27 2016

@StilesBH24: @PetTheSoo Yay fifth period? At least it's #Friday ...? Fri Jan 15 13:59:28 2016

@PetTheSoo: This is the day that never ends! Fri Jan 15 13:58:00 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLaCrosse Secret's safe with me. #OMGirony Wed Jan 13 18:13:22 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Don't Tell everyone its Powerbar Wednesday! All the good flavors will be sold out! Wed Jan 13 18:02:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @DevilUKno I know somebody with a special day. #IKnowASecret Wed Jan 13 17:57:37 2016

@2rueAlpha: Liam sleeps? Liam SHAVES?! #shock #allgrownup Wed Jan 13 17:19:55 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse Don't test me, pup. I know where you sleep. #revenge Wed Jan 13 17:18:34 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Other than the shavingcream mustaches and pictures on my cellphone? Wed Jan 13 17:10:59 2016

@StilesBH24: I'm not taking a nap in the library. You have no proof. Wed Jan 13 17:09:56 2016

@PetTheSoo: @StilesBH24 Pics or gtfo. Wed Jan 13 07:18:09 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @GreyDemon No one will ever believe you did what I asked. Wed Jan 13 05:57:30 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 @LiamLacrosse told me to say it. #innocentyoungerbrother Wed Jan 13 05:47:57 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon I'm telling him you said that. #busted Wed Jan 13 05:46:39 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Isn't he like 40? #oldwolf Wed Jan 13 05:38:18 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon Don't be jealous of my @Sourwolf #love Wed Jan 13 05:23:29 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 @LiamLacrosse ... #mentalyscarred Wed Jan 13 05:20:58 2016

@StilesBH24: @LiamLacrosse Nobody needs to see that. #NOPE Wed Jan 13 05:19:39 2016

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBh24 Don't ruin Starwars! #EthanInSlaveLeiaCostume That's my job. Wed Jan 13 05:18:56 2016

@StilesBH24: @GreyDemon the lightsaber is his... Emoji-halo.png Wed Jan 13 05:17:44 2016

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Is lightsaberfun a euphanism? Wed Jan 13 05:16:32 2016

@StilesBH24: That moment when your boyfriend uses a STAR WARS pickup line on you. #lightsaberfun Wed Jan 13 05:15:13 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Ummm, no comment. #NotTelling Sun Jan 03 15:17:44 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha @Sourwolf is NOT boring! And I bet Movie Boy isn't so boring either. Sun Jan 03 15:16:42 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 I like boring. Boring is good. Like history. Or Derek. You LIKE boring. Sun Jan 03 15:13:54 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Oh it so is! #BeaconHills #NotBoringAnymore Sun Jan 03 15:11:58 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 ... Yes. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! Sun Jan 03 15:10:39 2016

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha That would be so cool if it didn't kill us! Sun Jan 03 15:08:41 2016

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Great, now we're going to get time traveling bad guys. Sun Jan 03 15:07:04 2016

@StilesBH24: OMG we made it to 2016. #BeaconHills Sun Jan 03 15:05:50 2016

@StilesBH24: @Sourwolf Fine I'll bake more tomorrow. Oh god I'm becoming @Wildthing1. #Whipped Sat Nov 28 02:34:51 2015

@StilesBH24: @2rueAlpha Lots more pie here at casa de @Sourwolf -- bring drinks. #Sharing Sat Nov 28 02:29:01 2015

@Sourwolf: @StilesBH24 I ate the last of the cake. Want more. Only your cake. Sat Nov 28 02:27:23 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 Walk it off. Not like it's going to kill you! #CoachFinstock #Lifecoach #Nosharing? #Greedy Sat Nov 28 02:26:18 2015

@StilesBH24: Oh god what have I done. #MidnightPie #SoFull Sat Nov 28 02:22:45 2015

@GreyDemonWildthing1 Not according to my calender. #DaFuture Sat Nov 07 02:32:43 2015

@Wildthing1: Nice going, @StilesBH24 -- his birthday is -tomorrow-! #surprisespoiled #cakewasperfect Sat Nov 07 02:31:22 2015

@StilesBH24: @2trueAlpha Beware the Dark Side. #DammitWatchStarWars Mon Nov 02 20:31:18 2015

@2rueAlpha: Wilfred disapproves! @StilesBH24 Mon Nov 02 20:22:38 2015

@StilesBH24: Oh god the carnage. #Candypocalypse #IFeelSick #WhyGodWhy Mon Nov 02 20:20:38 2015

@StilesBH24: You've got vampires, werewolves, and then the real beasts. #midterms Mon Nov 02 12:47:54 2015

@StilesBH24: @Wildthing1 Do you even know what TMI means? #TMI #OMG Sun Nov 01 02:44:46 2015

@Wildthing1: Being the middle spoon is actually a lotta fun! #tmi #hotnsticky #besthalloweenever Sun Nov 01 02:44:10 2015

@Wildthing1: Is it really cheating if you're wearing a mask? #halloweenrules #lethan4ever Sat Oct 31 23:30:48 2015

@StilesBH24: No matter how crazy things get, there's always a new normal. Wed Oct 21 14:37:48 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 What could possibly go wrong? #DudeItsBeaconHills Mon Sep 21 14:41:36 2015

@2rueAlpha: @StilesBH24 No work tonight, we should! Bring Sourwolf if you want. Mon Sep 21 14:40:09 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 We run out of potatoes? #MiddleEarthProblems Wed Sep 16 11:30:42 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 *shrugs* #Probably Wed Sep 16 11:26:47 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Grey whoops, starts work on aquiring @StilesBH24's weight in tots. #This'llTakeSomePlanning Wed Sep 16 11:22:26 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I can pay you in gum? Or tater tots? #BestICanOffer Wed Sep 16 11:15:18 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Grey can play you in protection? #You'veSeenMyAngryFace Wed Sep 16 11:08:46 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Still wanna take my history classes? #DoublePlease? Wed Sep 16 11:04:48 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Wanna swap? I do your gym classes you do my history? #Pleeeeeeeeeeeease? Wed Sep 16 11:02:46 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 It is? What History class are you taking? #StilesMightBeCrazy Wed Sep 16 07:22:54 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I just did with History, teacher won't even let me nap though it anymore. #WhatsHisProblem? Wed Sep 16 07:20:05 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 I have history first period. #ThinkYouGotItBad? Wed Sep 16 07:15:52 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Wouldn't be supprised. #WhoNeedsToPrayThatMuch? Mon Sep 14 14:08:27 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Seriously dude, we had like 43 churches within city limits. #TheTruthIsOutThere Mon Sep 14 14:04:50 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Sure, an 'earthquake'. #SunnydaleSyndromeLivesOn Mon Sep 14 13:52:44 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Cause high school is evil? #RememberSunnydaleHigh Mon Sep 14 13:50:28 2015

@SecretOrbs: Who knew there were so many vampires in SF? #demonsuck #OTPSpiver Sat Sep 12 02:05:02 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Just yours or eveyones? #WhoIsListening? Wed Sep 09 08:13:40 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, We could just ditch and hang at my place. Not like my folks will object. #orphanproblems #lonelysingletwin Wed Sep 09 02:42:45 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Want a bathroom flood to shut down the school for the day? #TheseThingsHappen Wed Sep 09 02:40:24 2015

@Wildthing2: @Wildthing1 Dude TMI. But congrats. #betteryouthanme #happybeingfree Thu Sep 05 16:13:25 2015

@Wildthing1: @Wildthing2, guess who fell in a hole? #igotmine #lithan4ever Thu Sep 05 16:09:15 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, you so need to get laid. #evennerdsneedlove Mon Sep 02 16:56:37 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, ask your boyfriend. #sterekOTP Wed Aug 28 23:20:48 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 No, no you don't. #MovingToAlaska Wed Aug 28 23:18:58 2015

@Wildthing1: Welcome to Beacon Hills, @GreyDemon. #weirdsh*thappens #watchurbutt Wed Aug 28 23:12:36 2015

@GreyDemonHell of a weird night. #TheF**kWasThat?! Wed Aug 28 23:10:24 2015

@GreyDemonSitting at the back, he took a call, slipped out window. #WhatsTheWorstThatCanHappen? Wed Aug 28 15:51:40 2015

@Wildthing1: Watson's a stickler for attendance. Better stay till the bitter end. #afterschoolpizza? Wed Aug 28 15:49:59 2015

@GreyDemonWildthing1 Excellent, don't need to stick around then. #LeavingClass #AnyoneElseOut? Wed Aug 28 15:48:56 2015

@Wildthing1: Watson's a poser. When Juliet is asking Why must you be a Montague, my family's sworn enemy? #acedEngLit #cantutor Wed Aug 28 15:47:21 2015

@GreyDemonThen someone should tell the dude at the front. #StupidTeacher #KillMeNow Wed Aug 28 15:42:09 2015

@Wildthing1: It doesn't. It means Why are you? As is, why is your name Romeo (Montague)? Wed Aug 28 15:40:40 2015

@GreyDemonEnglish Lit is kicking my ass, how does wherefore art thou mean who are you? #SpeakEnglishShakespeare Wed Aug 28 15:37:34 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Gotta assume we're being punished for some past life misdeed. #WhateverItWasI'mSorry Sun Aug 25 09:37:04 2015

@Wildthing2: @Wildthing1: GAG! #glad2Bsingle #noPITAsmartgirls Sat Aug 24 22:28:48 2015

@Wildthing1: I only date adorkable jocks. #missingmybaby #lithan4ever Sat Aug 24 22:27:19 2015

@Wildthing2: Will you two stop flirting? #best@ssever #bitemybigone Sat Aug 24 22:15:51 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24, leave my butt out of it! #buttclaimed #lithan4ever Sat Aug 24 22:08:52 2015

@GreyDemonLunch looks interesting? #WhatTheHellIsTheMysteryMeat? Sat Aug 24 14:34:05 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Got it, do the reading. #WhatsAGreenberg? #AndWhyIsCoachSoAngryAtIt? Sat Aug 24 12:22:02 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Booze and sadness? I was wondering what that smell was. #ThanksMan #WishMeLuck Sat Aug 24 12:17:07 2015

@GreyDemonAnyone know where economics is? #LostAgain Sat Aug 24 12:13:25 2015

@-=DJRudeboy=-: Beacon Hills, hell of a place. Lots of able bodies doing what able bodies do. #typicalloozurs #landofopportunity Sat Aug 24 11:50:13 2015

@Wildthing2: School is lame. #nottakingmath Sat Aug 24 05:05:24 2015

@GreyDemonStilesBH24 Thanks! Owe you a soda! #LifeSaver #WannaMakeAGoodImpression Sat Aug 24 03:58:52 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBh24 Yeah I'm good All ready.. #mixedbag More worried about my bro the last few days have been Hectic not sure IF he's gonna be able Sat Aug 24 03:58:38 2015

@GreyDemonFirst day at Beacon Hills High! Already forgot what goes with the stripes! #HelpMe Sat Aug 24 03:54:27 2015

@Wildthing1: Shopping with my baby. #macysrules #lithan4ever #makeout@foodcourt Thu Aug 22 12:36:45 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 Not at school till you're there too #sout #littlespoon #lithan4ever Thu Aug 22 02:04:55 2015

@Wildthing1: Out boyfriends are the best. #luvmypup #lithan4ever Thu Aug 22 02:03:16 2015

@GreyDemonWow, that can be taken way wrong... Wed Aug 21 05:50:31 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I didn't mean I mean... Help #contemplatingcelibacy Wed Aug 21 05:45:02 2015

@Wildthing1: Sounds good to me, if the Ball and Chain will let me out. #tiedup #mybabyiskinky #lithan4ever Wed Aug 21 05:43:25 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I'll be there #Ethanistiedupatthemoment Wed Aug 21 05:42:37 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 We could get in on that action. Whaddya say, @LiamLaCrosse? Up for a little 5way? Wed Aug 21 05:40:37 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 I uh ... Me and my ... Boyfriend should be there and #Newbro? Might come too. #Comingout Wed Aug 21 05:36:44 2015

@Wildthing1: Making omlettes for my baby and his bro. #lithan4ever #2horny2cook Wed Aug 21 05:35:50 2015

@Wildthing1: @StilesBH24 UR so domesticated. #OTPsterek #totallywhipped Wed Aug 21 05:35:05 2015

@Wildthing1: Just a few more days till I see my baby. #makeoutcity #lithan4ever Sun Aug 18 12:12:56 2015

@Wildthing1: @LiamLaCrosse Another 2 dozen in freezer. Share with others! #missingyou #lithan4ever Fri Aug 16 04:26:08 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 Ate the last of your cookies! #revenge #missingyou Fri Aug 16 04:21:32 2015

@Wildthing1: Trees trees trees mountain trees. #roadtripsux #ORsux #WAsuxmoar Thu Aug 15 15:36:28 2015

@Wildthing1: Missing my baby. #roadtripsux #lithan4ever Tue Aug 13 02:30:15 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesbh24 Think I left my books at your place and my chapstick #totallyinnocent Mon Aug 12 04:15:18 2015

@Wildthing1: @LiamLaCrosse lies like a rug. #kissesweeterthanwine #@StilesBH24isjealous Mon Aug 12 04:12:33 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Studying with friends before school starts #totallyinnocent Mon Aug 12 04:09:59 2015

@Wildthing1: Underwater kisses are the best. #skinnydipping@school #lithan4ever Mon Aug 12 04:06:35 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @StilesBH24 I don't need to get any better #imjustthatgood Mon Aug 12 04:04:40 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Tired of running. #BEING15SUX Mon Aug 12 03:08:41 2015

@Wildthing1: Hale, I get it now. Sorry, man. #lovestinks #@StilesBH24sux Mon Aug 12 02:21:59 2015

@Wildthing1: OMG @stilesBH24. You will not live this down. #spicegirls #suchaspaz Sun Aug 11 17:24:33 2015

@Wildthing1: He said yes! <3 Boyfriends rock. #truelove #lithan4ever Sat Aug 10 18:22:57 2015

@Hail2tehKingBB: Missing: One favorite shirt. Can anyone help me to find? #friendinneed #friendindeed #verygratful Sat Aug 10 17:39:07 2015

@Hail2tehKingBB: Accepted job as new gym teacher and assistant lacrosse coach. #goteamgo #dropandgiveme20 Sat Aug 10 07:06:44 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBH24 I didn't link it did I? Also #spicegirls Fri Aug 09 23:01:44 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @stilesBH24 Found your old youtube channel #SoBored #Suchaspaz Fri Aug 09 22:56:48 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: Sitting around house #sobored Fri Aug 09 22:36:49 2015

@LiamLaCrosse: @wildthing1 #suchaspaz #revenge Fri Aug 09 06:50:51 2015

@Wildthing1: Double date with my guy. #whatisbowling #lithan4ever Thu Aug 08 04:32:25 2015

@Wildthing1: Weird encounter at Lookout Point. #hungrylikethewolf #lionsleepstonight Wed Aug 07 23:14:39 2015

@2rueAlpha: Another year, another psycho. #bringiton Wed Aug 07 06:33:54 2015

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