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The Empathic Healer


Timothy is a healer and an empath, deriving his ability from magic and channeling it through the his body for the sole purpose of healing. He's recently moved from New York City to Beacon Hill with his family.

Personality Edit

"The Entertainer"

The Entertainer is the social butterfly of the spectrum. That does sound like me. They also like to make everything look nice, another of my habits. It is kind of ridiculous really. Some people say that I'm a bit too much about how things look. It doesn't mean I'm like super shallow or anything. It's just a preference.

Something that isn't obvious is that I tend to be curious about things. I like learning about new things. I tend to love trying new things and exploring them and finding how they can fit together to be better. It's just a sort of thing that I do in order to get by.

I can be good at giving emotional advice to someone. When I'm around people I watch them. I see how they react and use my empathic magic to understand what they're feeling.




A natural athlete, Timothy doesn't compete in violent sports but he's naturally quick and has spent time practicing parkor.



Timothy's very good at understanding chemistry. He has studied organic chemistry,received a 4.0 in standard chemistry.



Timothy has been cooking for himself for years. He's learned a lot of cooking over the years and has even taken some classes to learn to make pasta from scratch for instance.




Timothy possesses the gift of Empathy. He can sense the emotions of others. As of right now it is just a matter of sensing them. He cannot affect them in any way.



Timothy has powerful healing magic. He can restore limbs and cure serious injuries and illnesses. This is the only real magic that Timothy can do. While it will allow him to heal wounds a little faster and prevent him from dying. Basically it takes the wounds from the person he's healing and transfers them to him, where he will eventually recover. Even those wounds that would not normally heal, Timothy will heal with a few days. Without treatment, anything that involves bleeding will cause him the same danger as anyone else.



Timothy's family is not without money. They're fairly well off actually. His father coming from fairly old money and his mother has just taken a position with the Beacon Hill Hospital.



His healing magic functions on an empathic level. If he were to cause someone pain, he gets to feel it back threefold. Just being around people can cause him distress. His empathic abilities are not well contained and thus cause him much in the way of trouble. He can sometimes just sense what someone's feeling and feel it as if he were feeling it himself.


Timothy's healing ability inflicts the same wound upon him. That's the price that he pays for using his abilities.


Timothy isn't old enough to drive or vote, and bound by rules for minors. He's reliant on his parents for all sources of income and travel.

So my name is Timothy Vincent O'Donnell but most just call me Tim. My parents are Michael and Deirdre O'Donnell. My dad has a bit of money, by a bit I mean he's pretty darn wealthy. Not sure where the money came from, I think it's like my dad, granddad, or even my greatgranddad., maybe even older. My mom's a doctor. I think she's in the cardiac surgery. Really she didn't need to work but she said she liked helping people too much to be just a socialite.

I wonder if my mom's like me, but it isn't something that I would remotely consider asking her about. Why? Because it would mean that I would have to tell her about what I am and not quite ready for that. Given the fact I feel emotions from people, I've grown up avoiding anything that would have me hitting someone. Just not for me. Since I would get feedback on that, we'll pass and say we never did it.

Despite what some people think, I got very good grades at my old school. It wasn't hard for me either. The only trouble would be when they wanted to play something that would put me at odds with people in a way like football or lacross. I played baseball just fine. Cross country wasn't an issue either. As I've gotten older, it's actually gotten worse on sensing emotions off people. It's gotten me into a bit of trouble at times.

So anyway, the whole reason I've even started this journal is because recently my parents decided that they wanted somewhere quieter to live and for me to go to school. My mom took a job at the hospital in someplace called Beacon Hills and we all had to move there. I was going to miss all of my friends and I was moving, while in High School, to some tiny little town in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah it was in California but come ON, it's the middle of nowhere. It's got like under 50,000 people. There were more people than that in a square block back home. Kind of pointless to argue. She's already accepted the position and they bought the house. Ugh. Anyway, it'll probably be one of these places that NOTHING exciting ever happens and the most exciting thing was when they put in their one traffic light.