A magical Christmas present from the Kringles themselves restored Hale House to its former glory. In exploring it, Derek and other members of the Beacon Hills Pack discovered a doorway beneath the house that connects to a mysterious underground labyrinth, stretching under perhaps all of Beacon Hills. There are also hints that Peter Hale, Derek's uncle and the very former alpha wolf who once bit and turned Scott McCall, may be involved.

With the eye of the fairy courts always close and the Hale family legacy--to say nothing of the immediate fate of their town--hanging in the balance, how will the pack face this new mystery, and what can it mean for their future? As the Leanansidhe seems intent on gaining influence over Scott McCall in the name of the Winter Court of Faërie, Stiles Stilinski hatches a plan to get alpha werewolf Derek Hale officially named the freeholding lord of Beacon Hills.


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