This page covers various supernatural creatures known for changing between forms, such as werewolves or were-coyotes.

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Types of Shifters Edit

There are many types of shape-shifter. The most widely known form is animalistic shapeshiftersCaution, like werewolves, but there are many other types as well. This page will document some of the better-known varieties.

Canine ShiftersEdit

There are many varieties of canine shifter, such as werecoyotes, but the most common and well-known is the werewolf.


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Werewolves, alternatively known as lupine theriomorphs or lycanthropes, are animalistic shape-shifters, usually tied tied to the phases of the moon and often triggered by the full moon.

Feline ShiftersEdit

Often similar to werewolves in many ways, these animalistic shifters are known for transforming into various feline forms.

Other Animal-shiftersEdit

Many varieties of other exotic animal-shifters are known to exist from werebears to the highly dangerous kanimaCaution. Some of these are offshoots of another type of shifter, such as mutated werewolves, while others are entirely different species in their own right.


There are many forms of lesser skinwalkersCaution, but the most powerful of them are the naagloshiiCaution, or "true" skinwalkers. Lesser skinwalkers may literally take the form of someone by wearing a copy of their skin, while a naagloshii can transform into nearly anyone or anything with very few known limitations. Naagloshi also have a reputation for being especially evil and dangerous, but this may not be as true as some believe.