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Things involving the computer fill me with a childlike terror. Now, if it were a nice ogre or some such, I'd be more in my element.

Rupert Giles

Watcher, Wise Man, Librarian, Scholar, Occultist, Mentor, Teacher. Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

Personality Edit

Giles is the quintessential Englishman in all manners possible. So much so that there's the possibility that this is more of a 'role' that Rupert has chosen to play for the majority of his life as opposed to something that's more inherent. He is often considered to be of the "straight man" ilk and can come across as "stuffy" due to his Oxford education and sensibilities. He is a man of incredible intelligence and knowledge and carries himself with a humility that one usually does not find in those that are of a brilliant mind.

Giles is always an individual that will respect those that he cares about and is fiercely loyal. He can come across as a parental figure to those younger than him and will often offer advice that will not only help with current problems but with life in general. Giles believes in doing the right thing above all else. He believes strongly in honesty and being true to oneself. He is not a person that forgives and forgets easily, though. He will often hold grudges and harbor ill-intent thoughts for those that have wronged him in the past. These things will not stop him from working with even his enemies, though, if it will lead to the greater good. Giles is an exceptional, but flawed, human being.

While Giles exhibits a stuffy exterior it should be noted that he also comes with a dry sense of humor and will even engage in more specifically designed moments of comedy that may seem out of character. These moments are few and far in between but they hint at a Rupert Giles that is not completely and utterly devoid of emotion. Giles handles his emotions in a very calm and rational manner most of the time. He can be objective when he needs to be but he can and will look at things from a subjective view if a situation calls for it. Giles uses his humanity as an asset rather than allowing it to be a weakness.

For all that there is another side of Rupert Giles that always exists beneath the surface: Ripper. As a youth Giles dabbled in Dark Magic and that time period of his life had him as a rebellious ruffian with a knack for criminal activity and violence. There are times when Rupert will revert back to these old ways for the sake of heroics or intimidation. Giles considers Ripper to be a part of who he is and while he doesn't try to hide this side of himself he doesn't particularly broadcast it either.

In short, Rupert Giles is The Man.




Giles is not the most well versed in owning and operating a small business. However, some time spent behind the counter of the Magic Box has given him some limited experience in this. Very limited.



Giles excels with an elevated level of competency when it comes to combat knowledge and experience. He has fought many battles and has trained with growing skill for the better part of his life. He has a well rounded level of combat experience that can often come in handy during dire situations.



Rupert Giles is an expert level Fencer. He could've found himself in the world of the Olympiads if he weren't destined to become a Watcher. His love and dedication for the sport shows and he would be an formidable menace with a rapier or sword.



Rupert Giles is more of a Guide than he is a leader in any sort of actual ability. He focuses more on honing the skills and talents of those around him and pushing them towards being capable members of demon hunting society and protecting the world. He lives to help and show others that they have all they need to be victorious within. He brings out the best in people. It's what he does.



Giles is competently talented with the use of the guitars of both the acoustic and electric varieties. His skill level is enough to have made it possible for his punk bad, Wretched, to have made a bit of a splash in London's underground music scene back in the day.



Rupert Giles' has a level of intelligence that puts him in the same boat as those that could be considered Genius. His intelligence is coupled with extraneous knowledge of things that not everyone knows, including things from trivial matters and all the way up to more pressing and crucial information. Rupert Giles is one smart cookie and it often shows itself in moments of brilliance that are hard to deny.



Giles has a high level of competency and proficiency in the following languages: Latin, Ancient Greek, Sumerian, Japanese and Gaelic. He can also read and understand various forms of demonic language. Less proficient but still passable languages are German, Mandarin and Cantonese.



Giles is, perhaps, one of the most well-learned humans when it comes to the world of the supernatural. His knowledge ranges from historical accounts of demonic warfare all the way to the mere mention of modern re-hashings of violent fairy tales. What he doesn't know, his books know and he knows just where to look.



While Giles may not be the most talented person while using this weaponry in combat, Giles is certainly more than capable of teaching others how to use these things to great success. Kill someone with a crossbow and save a life. Teach someone how to use a cross bow and save the world. He's also an expert in just the simple knowledge and maintenance of these classic weapons, able to recognize or research specific weaponry that exist within the lore.



Giles has mastered the art of research and has it down to a science that he practically invented. He's an individual that's capable of finding out information on subjects long lost or even thought about. He knows how to streamline the research process, divvy up the responsibility between others. He's a natural born researcher that takes pride in being able to find the answers needed before the end of the world.



Rupert Giles is a credible singer. While not a professional by any means, however he has the potential to be, Giles can croon more than a tune and even manage to capture the attention of small crowds that happen to catch his talent at work.



Rupert is no artist by any stretch of the imagination. However, he's certainly capable of creating sketch based renditions of demons, symbols, shapes and other supernatural related visuals to help save the world.



Rupert Giles retains some of the criminal knowledge from his youthful days as Ripper. Things like picking locks and hot wiring vehicles are a piece of cake for Rupert. While he may not be privy to bigger and more heinous crimes, he's perfectly capable of using what skills he has for the greater good.



Rupert Giles was born to be a Watcher. It was a family thing and there was no way he wasn't going to become one. That said, everything he's learned through all of his years on the Earth has been to make him into one of the Council's top Watchers. This is also what helped to elevate him to the status of leading the Watchers Council. Rupert Giles lives and breathes Watcher.




If there's anything about Rupert Giles that is on a level beyond his human nature it is the level of intelligence and knowledge that can found in his mind. Furthermore, it is the application and use of that knowledge that sets him far and above his foes and enemies. He is a mental force to be reckoned with and often finds that sometimes just "Knowing" things puts him in a position to do exactly what needs to be done. Knowledge truly is the ultimate form of power.



Rupert Giles is not a warlock or a wizard. However, he has an extensive knowledge and understanding of magic. He understands magic on a deep and emotional level. He knows spells, enchantments, markings, symbols and more importantly, what magic can do to a person. While not a constant practitioner of magic, Giles can be called upon to help perform spells or rituals when the dire need arises.



The Mark of Eyghon creates an involuntary psychic link between others that have this same mark as well as the demon itself. If the Mark of Eyghon is active Giles will experience vague visions.



Rupert Giles has a book on everything. Through the combined resources of the Watchers' Council, libraries worldwide, Time Life and an abundant personal collection, Rupert Giles can likely find a reference to almost any and all supernatural occurrences that have, will or will ever come to fruition within his time on this Earth.

Giles' Books are The Best.


When you're as close to Buffy Summers as Rupert Giles is? Yeah. Face it bad guys, you're screwed.


A BMW E30 325ic. Red. It's sexy as hell.


Rupert's resources are vast and come in various forms. From contacts that are human or demons to magical tomes to endless books to scrolls, prophecies and direct conduits to powerful supernatural entities, Giles has the ability to call in favors or use specialized equipment, weaponry or magic to his advantage. The world is his supernatural oyster.


A visceral combination of brawling talent and intimidation combines to give Rupert a more focused and educated version of his former persona. This Ripper is only let out when needed but tends to be able to accomplish things that Rupert cannot. Fear The Ripper.


Giles has a core group of people that he sees as his family. They exist on a level above factional obligations and duties. They are who he cares about the most and they will always take priority over what may or may not be his duty at the time. They help each other out on a consistent basis.


Rupert Giles serves as a Consulting Guidance Figure and Watchers' Council liaison for the dealings with the Slayer Organization. While they are two different factions and groups they hold a lot of the same ideals true and thus work together on a lot of the same things. There is also more of a partnership in play between Slayers and Watchers. They work together to fight the good fight on a constant basis.


While the Magic Box is under new management due to Rupert needing to move on to head up the Watchers' Council, it still serves as a safe house for the Scooby Gang that is off the Watchers' Council books and etc. It is one of the last places that the Scoobies have to call their own.

As per the Dislocation, the Magic Box's location is only known to those within the core Scooby group.


After the ruination of Sunnydale, the Watchers' Council sought out new leadership in the form of Rupert Giles. His constant vigilance in the face of adversity and his guidance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been rewarded by giving him the top seat at the head of the Watchers' Council.

Under Rupert's guiding hand, The Watchers' Council keeps tabs on any and all supernatural creatures, threats, rumors and possibilities. They effectively function as global network of operatives that exist to make the fight against the darkness that much easier. With resources beyond the scope of the imagination as well as a host of members that range from hunters to magic users to even those that simply 'Watch'.

The Watchers' Council is presence unlike few others.



Buffy and Giles share a relationship that goes far beyond that of Slayer and Watcher. They have been through so much together and there is very little that Giles will not do to protect or help her. She is his daughter in every sense of the word.


Rupert Giles was not always as stuffy and "excessively British" as his current persona suggests. He dabbled in a lot of dark things as a teenager, as well as being a ruffian and criminal. Although he now uses his Ripper powers for good, one never knows when something from the past may come back to haunt him. Or the people he cares about.


If Rupert Giles has a nemesis it is Ethan Rayne. Once friends that have turned bitter enemies, Giles and Rayne share a history and perhaps a future. They could perhaps be great allies if Ethan wasn't so hell bent on causes chaos in every aspect of Rupert's life.


One of Giles' great loves was a woman by the name of Jenny Calendar. Their romance was short-lived but emotionally powerful and strong. The loss of her is something that continues to haunt Giles to this day and may be a weapon, for those that know about her, to use against Giles.


Giles shares a specific relationship with each and every member of the Scooby Gang. The relationships vary from person to person but none of them are expendable to Giles. He will fight to protect them, fight alongside them and use the entirety of his resources to help them whenever the need arises. By that same admission, he will also refuse to help them if that is the better course of action. The joys of being a father.


Giles has poor sight whenever he's not wearing his glasses. He's not completely blind without them but his vision is bad enough that his glasses are needed for him to be effective in any manner at all.


Rupert Giles does not trust computers or anything of that sort. Dusty old books forever.

Chapter OneEdit

Rupert Giles was born in 1964 to an upper-class family right in the heart of London, England. From the day of his birth it was said that Rupert would continue the family line of diving into the war against the darkness as part of the Watchers Council. Even throughout the younger years of his life his dreams of being a fighter pilot or a grocer were constantly overshadowed by his life's calling to be a Watcher. There was nothing he could do to stop himself from heading down that path. Eventually, Rupert accepted his fate and allowed it to become his destiny.

Rupert's Watcher training came to a screeching halt during a moment of false intelligence. Dispatched with four other Watchers-in-Training to dispose of a rare vampire, Rupert and his associates were met with a demonic threat they were not prepared to deal with. His colleagues were slaughtered in front of him and Rupert was only saved by the intervention of his father and another Watcher. This shattered Rupert's innocence and put him on a path towards anything but being a Watcher.

Falling into the cliche of rebellious youth, Rupert dropped out of Oxford University and rejected his responsibilities of a Watcher with his whole heart. He took a wrong turn into dark magic and became friends with a group of individuals that dabbled in the dark arts for both money and fun. It was this group that gave him the nickname "Ripper". Ripper and his new friends summoned a vile demon known as Eyghon. A demon that they all failed to exorcise after one of them was killed by Eyghon. This was enough to shake Ripper back into his Rupert senses. His criminal activity came to a halt as did his dark magic dabbling.

His grandmother, Edna, was the one that talked some actual sense into Rupert. She approached him to make him reconsider his life choices and Rupert confessed to her his mistakes and how he felt unworthy to become a Watcher. Edna turned his words around on him to prove that his mistakes and bad choices actually made him even more appropriate for being a Watcher than ever before. If he truly sough redemption, he could find it through becoming a Watcher.

Chapter TwoEdit

Rupert shifted all of his energy into getting his degree from Oxford and crawling back into his Watcher training. The latter of these tasks became official in 1980 and thus Rupert's destiny had been achieved. However, Rupert Giles' greatest test had yet to even be born. It would be years before Rupert Giles would meet the greatest challenge of his professional life: Buffy Summers.

Stationed in Sunnydale, California at Sunnydale High School Giles became the Watcher of Buffy Summers the moment she walked into the library. A rocky beginning blossomed into an effective team effort once Buffy's friends were included in the troublesome life of the Slayer. The birth of the Scooby Gang marked the end of the Hellmouth upon which Sunnydale was sitting.

Life on the Hellmouth was tiresome and dangerous. Adventures were many, relationships were minimal. Giles suffered heavy emotional loss and suffered from a nasty habit of getting knocked out on almost a weekly basis. Giles served as Buffy's Watcher for years until he was fired for actually caring about his Slayer. Things were tough after that as Giles seemed to no longer serve a functional purpose in Buffy's life. That is, of course, until the First Evil decided to make itself the biggest bad that they had ever faced. The Scooby Gang held the line against the First Evil at the destruction of the Hellmouth and Sunnydale but also at the activation of every Potential Slayer in the world.

With the birth of the Slayer Organization and the alleged destruction of the First Evil, Rupert Giles was reinstated to what was left of the Watchers' Council and immediately elevated running the entire thing. Rupert was there when the mistakes of the Watchers' Council were made and his knowledge and experiences made him the perfect choice to lead the Watchers Council, alongside the Slayer Organization, to defend the world against this new age of supernatural threats and keep the darkness at bay.

Rupert Giles has an extensive collection of books, texts and various other research materials that can be accessed for a variety of situations. Here are some.


A Treatise on the Mythology and Methodology of the Vampire Slayer

Contains important information on vampire slayers.

The Mystery of Acathla

Dedicated to the study of the demon Acathla as well as hell dimensions.

Books of Ascension

Torn pages from the five volume set chronicling the process of achieving Ascension.


Black Chronicles

Contains information on demon dimensions and Hellmouths.

Blood Rites and Sacrifices

Deals with details of the dark arts.

Book of Spells

Contains powerful rituals and spells.

Bristow's Demon Index

Book on demonology.


Celestial Principalities and Powers of the Supernature

Book on "Angels", as in celestial beings.

The Codex Vitae

Rumored to have been written by a magically inclined vampire, this tome is said to house spells designed to affect vampires only.


Darkest Magick

Book of dark spells and incantations.

Devandiré Sibylline Codex

Rare book on the occult written in Sanskrit.

Writings of Dramius

Collection of books on demonology and dark magic.
Vol. 6
Devoted exclusively to the Order of Taraka.
Vol. 12
Contains a powerful and forbidden Spell of Reversal.

Du Lac Manuscript

Contains a collection of dark rituals and spells.


Exploring Demon Dimensions

Contains basic details regarding the plethora of demonic dimensions.


Fassad's Guide

Book on demonology written in Sumerian.

Book of Fenris

Said to contain a description of Ragnarok, the end of days.


Gutenberg Demonography

A book of demonography attributed to Johannes Gutenberg.


Hebron's Almanac

Book of mysticism containing spells and incantations.

Hell's Offspring

Contains information on hells spawn, beasts and other creatures born out of hell dimensions.

Hume's Paranormal Encyclopedia

An occult reference book.


On the Inner Workings of Angels

A paper on how to remove angelic "Grace" from a former vessel of an Angel written by James Haggerty.


Book of Kelsor

Book of demonology.

Kippler Volumes

Occult reference book containing numerous references Old Ones.


Labyrinth Maps of Malta

Occult reference material that contains detailed maps of the following caves of Malta: Ghar Dalam, Ghar Lapsi, Ninu's Cave, Xerri's Grotto.

Ledger of the Thules

Journal chronicling the magical experiments performed by the Thule society.


Merenshtadt Text

Occult reference title with references to the Ascension.


Nadia's Codex

A codex believed to be able to decipher the Book of the Damned.



The Pagan Rites

A book devoted to witchcraft.

Pergamum Codex

Document compiling and detailing prophecies about the Slayer's role in the years of end.

Books of Pherion

Occult reference materials.



Rhinehardt's Compendium

A book on demonology containing references to totemic entities.


Saitama Codex

Contains text that could be used to interpret Eastern Dutrovic symbols.

Shadow Caster Manual

Originally written in Sumerian, this book explains the nature of the Shadow Casters and their purpose.

Shamanism Spellbook

A book of spells focused on shamanism.

Slayer Handbook

Training manual for Slayers.

Suleman's Compendium

Book on demonology that focused on demons of Central Asian origins.


Book of Tarnis

Ancient book containing information about Glorificus and The Key.

Diary of Lucius Temple

Written by an acolyte of Acathla, it contains crucial information about Acathla and the hell dimension he could create a portal to.

Tiberius Manifesto

Ancient writings concerning the prophecies of Slayers.

Tobin's Spirit Guide

The authoritative source of information about denizens of the etheric plane.

Tome of Moloch

Once contained the Moloch the Corruptor. The pages are now blank.

Twilight Compendium

A book on the occult written by Sir Robert Kane.



Vampiricus Conquestus

A book on vampires written by Larson McMillian.

Legends of Vishnu

Details the major deity of Hindu trinity - Vishnu.


Watchers Codex

Watchers Council sanctioned book of demonology.

Watchers Diaries

A collection of journals, logs and diaries collected over centuries and containing first hand accounts of the actions of Slayers.


A basic book of witchcraft; for beginners.

Witches: Historic Roots to Modern Practice

Devoted to the history of witches and witchcraft.


Xiochimayan Codex

An ancient mesoamerican codex.



  • Bears a Mark of Eyghon tattoo on his left arm.
  • License Plate: 2GPU947