Ancient Outsiders can be considered a class of Old Ones, which are beings who have existed since a particular era of pre-history.

The Outsiders (inspired largely by Dresden Lore) are creatures that exist beyond the limits of known reality, coming from the Outside. Their exact nature is not known, save that they are very powerful and dangerous, and they seem to be unable to coexist peacefully with creatures native to this reality.

Known traits:

  • They want to break open the Outer Gates and invade our reality.
  • They have proven fairly resistant to being harmed by magic.

Old OnesEdit

The Outsiders were first documented on Earth during the era of pre-history when the world was dominated by the Old Ones. The other ancient Powers on the Earth banded together to defeat the most ancient Outsiders, destroying or banishing many of them. A number of powerful Outsiders from that era, themselves also known now as Old Ones, are believed to exist on Earth still, hidden and sleeping in secret places of power.