• The Nevernever is one of the Otherworlds, those regions beyond the known realm where Earth resides.
  • The Nevernever can be entered in spirit-form via Astral Projection. Practitioners of this method often refer to the Nevernever as the "Astral Plane."
  • As of the events of the "Dislocation" storyline, the Nevernever is no longer separated from the Earth by an intact veil. What was once a barrier is now more of a labyrinth that connects the realms of the Otherworld to the the realm of Earth.
  • The Nevernever can be traversed via "The Ways," or paths that skim the edge of reality, allowing one to travel between stable connecting points on Earth; this can allow one to travel great distances on Earth in very little time.
  • The Nevernever is occupied by many and varied mythical creatures, as well as bordering the lands of the Fae, making it a highly dangerous place.