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I fell in a hole!

Liam Dunbar

Liam is a Senior at Beacon Hills High School. He's talented, cocky, loyal, and adorkable. He's a member of the Beacon Hills Pack, whom he considers his family and would do anything for them.

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Liam's spirit-animal


He fell in a hole?

Liam has come a long way since he originally became a werewolf, and his personality has also changed. He's still the same cocky, and some may say adorkable, pup he has always been, only now there is a lot more patience to him. He rarely loses control and typically only gets angry with good reason. Given a choice he'll always revert to being the fun-loving slightly smug pup he has always been, but if the need arises he can be serious and focused.


Liam has a fresh-faced, bright-eyed look about him that might, considering he stands not quite five and a half feet tall, lead one to mistake him for being younger than he really is. Somewhere in his late teens, he has a slim build with broad shoulders and lean, sculpted muscles.

His features are youthful but classically handsome, with a strong but not overpronounced jaw and defined but not jutting cheekbones. There's a certain reticence in his manner at times, almost a shyness, though a warm smile does sometimes slip past the guarded exterior.

He tends to wear simple shirts, either tees or fitted, collarless pullovers, along with snug jeans or colorful trousers and bright-hued sneakers. He occasionally wears a hoodie or light jacket, though half the time they end up tied around his waist by the sleeves.




Liam has always been smarter than he looks or acts, at the top of his class. Previously, he was unfocused. Since Lydia has taken him under her wing academically, he's much more focused and is already taking some classes for college credit. Granted, his knowledge base is rather varied, ranging from archaic Latin to astrology. Beacon Hills High and College have a lot of unique electives. Proof of his academic ability was when under the tutelage of Lydia Martin and with the help of his friends, he managed to skip an entire grade over the summer between his sophomore and senior years.



Liam is a natural at all things physical. Even before he became a werewolf, he was almost able to keep up with the wolves in lacrosse. Over a year later, and because of working out near constantly, he was at peak performance: captain of the JV lacrosse team and still full member of the varsity team, and the obvious choice for captain of that team when Scott and Jackson graduated. Coach was most displeased when he skipped a grade and would only get to be captain for a single year.



Ever since he learned to control his temper, Liam has been taking personal lessons in fighting from Derek Hale. He might not be nearly as good as his teacher yet, but he's improved beyond all recognition to the fighter he was before his encounter with Glory.



Liam has always been looked on as the puppy in the pack and a talented goof at school, always a beta -- a follower. Starting in his sophomore year and continuing into his senior year, he was captain of sports teams and discovered to his surprise that his association with people such as Lydia, Scott, Derek, and Jackson had taught him what a good leader was and how he should act. Maybe he's not quite a natural leader, but he's pretty good for his age.



Liam is used to juggling many balls. During his sophomore year, in which he was at the top of his class, he was captain of the JV Lacrosse team, starting line on the varsity team, and the corresponding ranks on the cross country team in the off season. He was taking fighting lessons from Derek and had tutoring sessions almost every day with Lydia, and to top it all off was working several nights a week at the 24 hour diner (while still managing to spend several hours every night playing video games). Not to mention the pesky task of keeping the city safe with the rest of the pack. He managed to only drop the diner ball, and that was at his parents' request. That trend continued into his summer break where, with a lot of help, he managed to test out of his junior year classes. The trend began before his senior year even started, when he signed up for some classes for college credit. Teen wolves don't need sleep; he's proven this many times.



After Liam learned to speak Latin by studying with Lydia Martin, Lance De Leon taught him a few very basic rituals for self defense, mostly exorcisms. This is no way makes Liam a witch or caster; he just has a very few specific things he can do to protect himself and others.




Liam's agility is far superior to a human's, allowing him to catch arrows with moderate effort and dodge bullets with a bit of luck. In addition, his running speed and reflexes are ten to twenty times human norms.



All werewolves have a predatory aura about them which makes them seem naturally threatening to non-supernatural beings, such as humans and animals. With a little concentrated effort, Liam can dominate weaker-willed humans, and even the largest, most predatory animal is likely to submit when Liam growls with his eyes glowing.



In his werewolf form, Liam has sharp fangs and a jaw powerful enough to shatter bones, but his real weapons are his claws, which can carve through stone and even steel.



Werewolves are capable of absorbing and alleviating the pain of others. In a manner, this tends to work as a limited version of healing and can be used to help others.



Liam's senses are heightened to the level of a wolf. When he causes his eyes to glow, his night vision becomes excellent, far better than a human's. His hearing is also greatly enhanced in any form. But the sense which is truly superior is smell. With a little concentration, Liam can pick up scents that are days or even weeks old, and can isolate individual scents in a sea of aromas.



Liam Dunbar is strong enough to crush or bend metal, even dead-lifting up to a few tons with an effort. His punches are hard enough to crack stone.



Liam's tough enough to shrug off or endure non-lethal wounds from personal-level weaponry (swords, handguns, rifles, shotguns) without great loss of ability. His enhanced regeneration allows minor wounds to heal almost instantly, and even severe damage heals within a few hours to a few days.



The Kringles themselves gave Liam a backpack of endless goodies. It's basically a bag of holding, with a twist. If Liam or anyone he has agreed to let use it reaches in, they'll be rewarded with a basic mundane item that matches their need, from a small length of rope to batch of freshly-baked Christmas cookies. Anything unusual, powerful, or otherwise sheet-altering would need staff approval. Like a bag of holding, the backpack seems to have almost endless space, and anything placed inside comes out in exactly the same condition as it went in. Liam is still figuring out how it works and mostly just uses it as a bag that weighs almost nothing but has all his school books, lacrosse supplies, and such in it. It does seem temperamental at times, as if following a list of rules only it knows. Lastly, as long as Liam tries to follow the rules and remains a kid at heart, the bag can not be destroyed by mundane or magical methods. If stolen or seemingly destroyed, it will always reappear around him a while later, completely pristine.


Liam is from a loving and well-off family. They were made aware of his supernatural nature after he was attacked by Glory. His mom and stepdad support him in virtually everything. They filled out all the paperwork for him skip a grade and helped apply for scholarships, when Liam himself didn't realize what Lydia was helping him to do.


No, in a good way! After being brain-drained by Glory, something happened to Liam on the full moon. Afterward, he was never quite the same. His personality on the whole wasn't altered, just what his friends called "rage puppy" vanished. Even under the full moon he seems to be in complete control of his temper, able to harness its power without it controlling him. Without his rage, he was able to focus and apply himself far more than before.


Liam might be a little cocky. Okay, a lot cocky. He's good, and he knows it. Competitive and talented, he is a lot like Jackson, whom he now looks up to as a role model. He strives for perfection in everything he does and usually achieves it.


For his 16th birthday Liam got a motorcycle. Its much more convenient, and slightly faster than running everywhere (even for a werewolf).


Liam has been a member of the Beacon Hills Pack since Scott's and Derek's packs merged. He is affectionately called "The Puppy" by everyone (and, presumably, always will be). He can draw upon the strength and support of its members, both metaphorically and literally.


Everyone has heard the phrase "strength in numbers." For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. After being accepted by the pack's alpha (or alphas, in unusual cases), a werewolf gets stronger, faster, and tougher than they would be as a lone wolf. The strength of this enhancement depends both on how many total members the pack has, as well as how close together the members are at a given time. The size of the pack also affects the pack's alpha, whose powers increase when they're leading or protecting their pack members. In practical terms, this usually does not increase the characters' power ratings to a higher level than is on their sheet, only pushing them higher within that range of ability, but in staff-approved circumstances, those powers may be elevated from Basic to Enhanced or Enhanced to Supernatural as befits the current plot or scene.



You might think that having enhanced agility and being amazing at athletics would make one smooth. In Liam's case, you'd be wrong. Sure, in combat or sports he's very skilled, but when he's not focused, he has a tendency to fall, trip, and do other careless things such as fall in holes or walk into people.


The downside of being talented and an over achiever? You get overconfident. When Liam fails, he tends to excel at that too. While he can usually play them off, he scores some pretty epic fails. His overconfidence and occasionally smug attitude can get him into trouble.


Werewolves are closely tied to the phases of the moon. This affects them in various ways, such that they are at their strongest when the moon is full and their weakest during a lunar eclipse. The phase of the moon also strongly affects the werewolf's emotions, such that they can become almost overwhelming near the full moon. Werewolves often find a strong urge to shift during the full moon, as well as on the nights just before and after a full moon. After recovering from his encounter with Glory, Liam seems to have mastered the control aspects, for the most part. He IS called "The Puppy" for a reason.


During a full lunar eclipse, a werewolf is powerless and essentially human.


The wood of the rowan tree, also known as mountain ash, creates a supernatural barrier against most (if not all) supernatural creatures, including werewolves.


Aconite, also known as wolfsbane and monkshood, is a flowering plant which is poisonous to humans, but is especially deadly to werewolves. When introduced into a werewolf's system, whether through ingestion, inhalation, or directly into the blood, wolfsbane slows or even stops the natural healing process. It also forces uncontrollable shifting and increasing weakness, eventually leading to death if left untreated.

Liam Dunbar was born in Beacon Hills, California, and until very recently, he attended Devenford Prep school, where he was on the lacrosse team. His step-father, a doctor named David GeyerCaution, taught him the game, to which he had a natural aptitude. Unfortunately, he has anger issues and was diagnosed with Intermittent Explosive Disorder, for which he was prescribed medications (which he doesn't take, as they cause him to be too groggy to effectively play lacrosse). Due to his anger issues on the field, he was benched for the rest of the season, and in a fit of rage, he destroyed the coach's car. Consequently, he was kicked out of Devonford and transferred to Beacon Hills High School, where he quickly joined the lacrosse team. It's his hope to become team captain as a freshman.

During tryouts, Liam was injured and taken to the hospital, where he was attacked by a wendigo. Fortunately, Scott McCall was there to save him. Unfortunately, that rescue required the Alpha to bite Liam, turning him into a Beta werewolf. Fearing that he will be an even greater disappointment to his family, whom he believes see him as a monster, he tried to flee from Scott during the next Full Moon. But in the end, Scott's compassion helped convince Liam that he is not a monster, and now Liam is struggling to learn control over his newfound abilities.

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