A Werewolf Reborn


I love a good family reunion. I was just reminding Uncle Peter about that yesterday. With my claws.

Laura Hale

Laura is the daughter of Talia Hale, big sister to Derek and Cora Hale. She's no-nonsense but seldom sees the need to fight; her plans for the future involve finances and diplomacy. She's very happy that her brother has taken up the duties of family alpha, so she can now do what she needs to for the pack without having to worry about the more physical aspects. They have puppies for that. So many puppies.

Personality Edit

Laura Hale is a strong, determined woman. However, unlike her brother, sister, and cousin she tends to be a bit less intense unless she has to be. Sassy and playful while also responsible and intelligent, she tries to use every aspect of her being for the betterment of her pack. She may have been unavailable for a few years, but her upbringing and natural maturity level make this fact hard to notice, as she both looks and acts appropriate for her biological age.




Laura was an average student when she went to college -- average, but driven. She may not be a genius, but when she sets her mind to something it gets done. She has solid research and study abilities, as well as the knowledge and benefits of a college education.



Laura is in excellent shape, even without being a werewolf, and is very capable in terms of running, climbing, swimming, and other athletic skills. She also has excellent stamina, which serves her particularly well in wolf form -- running on four legs, she can cover impressive amounts of territory just by pressing on with few pauses to rest.



Laura is a solid fighter. Her style is Tai-Chi, a discipline that is a mixture of meditation and fighting. She can hold her own in a fight if she has to, though violence is not usually her first choice in how to resolve a situation.



This isn't a skill about cleaning house or buying groceries -- or, at least, not just about those things. Laura took over handling every aspect of Hale House when she returned, from finances to diplomacy: any aspect of running the pack that Derek didn't want to handle. This doesn't mean that she does everything personally by any means, but she makes sure someone takes care of any issues that arise, except the finances, which she handles personally.



As a part of her expertise in werewolf lore, Laura knows more than a few rituals relating to her kind and can perform them at need. However, she freely admits this is far from her area of expertise and would prefer if a druid or someone more qualified would do them if there is an option.



Laura was born into the supernatural world and has been learning about it since she could walk. She has a solid understanding of living in that world, including knowledge of many different creatures that live in it. She may not always know specifics, but she typically knows where to go and who to ask to find out what she needs to.



While she may not be an expert on the supernatural world, Laura is one when it comes to her own particular kind of werewolf. In her tenure as alpha she learned a lot from Alan Deaton and even more from her mother's personal collection of books, all of which she had copies of in places other than the house.




Werewolves of this type can intimidate those without exceptional willpower, especially normal humans and most animals, simply by making their eyes glow and growling or snarling towards them. They naturally gives off a predatory aura, though this is enhanced and punctuated by any show of dominance, typically when they are agitated or nervous.



The resiliency of this type of werewolf allows them to endure non-lethal wounds from personal weaponry such as swords, shotguns, or even rifles without significant loss of ability. Minor wounds heal almost instantly, and even more severe wounds will heal within a few days at most.



In their "wolfed out" forms, werewolves of this type have sharp fangs and claws. These are able to carve through stone and steel, and their bite's pressure is able to shatter bone and tear flesh easily.



Werewolves can alleviate the pain of someone else by transferring it onto themselves. This requires physical contact and significant focus, becoming more difficult depending on the severity of the pain.



Werewolves of this variety are much tougher, stronger, and more agile than an average human, able even to twist and bend solid metal, smash through most structures short of armored or strongly-reinforced materials, and break through solid walls of cement or brick with moderate effort. They can resist substantial amounts of damage, especially blunt force trauma, and emerge either unscathed or with only minor injuries. Especially when "wolfed out," and specifically when running on all fours, they can easily outrun most mundane opponents. They also possesses superior agility, able to catch arrows in midair with moderate effort and, with a little luck, even dodge projectiles like bullets. This enables them to leap much higher and farther than an average human, as well as giving them the ability to bounce off walls and tumble like a skilled gymnast.



The senses of this type of werewolf are enhanced far beyond the ability of any average human. They can hear things like a person's heartbeat and tell if they are nervous and possibly lying and clearly hear the murmur of a quiet conversation several rooms away. They can see over long distances and also possesses excellent night vision. Through scent, they can track a person, even if the trail is days old; they can also isolate specific individual scents in a larger group.



Laura, like Talia before her and Derek after her, has the ability to fully transform into a large wolf. To her the form is important for what it represents, the legacy of her family, more so than its combat abilities, though those do come in handy in a pinch. In this form, Laura possesses Enhanced-level strength, agility, toughness, stamina, senses, claws, and fangs. She also has Basic-level travel speed, allowing her to run at speeds comparable to highway traffic.



Laura inherited Talia Hale's alpha spark and was, thus, an alpha in her own right for several years until her uncle Peter killed her to steal that alpha spark for his own. While she was resurrected without the alpha spark manifest in her, it might still be possible for her to, one day, rekindle it.


Laura is is a member of the Hale family, who have a long history and reputation in and around Beacon Hills. That affords her a certain notoriety in the supernatural world. She also manages the family funds and has made it her primary duty to ensure that her pack has access to the resources they need.


Laura is a member of the Beacon Hills pack and a sister to one of the Alphas. She has access to their help and support whenever she needs it.


Everyone has heard the phrase "strength in numbers." For this type of werewolf, the expression is quite literally true. After being accepted by the pack's alpha (or alphas, in unusual cases), a werewolf gets stronger, faster, and tougher than they would be as a lone wolf. The strength of this enhancement depends both on how many total members the pack has, as well as how close together the members are at a given time. The size of the pack also affects the pack's alpha, whose powers increase when they're leading or protecting their pack members. In practical terms, this usually does not increase the characters' power ratings to a higher level than is on their sheet, only pushing them higher within that range of ability, but in staff-approved circumstances, those powers may be elevated from Basic to Enhanced or Enhanced to Supernatural as befits the current plot or scene.



Laura was killed and, later, resurrected by Peter Hale. So far, this seems to have had no ill effects, but that could always change, and it is an potential weakness she's aware of. Fortunately, in part thanks to the help of Sheriff Noah Stilinski, any legal questions surrounding her passing have since been cleared up.


Werewolves are closely tied to the phases of the moon. This affects them in various ways, such that they are at their strongest when the moon is full and their weakest during a lunar eclipse. The phase of the moon also strongly affects the werewolf's emotions, such that they can become almost overwhelming near the full moon. Werewolves often find a strong urge to shift during the full moon, as well as on the nights just before and after a full moon. Most werewolves eventually learn to control their shifts and to manage their emotions via various methods.


During a full lunar eclipse, werewolves of this type are generally powerless and essentially reduced to the status of ordinary, if healthy, humans. If the Bite cured them of any health conditions or injuries, these remain cured. Once the moon becomes visible again, their power is restored. During a partial eclipse they are somewhat weaker than normal, but they do retain their powers at a high-end Basic level.


Mountain ash, when activated, creates a barrier against most supernatural creatures. Werewolves cannot generally penetrate such a barrier, nor can they create one.


Wolfsbane is a poisonous plant that is especially dangerous to werewolves. When introduced into a werewolf's system, it slows the natural healing process and may force uncontrollable shifting and steadily-increasing weakness that may lead to death. Various methods, both medical and ritualistic, exist to cure this poisoning, but they all require specialized knowledge, power, or ingredients.

Laura Hale is is the eldest daughter of the powerful werewolf alpha Talia Hale. She is also the elder sister of Derek and Cora Hale. She and Derek escaped the Hale House fire because they were both at school, and afterwards they fled to New York. While living there, Laura went to college and studied finance, doing her best to also take care of Derek. She didn't go to school on a whim. She had a plan: she'd continue to invest the family savings and restore Hale House and her mother's legacy. Several years after moving to New York with her brother Derek, Laura returned to her hometown of Beacon Hills, California in order to investigate a dead deer with a spiral carved into its body -- a sign for revenge in werewolf culture -- thinking that perhaps another member of her family had survived. Shortly after her arrival, she was killed by her uncle Peter so that he could steal her alpha spark and become an alpha himself, which kind of made her regret paying his medical bills for all those years.

Several years later, she was resurrected by Peter for that same reason, which once again made her doubt that they were related. At least this time things worked out better for her, thanks to the intervention of Derek, Scott McCall, and their now-shared pack. Afterwards, Laura moved into the newly restored Hale House and soon took full charge of the family finances. Her plans for the future of the pack were still on track thanks to the miraculous restoration of Hale House (and all its hidden stores) to exactly as it was before the fire. As for not being the alpha anymore? She couldn't care less. Her plans to see to the future of the family had little to do with personal power. While all of Talia Hale's children inherited various strengths from her, in this Laura more resembles her father, who often focused on the family's financial needs and was perfectly happy to follow his mate's lead.

Derek Hale

Younger Brother

Derek is Laura's younger brother, though he has also become alpha of the pack while Laura was dead. Laura is generally just as happy not having to carry that burden, but even if Derek's her alpha, he's still her little brother.

Cora Hale

Younger Sister

Cora is Laura's younger sister, over whom she has always been very protective.

Talia Hale


Talia was Laura's mother. Though she has died, her spirit remains close to the family.

Peter Hale


Peter is Laura's uncle. He killed her once. In fairness, he also accidentally brought her back to life. Let's just say "it's complicated."

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