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The Realm of Fallen Souls

The Kingdom of Hell is comprised of the Demons of Hell and falls under the rulership of the King of Hell. Founded in ancient times, Hell was one of the original Powers That Be. It was not, as some mythologies suggest, made up of fallen angels, but was one of the many Hell Dimensions, one specifically geared toward transforming those who occupied it into demons. However, after the fall of Lucifer, many of his followers ended up in Hell, becoming demons. It is unknown whether Lucifer was imprisoned within Hell by Heaven or by demons (or both), but he never led the kingdom that rose up within Hell. His followers did, as did various other demons, and for most of known history the King of Hell has been Beelzebub.

Perhaps because so many of its long-standing powerful figures were originally fallen angels, Hell has long existed in a state of conflict with Heaven. Each side seeks to collect as many human souls as possible, and Hell's method is to usually corrupt souls or to win them over with pacts and contracts. The belief is, the more souls either side has, the more leverage they will have against the other Powers. For many years, Hell's agendas were overseen and enforced by the Knights of Hell, an unusually powerful group of demons who controlled significant influence within the kingdom, but over the years the knights have tended to carve out their own spheres of power and to serve their own, personal ends rather than serving the crown.

In truth, the political structure of Hell can often be a bit murky, as much of what it does seems to mean maintaining the status quo against Heaven, but there are those who believe that an inevitable final confrontation will arise between the two factions. They call it Armageddon.

Political State of Affairs[]

  • Hell is currently in a tumultuous state. Azazel has been plotting to overthrow Beelzebub as the King of Hell, ostensibly to release Lucifer and put him on the throne, but many other factions in Hell, such as the Knights of Hell, don't like the idea. They see Lucifer as a dangerous fanatic who will do nothing but drag them into a war and be bad for business.
  • Because the Kingdom of Hell is a signatory of the Unseelie Accords, they also maintain good relations with the fairy courts and at least passable relations with the vampire courts, and they try not to enter into open conflict with the White Council or the Grand Coven.