The Brains of Angel Investigations



Can I say somethin' about destiny? Screw destiny! If this evil thing comes, we'll fight it and we'll keep fightin' it until we whup it. 'Cause destiny is just another word for inevitable, and nothing's inevitable as long as you stand up, look it in the eye, and say, 'You're evitable!'

Winifred Burkle

A woman of genius level intellect, Fred managed to get trapped in a Hell dimension named Pylea for years. At first she was a slave, then she was a runaway and an outlaw. When Angel, Gunn and Wesley traveled there to save Cordelia, they found Fred and returned to LA with her. Ever since her return, she has been with the Angel Investigations crew, Helping the Helpless and piecing together her old life as well as finding a place for herself in her new one.

Personality Edit

Fred is exceptionally smart. While she may not have much starting knowledge on the occult, she's a quick study and knows advanced physics, science and mathematics. She's also quite observant and a quick learner - how else could someone survive in the wilderness in an entirely new dimension without knowing what plants were edible and which were poisonous?

A bit of a chatterbox, she doesn't know when to just shut her mouth or when her hypothesis/idle chatter should possibly be kept to inner monologue. While she may not look strong or brave at a glance, she has amazing survival skills in the harshest of circumstances. Keeping herself alive in the abandoned woods of Pylea for five years, she has proven herself to have an enormous willpower and an intense loyalty to the Angel Investigations crew who saved her from that hell.

As she spent the past five years alone, she's used to talking to herself and not so used to relating with others. Things that may not be usually usually spoken outloud are no matter to her. For the most part, she just says what she thinks without much of a filter. Socially awkward, but as friendly as a puppy, she's eager and happy to help. She's a kind woman who wishes to see the best in the people around her. However, due to betrayal and traumatic background, she is quite capable of being calculating and unforgiving to thsoe that have done her or the people she loves wrong. With sufficient evidence and her own beliefs, she will cut off someone she thought of as a close friend or trusted colleage without prejudice.

Also, she loves tacos. Loves them.




Fred can hold her own in a fight, for the most part. However, she's not very strong and is used to taking on things as a group as more of a ranged fighter. By herself, she's not quite as good of a combatant, though she is certainly scrappy.



Always an inventor, Fred is able to put together both complex Rube Goldberg-like devices under pressure as well as more delicate and finessed devices with time on her side. Her mind is always able to think outside of the box or take a rational leap in order to come up with solutions others would not have. She can build a device that could corporealize a ghost, or a large box that may make toast. With Fred, you can never really tell.



Fred is good at research and science and math and helping find things out that way. People interviews and hitting the street is not so much her forte. While she is observant and smart, she also tends to be trusting - not the best suits in attempting to figure out if a suspect or a potential client is lying.



From both her time on Pylea as well as working with Angel Investigations, Fred has become well versed in quite a bit of lore and identification of supernatural creatures. The things she encounters often - demons and vampires - she can identify by sight. Others she can figure out with research.



While Fred may not know everything at a first glance, she does know where to locate it given a few clues. She may not be the expert of research that Wesley is, but she is no slouch and can somewhat fill in for him when he's not available.



In her former life, before being pulled into Pylea, Fred was a graduate student in Physics physics program of UCLA and was bright enough to make her professor jealous of her talents. While she no longer is going for her PhD, she applies the same testing and scientific mind to the supernatural and everything around her.



Fred has been with Angel Investigations ever since her rescue on Pylea. The crew is more than just a job for her; they are her family and her support. They have provided her a place to stay at the Hyperion as well as helped her through her struggle to cope with her debilitating agoraphobia.


Fred has two loving parents who are willing to support her no matter what she does. They supported her move from Texas to LA and then her decision to stay there and be involved in an investigations agency that dealt with the supernatural. Their continued and utter support has helped Fred multiple times. Also, her mother will run over demon bugs with a bus.


Fred has a genius level intellect. She was well on her way to finishing her doctorate program far before her time. Able to think on her feet as well as comprehend complex problems and solve them on the run, her smarts are able to get herself and others out of multiple problems.


Fred does not give up easily. It does not matter how horrible the circumstances or how dire the outlook, she will face it and come out on the other side. She has already faced living alone in a hell dimension where the demons there captured, enslaved and killed humans and she escaped. The challenges she and the people she faces can be dealt with: she knows it.



Having spent a lot of time alone and on the run in a dimension she didn't understand and with little hope of returning to Earth, Fred turned inward. Since returning, she has gotten better, but she is still a little bit crazy. It can crop up at strange times and tends to make her awkward around other people.


Fred has the tendency to speak before thinking. This can lead to long, rambling speeches about science or possibilities. It can also mean that she says things that might offend or embarrass them or herself before she can shut her mouth.


After being sucked through a portal into a hell dimension, Fred was quite broken. She started to get better, but the idea of being taken forcibly away from her friends and family as well as being faced with things completely out of her control can send her spiraling back into the madness she has overcome before. The idea of portals and being trapped in other dimensions will almost certainly get her writing on walls again.


While Fred is usually a trusting person, once she learns that someone has abused or taken advantage of that trust, she will completely and utterly disconnect from them. Even if proper evidence is produced that incriminates someone she has deeply cared for before that has proven that they have caused her or her loved ones harm, she will not hesitate to retaliate against them.

The only child of Roger and Trish Burkle, Fred grew up in a loving household in Dallas Texas. A smart girl, she sailed through high school as well as her bachelor's degree, never veering far from home. She even went to college at the Dallas State School so that she could stay close to her family. However, every bird has to spread it's wings, and Fred's time came when she found her calling to study physics. Accepted to the UCLA program in Los Angeles, she moved to the big city.

Excelling in all of her classes, Fred proved herself to be a bright, up and coming physicist. When she wasn't in the lab or studying, she was working at the Stewart Brunell Public Library. It was in this library that Fred came upon the ancient text that opened the portal to Pylea. Always curious, she spoke part of the ancient text aloud, which activated the portal and sucked her into the Hellish dimension without giving her any way of returning.

For five years, Fred survived Pylea. She worked as a cow with an explosive collar around her neck for two years before finally managing to disable her collar and escape into the woods. There, she found a small cave that she made her own and hid away from everyone and everything that could take her back to being a slave. Every once in awhile she would have to travel into town to steal food and sometimes her curiosity just got the best of her. Scribbling physic equations and pictographs on the wall in an attempt to both remember and forget her old life, she went a little insane. Using a defense mechanism, she convinced herself that LA and that dimension never existed - that this had always been her life. Still very smart and with amazing survival instinct, she managed to keep herself alive for years until luck sent Cordelia Chase into Pylea after seeing a vision of what happened to Fred.

On one of her information and food gathering expeditions, Fred saw Cordelia brought in to town and bought. In between yelling and disbelief, Cordelia mentioned the United States and that triggered something for Fred. She followed Cordelia to where she was put to work and tried to talk to her. The risk would turn out to be both her doom and her saving. Found out, she was captured and sentenced to death by beheading. Once again, luck was on her side as the man (or vampire as the case may be) called in to do the honors was none other than Angel. Unable to proceed with the beheading, he rescued Fred and took her back to the woods where she showed him her hide out. While he explored, Angel discovered that this was the woman from Cordelia's vision and told her that they could take her back to LA. Though unable to believe it possible, she couldn't help but agree to lead Angel back to the Castle to rescue his friends. On the way, they were attacked by guards and, in order to protect Fred, Angel vamped only to find that in Pylea his demon completely overshadowed his human form. He brutal murdered the guards, but he didn't hurt Fred; instead, he ran off. There, he met Wesley and Gunn and tried to attack them. Fred came to their rescue by luring Demon-Angel away with a bag of blood back to her cave.

There, she nursed a shell-shocked Angel back to health and never seemed to be scared of him. After his insistence to go after his friends, she followed him and offered to help him call out the Groosalugg as a diversion to let the others inside to get to Cordelia. The kingdom saved, the girl rescued, Fred accompanied the clan back to LA where she was very happy to discover that tacos had not gone extinct.

Afraid to let her family see what had become of her, she remained with the Angel Investigations crew and took up a room at the Hyperion Hotel. The adjustment period was rough and she preferred her small room to the big world. Knowing that at any moment a portal might open up and take her away, she clung to the safety of the Hyperion and wrote equations of what she knew on the walls. Eventually, though, they managed to slowly pull her out of her shell. They coaxed her out and attempted to create safe spaces around her. That did not always go well, as trouble tended to follow the AI team where ever they went.

She showed the strength and quick thinking that kept her alive in Pylea when Gunn's demon hunting crew came to Lorne's and destroyed the place. It was her first time stepping outside of the Hotel and she spent much of it with Wesley, hiding behind a table. However, when Gio insisted that someone kill Angel, she volunteered. Using the crossbow she was given to shoot Angel, she turned the tables and threatened him, creating a stand off, unknowingly giving the Furies the time they needed to lift the spell on Caritas and save the day.

Her true road to recovery happened when her parents came to town looking for her. She had sent them a letter when she got back telling them she was alive and okay and to not come and see her. Understandably worried, they came to LA and the Hyperion to find her and make sure she was okay. She fled from them, afraid to see herself through their eyes, to see how much she's changed from the woman she was to the more broken one she became. Their instant love and support of her, though, helped her overcome the last part of her fears, making it possible to actually start over again. Realizing her true calling was with Angel Investigations and her new friends and extended family, she stayed in LA with them.