The Dark Slayer


You hurt me, I hurt you. I'm just a little more efficient.


Faith. The Dark Slayer. A pretty, skilled and unabashedly violent hunter of monsters and the supernatural - who sometimes sails so close to the line she has more than a toe over it. Good to have in a fight, not always the one you should trust the most. Her heart's somewhere near the right place, but there's always the darkness within.

Personality Edit

Sometimes, Faith is out of control. Sometimes she's very much the one IN control. Never having had a stable family life, addicted to violence and risk, she's the one who doesn't play by the rules. She's the one who does what has to be done - and occasionally crosses the line altogether. Rules and authority figures are a straitjacket - this is a woman who fights hard, parties hard, and doesn't seem - much of the time - to care about tomorrow or what it might bring. She's also the girl who'll put out on the first date, a hedonist who enjoys life and everything it might bring. Not always trustworthy, but always good to have at your side or back in a fight, she's more darkness than light...

Nonetheless? She can be a hero. More than that, she knows the darkness in herself so well that she's remarkably gifted at helping other people learn to understand and control theirs. She knows it has to be embraced and channeled, not resisted and repressed. Quite willing to do things other "heroes" won't, she sometimes sees herself as doing things so other people (including Buffy) don't have to. At the very least, she has all the stories you can imagine about what not to do.

Faith doesn't think she's been, or ever will be, fully redeemed for her past actions. But she does think she can achieve something with whatever remains of her life (Slayers don't tend to get old, after all). She's going to keep fighting - and keep enjoying life on the wild side - as long as she can. But always with that fear in the back of her mind of what might happen if she loses control again.




Although Faith very much prefers to get up close and personal, she's also a competent archer (crossbow only, she does not know how to use a longbow). She's pretty accurate when she needs to be.



Faith is extremely fit and active. It takes more than just fighting to be able to keep up with the physical demands of slaying - and thus she's good at running (including in rough terrains and some freerunning techniques, that allows her to cross the city quickly on foot if she needs to).



Faith is an expert at both unarmed and melee combat. In terms of the latter, she prefers knives or stakes over longer blades - she can use a sword if she has to, but really those things are too hard to conceal. With several years of experience slaying, she can take on most opponents - unless they're a lot more powerful than she is. Her style is more practical than elegant, developed very much in the school of hard knocks and the street.



Faith needs to get around - and she generally prefers a motorbike, which she can drive better than, well, the average person who just wants to get from A to B.



Faith's generally more likely to involve herself in beating the monster up (or killing it), but you can't be in the business for any length of time and not pick up at least the solid basics. Like, you know, identifying different types of vampires and knowing how to deal with the most common demons.



Faith's pretty much an out on the street kind of girl. She's played all sides of the line (and done time) and knows how the criminal world works, how to stay safe within it. True, she might not be able to keep up with some - but she can usually work out where not to go and who not to piss off.



Faith tends not to follow the law - and is actually a competent thief, capable of picking locks and occasionally pockets. If you need somebody to get to an artifact that's being kept by a bad guy, she's got a chance of being able to help you.




Slayers move faster and react more quickly than most - able to snatch arrows out of the air, dodge bullets, outrun a motorcycle, etc. She can also leap to considerable heights.



Slayers have weird dreams. Mostly, those dreams are about battles fought by past slayers - which help them, well, learn how to be better fighters. However, Slayers can occasionally have prophetic dreams (PLOT only) or even share dreams (now there's more than one at once).



Faith is resistant to blunt force trauma and has high endurance. It's hard to bruise her or break her bones (although definitely not impossible). She can take falls from several stories, ignore tasers, and be hit by moving vehicles without really being worried about it.



When she's hurt, she recovers very quickly. Most of the time. (She did spend some time in a coma after surviving a stab wound followed by a multi-storey fall onto a moving truck. Ow). She can recover from fairly serious wounds after a day or so of rest. Minor injuries don't even really slow her down.



Faith has a slayer's senses - which allow her to be incredibly aware of her surroundings during combat, even to the point of being able to fight in the dark or while blindfolded.



Faith has significantly increased physical strength. She can bend iron bars, throw people (or people-sized objects) quite some distance, punch concrete walls, etc. Her strength does not seem to affect or add to her body mass or density.



Slayers are gifted with formidable fighting abilities. Even before the potential slayer is activated, they have a natural ability to defend themselves, which seems to be triggered by supernatural threats. This ability further allows slayers to learn combat skills and tactics at an astounding rate, learning in days or weeks what would take the average human years or decades to master.


Since Willow cast the spell which called *all* of the potentials, there's been a growing network and organization of slayers - and while Faith is often on the edges, she IS still part of it, at least to a degree. And she still has some connections with the Scoobies that might come in handy when and if they show up.



Bluntly? Faith's an addict - and her drug is violence. At her worst, she'll do whatever it takes to get her fix. At her best? At her best she channels it into destroying monsters, always aware of just how easy it would be for her to slip up and cross the line again. She's killed humans as well as demons, and sometimes...sometimes she feels a strong temptation to go after evils that really aren't best handled by a slayer's stake or blade. Giving it up hasn't proven to be an option.


Uh, yeah. She's wanted. Technically, she should be in jail serving a very long sentence indeed. (After all, she's killed people). She broke out. Because of this, she can't actually do anything legally under her real name - instead, she uses aliases, although she still introduces herself by her (not that rare) first name. She tends to stay on the move rather than settling for too long in one place, although she's got reasons to be in Seattle a fair bit for now.


The Slayer power shows up - certain forms of dowsing can be used to track Slayers (and even Potentials, when there still were uncalled girls), some magic sense abilities might detect her. Basically, Faith isn't a mystical beacon per se, but she's definitely identifiable and even trackable if you know how.


Faith...doesn't like rules. Faith doesn't like authority figures. Faith drank underage, skipped class to hunt vampires, and never did listen to a Watcher (on that last, of course, she might have shown sense). She's got a high level of disregard for rules unless they make sense to her from a staying alive point of view - and that does often include the law.

Faith was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her father was an abusive alcoholic who spent little time in her life; her mother was one of those non-entities that sometimes end up in relationships like that, but who did her best to raise her daughter - and keep her away from her father. Needless to say, she didn't exactly have the kind of childhood that makes for a good life or a good education. The first person to treat her anything resembling properly was Diana Dormer - her Watcher. Who was brutally murdered by a vampire.

Faith possibly should not have been called. Buffy's temporary death resulted in there being two slayers - and Faith "inherited" the power from Kendra when she was killed. After her Watcher was killed, she sought out Buffy, hoping that the other Slayer could help her find some stability. Unfortunately...they were mirror images of each other, too similar ever to really get on.

And Faith simply wasn't as stable as Buffy. She crossed the line...more than once, defecting to work for an evil Mayor who was trying to become a God, but whom she saw as the father she never had. She accidentally killed a human, she...well...we won't go into what else she did, but she walked a path that proved that not everyone called as a Slayer is going to be a hero. She and Buffy one point resulting in Faith ending up in a coma. When she recovered, she fled to Los Angeles, where she ended up in the underworld working as a mercenary and assassin. She tried to kill Angel (for money), but their fight ended with him defeating her, refusing to kill her, and slowly starting to bring her out of it.

Faith returned to Sunnydale and...turned herself in. Not that any jail could hold her, but for a while she stayed in prison - until she found out Angel was Angelus again and broke out to help. Although technically on the run, she returned to Sunnydale until it was destroyed.

Now she's looking for newly-called Slayers, whilst staying well away from anyone who might recognize her and try to haul her back to jail. Fortunately, a lot of the evidence against her was destroyed with Sunnydale... Part of her wonders if she shouldn't give up slaying now there are so many others. But she knows she'll be pulled back to the fight like a moth to a flame.

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