The Dislocation EffectEdit

On June 20, 2013, several large areas of the world were impacted by a mysterious ritual, which divested them of all magic. While magic returns to each affected area normally with time, this means that anything supernatural existing in one of these areas prior to this date has been transported mysteriously to other locations, such as the Hyperion Hotel being transplanted to San Francisco.

  • It has been revealed that the ritual itself was not the cause for the dislocation. Rather, The Powers That Be have claimed responsibility for protecting various assets they perceive to be important to ensuring the Divine Plan. Angels were sent to transport certain magical people, places, and things to safety.
  • It may be assumed that other forces, such as those of Hell, may have made similar moves to protect assets of their own.
  • Castiel was sent as a herald of these events to locate champions who might look into these events and attempt to learn the cause. He was able to reveal that whatever the large ritual being prepared by this unprecedented gathering of magic might be, it would certainly alter the celestial balance and might alter Earth fundamentally.
  • There has been speculation that Beacon Hills, CA may be a target if this pattern repeats, as it has recently become a major focal point of mystic energies.
  • Cultists, acting on behalf of the unknown powers behind these events attempt to drain the magic from San Francisco but are foiled by a group of the previously gathered champions.
  • It is revealed that the mysterious villains plan to complete their ritual on the night of Wednesday, August 28th, 2013, in Beacon Hills, California, at the site of The Nemeton.
  • While Derek Hale's Pack and members of Scott McCall's Pack disrupt the outer defenses of The Nemeton site, a group of others infiltrates the inner circle to disrupt the ritual.
  • With the ritual diverted, the Leanansidhe appears, and under her direction, at the behest of Queen Mab of the Winter Court, the fae channel the energy that had been focused at The Nemeton, expending it safely, though the direct results of this action are not immediately apparent.
  • Investigations revealed that at least the most obvious result of the ritual was that The Veil between Earth and the Nevernever had been perforated, replacing what had been a solid barrier with a twisting labyrinth of connections. The full connotations of this are not immediately clear.

Known Affected AreasEdit

The following areas are known to have been magically dislocated:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Los Angeles, California