This article is about demonic beings associated with Hell Dimensions. For primordial spirits and creatures of Earth, see Daemons. Ancient demons can be considered a class of Old Ones, which are beings who have existed since a particular era of pre-history.

Demons are a class of unearthly supernatural creatures. They are usually very fearsome to humans, though they are by no means always "evil" or even necessary malevolent. In general, they are characterized as being the natives or denizens of one or more of the many Hell Dimensions. Demons are generally difficult to kill, though the methods of combating them vary widely with the specific sub-species. Whether ancient spirits, fallen angels, or extradimensional beings, demons come in a wide array of breeds, natures, and alignments.


Corporeal DemonsEdit

There are almost endless Hell Dimensions, such as The Underworld, which are home to innumerable breeds and varieties of demons. These tend to be physical creatures, not spirits possessing bodies, and are physical realms rather than only spirit-forms, such as those who occupy Hell. The denizens of these realms are often physically formidable and/or mystically potent, but they are so diverse as to be impossible to simply quantify.


One known variety of demon is the possessing sort, a spirit-being who has been transformed through a powerful passion--often but not always a violent or dark one--into one of the keepers or servants of Hell. (It should be noted, here, that this use of the term "Hell" refers specifically to the realm that competes with Heaven for human souls. There are, of course, separate "Hell Dimensions" and even "The Underworld," but those are another matter.) Such demons are marked by the need to possess human hosts in order to act in the world, the ability to be exorcised and affected by spiritual magics, and are often associated with a sulfurous residue when they perform magic.

The origin and nature of these demons is quite varied, and as such so is the end result of what they become. Demons of Hell can originate as human souls--some believe that this was even the fate of Cain, the purported first human murderer--while others began as nature spirits or, indeed, as angels. Angels may be cast out of their roles if they oppose or displease their divine patrons, and in time such a fallen angel may find itself transformed into a demon, as well.

General CharacteristicsEdit


Demonic Form Edit

Demonic forms may vary. In some cases, they manifest a solid body that allows them to operate on Earth, whereas in other cases they must occupy a human vessel that is suitable to contain their spiritual form. Unlike most demons, demons are generally able to possess any vulnerable enough mind and assume control of the host, though they frequently prefer the term "meat suit."

Typical power level ranges from Enhanced level to Supernatural level.

Psychokinesis Edit

Demons often exhibit the ability to affect the environment around them, such as via telekinetic movement or psychokinetic control over certain devices, such as manipulating a video or audio signal. They may also be able to project forcefields, and in some cases may have access to more exotic or unique applications of "mind over matter," such as pyrokinesis.

Typical power level ranges from Basic level to Enhanced level.

Magic Edit

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Typically, demons are potent spiritual beings in one regard or another. As such, they may have an array of personal powers that are similar to magic. This often involves some form of ritual sorcery, perhaps including blood magic or necromancy.

Typical power level ranges from Enhanced level to Supernatural level.

Transportation Edit

Demons are often capable of enhanced movement in one regard or another. Some are able to teleport at will, though this is typically reserved for higher-order demons of greater power. Some forms of demon may also be winged or have forms of enhanced movement.

Typical power level ranges widely, from Basic level to Supernatural level.

Weaknesses and DrawbacksEdit

In some cases, demons' only real "weaknesses" are to extreme physical trauma, such as decapitation or immolation. However, many also carry certain other particular weaknesses.

Spiritual Magic and ExorcismEdit

Many demons, especially those without set physical forms, tend to be primarily vulnerable certain spiritual magics, such as exorcisms or potent spiritual power, such as that wielded by Angels.

Traps and RitualsEdit

Spirit-form demons may also be vulnerable to devil's traps and angelic weaponry. Many demons are harmed by holy symbols or holy water, though some may be affected by more exotic vulnerabilities.

Balance of PowerEdit

Spirit-form demons from Hell tend to be among the most powerful demons, but they are also kept somewhat in check by the balance of power between the Kingdom of Hell and the Heavenly Host. Specifically where it concerns interacting with mortal humans or other non-supernatural beings, demons are limited in what level of power they can use against normal people without drawing attention from the Angels. Using their stronger powers against ordinary humans tends to bring reprisals from Heaven, which means that demons tend to resort to subtler methods when dealing with mortals. Notably, there are exceptions to this: Within their own personal sanctums or when fulfilling a contract with a human, demons tend to have much more freedom to act.