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Resident Salvatore Bad Boy



It's cool not growing old. I like being the eternal stud.


Damon Salvatore is a proud vampire that's been roaming the Earth for over a 170 years. He's an obnoxious dick that gives absolutely zero fangs about anyone or anything that doesn't pertain to his own selfish needs and desires. The resident Salvatore Bad Boy, Damon unlives to make the unlife of his brother, Stefan, an eternal hell.

At least, that was the plan. Then all sorts of f'd up things happened and now even Damon doesn't know what his next move is.

And that can't be good for the world...

Personality Edit

Damon Salvatore is a dick. That is both putting it mildly and nicely at the same time. He's a twisted combination of arrogance and sarcasm that shines through the darkness to help him portray himself in the best light even though he does some of the darkest and most cruel things imaginable. With or without his humanity switch Damon seems to care only about whatever it is that he wants at any given time. He's impressively selfish and would go to great lengths to show and prove that to anyone that dares to believe otherwise.

For someone as impulsive as Damon it might be hard to believe that he's clever enough to be patient and calculating. He is. He thrives on the manipulation and mind games that he can play on the people around him, making them overthink or second guess each of their actions when in response to him. He's dangerous and he wants to keep everyone on their toes so that his misdirection works like a charm. Often, it's hard to read Damon until its too late. That's just the way he likes it.

With or without his humanity on, Damon is cold and cruel. He's violent. He's self-destructive. He seems to give exactly zero f**ks. He takes pleasure in messing with people's heads, killing people, embracing his dark vampiric nature and pissing off his brother. These are the things that make him Damon and he will not shake them. Even in the face of something as expected as adversity or unexpected as love.

Damon is ruled and fueled by his emotions and passion. He gets jealous just as easily as he snaps necks. Love is one of the most powerful motivators in his life whether it be platonic, romantic or familial. Damon will go above and beyond the call of duty, good or evil duty, for the people that he cares about. Or the people that the people he cares about cares about.

Make no mistake about it, though, Damon is not a hero. He's not a nice person. He doesn't want to save the world and he doesn't want to destroy it. What Damon wants changes from day to day and he makes sure that's the most important thing in his unlife for the rest of eternity.




Damon was around when cars were invented. With so many years under his belt to watch them grow and change. He knows cars inside and out from how to drive them to how to repair and restore them. He's masterful under the hood of an automobile and even better behind the wheel of one.



Damon has over a century's worth of combat experience. This ranges from various melee and unarmed combat to more practiced and controlled environment notions of combat such as army tactics and the use of guns. He's expertly skilled in weapons of almost all kinds. He's a fierce fighter that can hold on his own. Stacking his vampiric abilities on top of it just adds to it.



More than a century of experience cooking in various environments and times has made Damon gain enough of a knowledge around kitchens to be something of a chef. Blame this one on his French/Italian roots.



Damon is an amazing dancer. Whether he's dancing drunk on the top of a bar or he's doing something more formal, he's been around long enough to have learned the finer points of cutting rugs. Sometimes, his ability to move to the music is more of a shocker than being a vampire.



Damon is not an evil mastermind even though he may believe himself to be. His plans are fueled by emotion and passion which gives them fire and merit, but it also gives him a lack of control over how they come about. He sees just far enough into how his plan should complete but he doesn't plan for everything or consider any obstacles or possible deviations in his planning.



Damon is a natural born hedonist... or has been since he was turned into a vampire. He's taken the love and need of pleasure to a whole new level. He understands what it takes to create pleasure and feeds off desire and passion. There's an art to this and not everyone can actually creating feelings of lust and desire in their prey. Damon uses this to his advantage at every turn. Be careful.



Damon is an expert in various historical subject matter throughout the years he's been a vampire. He has lived through a history's book worth of national events and historically significant time periods. He witnessed quite a few things first hand so he knows exactly what went down, when and how. This knowledge extends both in and out of Mystic Falls.



As a supernatural creature himself, Damon knows all sorts of things about the supernatural. Excluding vampirism, though, he's not an expert on all things. He's limited by his experiences and what he's come across in his many days and while his knowledge is vast, it isn't endless. And he doesn't particularly feel like reading about all this stuff so...



Damon does not know that much about magic. He tends to rely more on witches for that. Still, he does know enough to know when and if a witch is trying to pull a fast one on him or something like that. He knows of magic and the power that it can give. He understands a little bit about the whole 'balance' thing but he doesn't /care/ about it. Still, the knowledge is there. Mostly from being around it in various years.



Damon has had years of practice, not to mention pain and heartache, to become a masterful manipulator. He's almost always up to something, there's always an ulterior motive and his playful antagonistic attitude is what fuels his ability to manipulate others. He can be hard to read sometimes even when he's wearing his emotions on the surface. He's an honest liar and that's what makes him such a good manipulator.



Not everyone can be a social butterfly and while Damon has been around long enough to know the ins and outs of various social events... he's still Damon. He always has to put his own spin on how he handles the various levels of society and class. If his savvy fails he just reverts to being a dick.



Damon isn't exactly a man of inflicting physical pain. He can do it and will do it but he hasn't trained himself in the torturous arts or anything. In a lot of way this makes his attempts at extracting information through these means even worse than those that are actually good at torturing people.



Damon embraces his vampiric nature and thus has mastered the art of being a vampire. He has taken his knowledge to levels that might even go beyond the knowledge of other vampires. He hasn't really studied himself so much as experimented throughout his eternal unlife. He's definitely the type to learn by experience and he's experienced a hell of a lot. If there's anyone that is an expert at being a vampire it would be Damon.




A vampire's blood has incredible regenerative healing effects. When ingested by a human, the blood will heal wounds in a matter of moments. It can also work on most diseases and illnesses, although Cancer is too powerful for even vampire blood to take care of.



As a vampire Damon can exhibit a focused sort of mind control. Vampires can influence and control the thoughts, emotions and behavior of humans. Unfortunately, a normal vampire like Damon cannot compel witches, werewolves or other vampires. Compulsion can also be used to erase or alter memories.



As a vampire Damon can manipulate the dreams of others. Unlike most of his abilities, these can work on anyone that actually dreams. Damon most be stronger than those dreams he is trying to manipulate, as he can use them to create any number of different effects such as creating nightmares, causing sexual dreams or even trapping someone in their own mental state.



As a vampire Damon's emotions are heightened to the peak levels of emotion. Vampires are both gifted and cursed to feel the full spectrum of an emotion at any given time. This goes for both good and bad emotions. In the end, this gives vampires the ability to live their unlives to the fullest and most intense extent. This makes vampires that are fueled and ruled by their emotions that much more dangerous. Like Damon.



As a vampire Damon has an accelerated healing factor that allows him to recover from severe wounds with ease. Gunshot wounds, impalement and other things that would kill a normal human are all possible to be healed by the vampire's extensive healing ability. Wounds caused by wooden weaponry take longer to heal.



As a vampire Damon can turn off his humanity. This allows vampires to rid themselves of all the bad emotions that exist and they can live out their endless existence as a remorseless and free to do whatever they want vampire. This could prove to be both good and bad depending on the situations that arise.



As a vampire Damon as the ability to pull simple tricks on the minds of others. They can attempt to make them see or believe things that are not actually happening.



As a vampire Damon's aging stopped the moment he was turned. Vampires are immune to all illnesses, diseases, infections and viruses. They cannot be killed except for the laundry list of specific manners in which to kill a vampire.



These are a rarity among the vampire community but Damon seems to have a knack for having this happen to him. Sire Bonds happen when a human is turned by the blood of a vampire they already have romantic feelings for. Sire Bonds allow Damon to control their actions through direct or indirect orders.



As a vampire Damon has a very weak variant of telepathy that allows him to enter the minds of those that are weaker. Most of the time the telepathy requires them to be touching their victim, however, Damon has shown an ability to reach out over short distances to send distress signals or even brief mental pictures.



A vampire's true face reveals their fangs, which are razor sharp and can be used as weapons during very close quarters combat. Vampires are mostly in control of revealing their true face but it can happen involuntarily when certain conditions arise such as bloodlust or other intense emotions.



As a vampire Damon has incredible agility that is enhanced by both his Vamp Strength and Vamp Speed. The combination human blood and age is what gives a vampire their enhanced agility. Vampires can jump, leap, climb, run and move with incredible speed and balance, making them capable of leaping to the top of ferris wheels with ease or climbing up the side of buildings. Things like that are second nature to them.



As a vampire Damon has enhanced durability. Vampires can take extreme amounts of damage without being slowed down even a bit. However, they find themselves reacting to pain and such in the same way that most humans do. Vampires can also be stunned by powerful enough strikes or an overdose of physical trauma.



As a vampire Damon has enhanced senses. Vamp Hearing, as it is often called, allows vampires to hear whispered conversations and phone calls from even far off buildings. They are also capable of seeing in complete darkness with enhanced vision and can smell blood from meters away. Vamp Hearing can be switched on and off. Their enhanced senses are better with age and diet.



As a vampire Damon has incredible speed that allows him to move at an accelerated pace. They can cover short distances in an instant their movements being faster than the human eye can see. They seem to be blurs of movement when traveling longer distances. Both their reflexes and speed are linked to age and their diet of human blood, increasing with both.



As a vampire Damon has a level of strength that puts him above humans, other Immortal creatures and even some other vampires. Vampires get exponentially stronger with age, as well as the consumption of human blood on a regular basis. Damon's strength allows him do such feats as throw full-grown humans across rooms with one hand, ripping out internal organs with relative ease or even tearing off heads. Vamp Strength also increases their natural leaping ability.



Charlotte is a vampire that is sired to Damon. As she had feelings for Damon before she was turned she became sired to him and will now do anything that Damon tells her to do, no matter how trivial or sarcastic the comment. Only her actions are affected not her feelings. She is currently in New Orleans counting the bricks of the city and has been since 1942.


At almost any given moment there's a chance that Damon has compelled some poor hapless human to do his bidding. He keeps a few (mostly women) on standby for various reasons and to feed him information about subjects that he finds interesting or useful in his endeavors.


Damon has amassed a network of contacts throughout his years unalive and all across the United States. If they haven't died of old age, or he hasn't killed them, he could probably use them to his advantage at some point. On the rare occasion that he hasn't pissed them off too much.


Damon has a ring emblazoned with the Salvatore crest and a D for his name on it. This ring allows him to be able to function in the sun without the hinderance of sparkles or death. His daylight ring can be removed if someone can get close enough to him to do it. It can also be rendered useless by a witch that knows how to make such a thing happen. Otherwise, though, it is pretty important.


Being forever young and forever hot is definitely going to be an advantage. As much as we may not want to believe it, the world as pretty damn shallow and superficial. Damon gets away with a lot of things with a lot of people just because he's that hot or he hits them with the bad boy smirk. He embraces his intrinsic hotness and uses it with extreme prejudice. Sex Sells.


As one of the last remaining members of the Salvatore family, Damon is one of the heirs to the fortune, Estate, Boarding House and whatever else happens to be in Mystic Falls. The Salvatores were one of the founding families of the town so their wealth is decidedly old money. Damon has no qualms about spending his unfair share.


Contrary to obvious and popular belief, Damon's younger brother is an advantage. The two of them care about each other, even though Damon continuously attempts to ruin Stefan's unlife. When all is said and done, though, the two of them can count on each other to, at the very least, keep each other from dying.


Damon loves his 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible. He's the only one that's allowed to drive it. It not only gets him from Point A to Point B but it also gets him from First Base to Home with the ladies. That's always a plus.


There are quite a few myths that exist about this particular strain of vampire. They are widely known and therefore could assist Damon in a number of ways depending on the situation at hand.


Vampires are supposed to be repulsed by garlic. They are not. It is actually quite delicious.

Holy Items

Vampires are supposed to be able to be harmed by holy items such as holy water, blessed/sacred ground, crosses and such. They are not.


Vampires are not supposed to cast a reflection. They do.


Vampires are supposed to be able to shapeshift into various creatures or mist. They cannot.


Vampires are supposed to be soulless demonic beings. They are not.


Vampires are believed to not have beating hearts and do not need oxygen. They do. They can suffocate just like anything else however they will constantly revive as this does not cause permanent death.



Damon has an unhealthy obsession with Elena Gilbert. This will likely cause him nothing but trouble, as well as put him in the danger of being killed on an almost weekly basis.


Damon is ruled by his emotions. Whether they be passion, love, hatred, jealousy or something else Damon often finds himself falling into an impulsive reaction to whatever state of emotion he's in at the time. This could lead to a bad decision that leads to an even worse result. If not for Damon directly than for someone he cares about.


You don't exist for over a century without making some enemies. Just by nature of being a vampire he has natural enemies like vampire hunters and witches. He's also pissed off a host of humans and supernatural beings alike. Damon Salvatore is not exactly a people person and the few people that do tolerate him also kind of want him dead.


Damon's humanity switch is just a bad thing altogether. If his humanity is switched on, he will not be as ruthless and remorseless as he normally is. This opens up the possibility of compassion and love, which are ultimately his biggest weaknesses due to his tendency to be ruled by his emotions. When his humanity is switched off, he becomes nothing more than an antagonistic and murderous vampire with no hope of redemption. Not to mention that whenever he turns his humanity back on the entirety of guilt for what he did while his humanity was off will flood into him. Really, this whole thing is just bad for business.


Damon has an unhealthy obsession with Katherine Pierce (Katerina Petrova) and dealing with her is likely going to put him in all sorts of trouble. Damon is also weak to Katherine's manipulation tactics and will find himself wrapped up in her wiles and schemes even when he doesn't want to be.


Damon is a killer. He will not hesitate to kill almost anyone or anything that gets in between him and what he wants. This could be bad if he kills someone that he needs something from or a relative of someone that he needs help from or even just by leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Murder is just bad, okay?


Damon has a habit of unliving his unlife in a manner that always puts him down a path towards self-destruction. His devil-never-cares attitude about almost everything puts him in a precarious position that could ultimately lead to his demise. He doesn't see further than his own plans, wants and desires. This short-sightedness could bring about many a vengeance.


Damon's relationship with his brother is extremely complicated. It is filled with hate, jealousy and love. Not only does he often find himself wanting to help and protect his brother, but he also wants to ruin his unlife and make sure that he can never be happy. He's a driving antagonistic force in Stefan's life and will always be, even when they are the best of friends. Blood is thicker than vampirism and Damon can't live without being in Stefan's life.


Damon Salvatore is a Magic Bloodline Variety Vampire. These are a bit different from some of the other varieties of vampires that roam the nights. Here are some specifics on how to kill him and his kind.

Animal Blood

Feeding off Animal Blood weakens all of a vampire's abilities. Human blood must be consumed to function at true vampiric capacity.

Broken Neck

While this won't kill a vampire it can temporarily incapacitate them. The recovery time from this is dependent on a vampire's diet and age. Damon recovers quickly.

The Cure

Reverses vampirism. If taken, The Cure will revert a vampire back to their mortal state. As long as the cure remains in their bloodstream, they will exist as mortals. Should their blood be drained they will age rapidly and die.


Removing the head of a vampire will result in instant and permanent death.


Abstaining from blood for extended periods of time will mummify. They can also be mummified by witches or magic.


Vampires are extremely flammable. Touching a flame for more than a moment will completely engulf them and they run the risk of burning to death.

Heart Extraction

Removing the heart of a vampire will subject them to permanent death.


Vampires cannot enter a home without invitation by the owner. Should a vampire be inside of a home without an invitation, for instance if ownership changes, they will suffocate and desiccate if they do not remove themselves quick enough.


Vampires are beings of magic so they are susceptible to powerful witchcraft. This includes spells and even mystical objects.

Physical Trauma

While things like gunshot wounds and broken bones won't kill a vampire, they do cause significant pain and can slow a vampire down considerably.


Very specific types of poison can be administered to vampires that will stop their hearts. In addition, there are poisons in existence that even vampire blood cannot heal.


Vampires burn in sunlight or by UV rays. Contact causes them to burn and prolonged exposure will initiate flammable combustion and death.

Vampire Bloodline

Killing the Original vampire that created a vampire's bloodline will cause all other vampires connected through that bloodline to perish with them. Damon belongs to the bloodline of Niklaus Mikaelson.


The potent herb known as Vervain is an oft-used vampire deterrent and weakness. If a vampire ingests vervain they will burn from the insides, become feverish and extremely sick. External contact with vervain causes burning. As a deterrent, any human that has vervain in their system or on their person cannot be Compelled.

Werewolf Bite

A special breed of werewolves can initiate a lethal bite to this particular strain of vampire. A bite will cause them to get extremely sick, hallucinate and turn rabid. Eventually, the bite will kill them but there are possible cures to the effects of this.


Wood can be used to incapacitate a vampire. The effects of the wood will take longer for a vampire to heal from. A wooden stake through the heart causes permanent death.

White Oak Ash Dagger

A very specific weapon used to kill Original vampires can also be bad news for a vampire. If a vampire uses this weapon to kill an Original, they will die instead and the Original will simply become neutralized.

Damon was born in 1839 to the Salvatore family in Mystic Falls, Virginia. He grew up under the watchful eye and belittling words of his father. As the eldest, Damon took his role as older brother to Stefan very seriously. He spent more time taking care of Stefan and protecting him from their father's harsh words than anything else. Although, he did manage to have some semblance of a social life. Still, Stefan always came first in Damon's life.

As war drew closer, Damon set out to join the Confederate army. Although, his love for Stefan made him return home to check on him when he had leave and time off. It was somewhere around this time that he met Katherine Pierce. This is the woman that would change his life forever. They began a relationship of sorts and when she revealed her true visage as a Vampire, Damon was not repulsed or scared in any way. In fact, after just a brief bit of hesitance, Damon seemed to embrace everything that Katherine was. He had fallen deep in love with her and she could do no wrong.

Their lives would fall into tragedy, though, as Stefan also knew about Katherine's secret and when Stefan let it slip to their father, a vampire hater of extreme prejudice, Katherine's unlife was thrust into immediate danger. This ruined Damon's plans to become a vampire and live an eternity with Katherine. She was captured by the townspeople to be killed and while both Damon and Stefan worked together to save her, they were shot and killed by their own father for being vampire sympathizers. They died with Katherine's blood in their systems.

When Damon awoke he witnessed the local church being burnt down, killing all of the demonic vampires within, including Katherine. Distraught over his love no longer being with him, Damon refused to complete the transition into fully becoming a vampire. He fought with Stefan about this until Stefan forced him to drink from a young woman and thus caused Damon to complete his transition. For this and more selfish reasons, Damon promised his brother a lifetime of misery and intended to make good on that promise every chance he got.

Damon eventually met a witch by the name of Emily Bennett and she made him a ring that allowed him to stay out in the sunlight. She also gave him some crucial information about the vampires that burned to death in the church that night. She had spared their unlives and that meant that Katherine was still alive. Damon had found another reason to live besides ruining every aspect of his brother's eternal life.

Damon spent a lot of time away from Stefan as the years rolled by. They saw each other for the first time in a long time in 1912 at their nephew's funeral. They went out for a drink and Damon went to feed. He was given some advice from a vampire named Sage to embrace the feed and enjoy what he was doing, rather than simply drinking from humans out of necessity. Damon then tried to impart this wisdom to Stefan who took it much farther than even Damon had realized was possible.

Another attempt at reconciliation happened in 1942 while Damon was attempting to deal with a Sire Bond issue. A girl by the name of Charlotte had become sire bonded to him and he was attempting to get a witch to help him fix it. It wasn't working. Eventually, his brother and a frenemy caught up with him and Damon attempted to mend fences. However, the frenemy talked Damon out of it and once again the brothers separated.

In 1952, Damon was captured and experimented on by Dr. Whitmore. He became one of two vampires that were experimented on by the Augustine secret society. Eventually, he and Enzo became friends. Working together with the other vampire, Damon managed to escape in 1958 and has vowed to slaughter every person in the Whitmore line except one. He would let that one person have a family and then proceed to kill the entire family except one again. This was a process that would continue for years. Damon was forced to turn his humanity off for the first time during this escape because it was the only way he could leave his vampire friend and escape.

In 1960, Damon killed a woman by the name of Maggie James. A woman that he didn't know was Enzo's true love. Oops?

In 1977, Damon slept with Lexi, Stefan's best friend, and left her to die on a rooftop in the sun. Oops?

In 1994, Damon re-entered Stefan's life in an attempt to make amends. Again. This went sour, though and Damon kills his nephew's love after getting his daylight ring back from Stefan. Oops?

In 2007, Damon turned a woman named Isobel into a vampire. He had no idea this woman had birthed Elena Gilbert. Oops/Yay?

Eventually, Damon returned to Mystic Falls with the intent to get back in good with his brother. Well, that's kind of a lie. He was really back in Mystic Falls to release his beloved Katherine from her imprisonment. Of course, though, things never go the way Damon wants them to and after a series of unforeseen unfortunate events, Damon found himself wrapped up in his brother's unlife.

Well, he did promise him an eternity of misery, right?