The Muscle of Angel Investigations



Everybody dies. I'm just tryin' to make sure that when we die, we stay dead.


Charles Gunn is a vampire hunter turned pain in the ass of the supernatural. As a product of the Badlands of Los Angeles, Gunn has been fighting for his life for as long as he can remember. Protecting his people and his neighborhood caused him to cross paths with a Vampire With A Soul. Their friendship led to Gunn joining up with Angel Investigations. He operates with them as a full fledged member of the team and is often referred to as The Muscle.

Regardless of where he is or who he's with, Gunn strives to embody the ideals that allow him to Help The Helpless. He just does this with a li'l mo' flava' on top.

Personality Edit

Trying to pin down the man that's Gunn is something that's not as easy as it looks. He's had a rough past and it shows. On the surface, he's no-nonsense, rough and tough, though he does seem to keep a generally pleasant disposition when he's around friends. It's when things get down to business that he becomes more serious and oozes intimidation. Whether he knows it or not, he comes with the standard "death wish" package that has him on the fast track towards self-destruction. It's something that he constantly struggles with no matter how many things he finds to live for.

Guilt plays a major role in Gunn's life. When anything happens to anyone that he cares about the blame falls onto his shoulders and his alone. He finds himself trying to make up for what happened to his sister, Alonna, through everyone else that he encounters in his life. He believes that while the world does need saving, somebody has to look out for those that don't have anyone to turn to. Gunn strives to be that guy.

Gunn is a man of many talents. Living on the streets as brought him up to be a calculating strategist and a badass fighter. He considers himself to be a lost cause but his heart is forever in the right place. He's bound to a sense of honor and justice that very few people, alive or dead, have the pleasure of feeling. Focused and wise beyond his years, Gunn always seems to know more than he lets on.

Beneath all the brooding and the badassery, Gunn still seems to have a bit of playfulness to him. The walking pop culture reference tends to spout off at the mouth with a flavorful sarcastic wit. It has a certain charm coming from an inner-city dude like Gunn. There's way more than meets the eye with him. He's not just the Token Black Guy. And he makes it a point to prove that every single day.




Gunn is capable of taking control of a vehicle and using it for more than simple transport from one destination to another. He's self-trained in combat driving and could flee or pursue in a vehicular manner with ease. This goes for most automotive land vehicles.



Gunn's tactics and strategies for protecting his neighborhood from all manner of violent creatures has blossomed into a competence in guerrilla warfare. He will use unorthodox methods and the varied skill sets of the people around him to gain the upper hand against more powerful opponents or groups. This includes everything from setting up elaborate traps to bait and switching.



Gunn is a man of action. However, he has started to put his mind to a better use than just how to kill something. He's learning how to investigate and string together clues and make connections. He does have a distinct point-of-view that could either hinder or help his investigation attempts.



Gunn can juggle. Who knew?



Gunn is not an expert mechanic or inventor but he's capable of jury rigging various things together to keep things in working order, at least temporarily. He's capable of using his junkyard MacGuyver skills to create unorthodox weapons and traps, as well.



Gunn's knowledge of the supernatural is mostly centered around those of a vampiric nature. However, since joining up with Angel Investigations he's learned more about the other things that go bump in the night. His knowledge in this area continues to grow the more time he spends dealing with these things.



Gunn is a master of pop culture. Ranging from comic books to various forms of visual media, Gunn's pop culture knowledge is on a level all its own.



Gunn has no formal training in gymnastics or acrobatics. However, his natural athleticism has allowed him to become competent in various manners of traversing the urban landscape such as free-running and performing stylish and effective acrobat manuevers with relative ease.



Gunn has been fighting for his life since he could walk. What started with a limited martial arts background from classes at the Y, Gunn has taken to adding a more "fight to survive" style to it. He's an expert brawler and street fighter that will use his enviornment and anything close enough to his advantage. Gunn's style isn't particularly pretty but it is undeniably effective against humans and supernatural creatures alike.



Gunn has been in urban environments his entire life. While every city is not the same, it is safe to say that Gunn's natural street knowledge could be applied to most inner city and urban situations. He's also become more than adept at tracking and hunting supernatural creatures in these types of environments. All of this together makes it very easy for Gunn to survive in almost any urban location.



Gunn has a vast knowledge of weapons. His preference is for melee weaponry and that is what he excels in using but ranged weaponry falls into his expertise as well. His experience using weapons comes from years of fighting supernatural creatures on a nightly basis and living to tell the tales.



Gunn is a part of Angel Investigations. As a key member he has access to everything the entire group has access to. He particularly spends most of his time with the weapons, but he can also pick up a book or two. Also, he gets a paycheck from them. Sometimes.


Gunn's personal arsenal is mostly filled with junkyard styled weaponry that can be used for a variety of vampire slaying methods. Modified crossbows, stake shooting guns, holy water grenades... the list goes on and on. His arsenal can also be used to modify locations with traps of the vampire dusting kind or to make vehicles more effective in vampire destruction.

AXE Edit

Gunn's signature weapon is an axe made out of a hub cap. It is one of his most prized possessions and his favorite weapon. +20 to Demon Hunting.


Gunn is surprisingly stronger than he looks. From a life of fighting demons, working out and various other physical feats on a constant basis, Gunn's strength is a step beyond normal humanity. He's not touching supernatural/enhanced levels at all but he's also not called The Muscle for nothing.


Gunn's Truck is not exactly a prize possession but it is definitely something that Gunn uses to his advantage on a regular basis. The truck can be equipped with various vampire slaying equipment and weapons when needed such as a stake-shooting cannon, armored sides and a battering ram front end. The truck is unregistered.



Gunn cares about the entire Angel Investigations team. He cares about the clients. He cares about people that the people in Angel Investigations care about. He chose Angel Investigations over the people that he grew up with so that's definitely saying something. This makes them a liability should someone want to get to Gunn through them.


Gunn doesn't walk around trying to get himself killed. Instead, his death wish is ore along the lines of someone that just doesn't think they are going to survive. He leads the type of life that is filled with danger and often puts himself in harm's way needlessly and without consideration for his own life. He often needs to be saved from himself.


Gunn loves Fred. Even if he doesn't know it yet. He's bound by his heart to protect her and that could end up putting him in harm's way more often than he normally would be. He also cares about what Fred thinks and how she views him. This could do a number on his mental and emotional states.


Gunn is slowly being eaten away by guilt. It happens to be one of his worst enemies. He can't stop himself from feeling guilty for the bad things that happen to people on his watch. He can't stop himself from feeling like things in his past are his fault. He can't get over it. Anything that he does that he could ultimately feel guilty about, it ends up coming out in the most horrible of ways. And often pushes away the people that he cares about the most.


Gunn can't stop himself from wanting to help the helpless and save the innocents. He wants to save the world and will go out his way to fight for those that can't fight for themselves. Innocents in danger is definitely one of the keys to getting under Gunn's skin.


Gunn traded his soul for his truck to a demon in Las Vegas. At any point in time that this demon sees fit, he can come to collect on this particular deal. Which could spell out bad things for Gunn.

Born in the Badlands of Los Angeles, which just happened to be a section of the city that even the police would not go, Gunn fell into the role of protector and leader at a very early age. Raised with his sister, Alonna, Gunn looked after and protected her from whatever dangers lurked on those Badland streets... or in his grandmother's kitchen. Taught how to fight and kill vampires by his grandmother, Gunn managed to take down the house invading vampire and knew that his calling had been recognized.

He took up a mantle an urban Robin Hood, shrugging off his run-ins with the law and focusing his intentions on keeping his neighborhood safe from vampires, demons and whatever else threatened the people in his hood. He quickly rose through the ranks of the local gang to become their leader and turned them into an entire crew of street fighting vigilantes designed to protect their turf from the supernatural threats and elements.

Gunn became so dedicated to the cause of eradicating the vampiric element that sold his soul for a truck that could be used to help his Crew. His life in the ghetto had made his mind up about anything that was not human or that fed upon his neighborhood. So when he had a run in with Angel, he was more than determined to dust him too. He failed. And after a series of unfortunate events that turned his sister into a vampire that Gunn was forced to stake, he realized that perhaps not everything was a black and white as he had originally thought.

An exceptional fighter, Gunn teamed up with Angel quite a bit as their relationship blossomed towards something considered Friendship. He would often help Angel fight evil creatures or just be around to protect the people Angel cared about. His talent and sense of justice helped him to feel as though he was finally finding a place in the world. A place to belong.

This, of course, clashed heavily with his role as the leader of his crew. His loyalties were often tested and the two groups often clashed with each other on a variety of subjects. Gunn was being torn in two different directions, clearly unsure of how to continue to be the leader of his crew and also a full time member of Angel Investigations. It was hard for Gunn to be in two places at once and it became even more impossible when lives were on the line.

Things became even more morally complex for Gunn when Cordelia was sucked into a portal that led to Pylea. Around the same time, Gunn's absence from his crew caused one of the members to be killed by a vampire. Of course, Gunn felt completely responsible for this death and was stricken with grief of the highest order. Guilt aside, though, Gunn realized that if he didn't do something to help Angel that Cordelia could suffer the same fate as his old friend. Gunn decided to accompany Angel, Lorne and Wesley to Pylea to rescue Cordelia.

Upon their return, Gunn took a full time gig with Angel Investigations. While he still took time out of his new schedule to check on the people back in his hood and made sure to spend his paycheck on his Badlands crew to give them food and shelter, as much as he could. He's moved fully into the Hyperion Hotel and is always ready and willing to jump into the latest supernatural problem that has arisen.