An Angel of the Lord



I understand. The bird represents God. Coyote is Man, endlessly chasing the divine and yet never able to catch him. It's hilarious.


Castiel is an Angel of Heaven, specifically a Seraph, who has existed since before recorded history. Until recently, he was little more than a soldier of Heaven, never one to question orders or to do anything terribly unexpected. However, he has long held humans in high regard, and association with the Winchester brothers his made him a bit more of a rebellious free-thinker, though he remains on the side of Heaven. He occupies the body of a man named Jimmy Novak who gave himself up freely to serve as Castiel's vessel on Earth.


Castiel is one of those Heavenly angels who has had limited contact with humans and few occasions to do anything other than follow orders and do exactly what he was asked to. Now inhabiting a human body, he is confronted with physical sensations, emotions, and other new experiences that he must adapt to. While at first reluctant to admit it, he is quite affected by these human experiences, and more than anything else, he is moved by the human experience of love. What was once the blind loyalty of an indoctrinated soldier is now the compassion of a being who wishes to do good,




Castiel has extensive knowledge of Heaven, Angels of Heaven, Fallen Angels, and other related entities. He also has a first-hand and expansive view of history, and is widely versed in spiritual rituals and lore. He is also fairly knowledgeable about other spiritual creatures, such as many varieties of demons, and various methods of treating and dealing with them. When it comes to other occult matters, his knowledge is broad but generalized -- more a reference index than an in-depth treatise.



Castiel is a warrior of Heaven, and as such he is versed in many forms of combat, particularly spiritual warfare that exists beyond the comprehension of most mortals. In physical terms, he is quite adept at wielding various blades, such as those used by various classes of angels, and he has the speed, strength, and reflexes of a skilled veteran fighter.




Drawing on his own power, Castiel is able to heal virtually any injury or ailment with a touch and can even resurrect the dead if their spirits have not yet departed. Excessive use of this power at high levels can tire him out, as it requires exerting direct changes on both the physical and spiritual worlds that are both complex and intensive.



Castiel can exert great influence over the minds of others. Even without a physical vessel, he can communicate mentally with others. When occupying a vessel, with physical contact he can read targets' minds and souls. Those of strong will or spirit may need to give consent to allow this, but even if they do not, he is often able to perceive a creature's true nature, even if it appears outwardly human. In specific applications of this power, he can cause unwarded targets to sleep or even suppress memories to a limited degree, and he is tuned into the telepathic Angelic communication network.



Castiel is able to move objects with a gesture, as though he were touching them. This effectively allows him to exert force up to his own physical ability at a distance. He also able to summon fire at will, allowing him to (for example) instantly incinerate a pile of bones or a lesser vampire at close range.



Castiel can exert great power over spirits and souls. He can perceive, communicate, and interact with spirits, including containing, banishing, or harming them if necessary. At normal levels of power, he can even forcibly exorcise most spirits from unwilling hosts or destroy weaker spirits completely. This is normally done by touch, though he can also project portions of his true aura, allowing him to direct this as a small light from his palms or eyes, or even fill a whole room with his radiance.



Castiel can instantly teleport himself and up to several passengers across great distances. This normally allows him to travel instantly anywhere on Earth, perhaps even beyond, and when he is acting with Heaven's will, it may be enhanced to the point that he can perform even greater feats, such as traveling through time or at great speed, such as searching an entire city for a particular object in mere moments.



Though Castiel must generally occupy a human vessel in order to exist on Earth, he does have a true angelic form, a "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent" the Chrysler Building in New York (1,047 feet tall). His true form can take only limited actions, usually imperceptible to all but powerful spiritual beings. If an ordinary human beholds his true form (such as via psychic powers) without strong mystic protection, his visage will blind them, and his voice may shatter their ears. However, this is easily avoided--kind of like choosing not to stare into the sun.

When Castiel reveals his true form, his spiritual aura manifests in a tangible, direct way. Anything protected within his aura becomes virtually impossible to harm, while anything hostile on the outside may be rendered unable to act, pushed back by the heavenly radiance. Hostile spirits, such as demons, may be instantly cast out or destroyed if they do not have potent defenses of some kind.

Castiel's nature prevents him from being mentally manipulated or directly magically altered by most means, including protecting him from being turned by creatures such as vampires or werewolves or transformed into other shapes against his will. It is also noteworthy that Castiel's true form sustains his vessel. He is almost impossible to harm by even most paranormal means, he does not require sustenance or sleep, and he is immune to toxins and illness. Further, he is fully aware of all that enters his body, allowing him to, for instance, sense the chemical composition of food he chooses to eat.



Castiel has found a number of allies along his way, particularly the Winchester brothers, and most especially Dean, the elder brother. They have helped Cass become more of an individual and independent thinker, as well as teaching him much about what life means to humans.


As a warrior of Heaven, Castiel possess an angelic blade. This gleaming silver dagger is not the flaming sword of myth, but then, Castiel's no archangel. The blade is capable of Enhanced-level attacks, inflicting both physical and spiritual damage. Because of this, it is one of the few weapons that can actually kill a spiritual being, such as angels and demons.


As an Angel of Heaven, Castiel is technically backed by Heaven to as a protector of mankind. However, his goals do not always mesh with those of the other angels, so Cass cannot always be certain that Heaven will support his actions. Even so, most of the time Heaven remains a resource for him to draw upon. In some cases (when dictated by staff or a GM running a plot), Heaven may choose to enhance Castiel's powers to accomplish a specific goal, but this never comes without a price (see Weaknesses).



As a being of a primarily spiritual nature, Castiel is susceptible to banishing. This requires a very specific and obscure ritual, known only to a few, which requires a particular mystic sigil be drawn on the wall in blood, then activated with a touch.


As a being of a primarily spiritual nature, Castiel is susceptible to binding. This requires the preparation of a highly rare form of consecrated holy oil. If this oil is used to create a flaming circle around Castiel, he cannot leave until the oil has burned itself out.


The essence of Castiel's power is what he calls his "Grace." This is a core of energy that exists within his vessel, and it serves as his link to Heaven and powers all of his various abilities. It is also possible for one who knows how to, using an angelic blade, surgically remove his Grace, separating him from it. If this happens, he becomes effectively human, at least until he is able to either recover his Grace, restoring him to power, or get by on the stolen Grace of another angel -- though stolen Grace is at best a temporary fix that will eventually burn out.


While Heaven may sometimes support Castiel, even expanding his powers, it also has great influence over him. One might say: Heaven giveth, and Heaven taketh away. Also, Heaven pulleth quite firmly on one's leash much of the time. Essentially, the more Castiel attempts to draw on the powers of Heaven, the more control Heaven exerts over him. As such, he tends to avoid calling upon those powers whenever possible.


While Castiel's spiritual form is virtually indestructible, there are some weapons that can harm it directly. These are very rare, save for the angelic blades that warriors of Heaven are frequently equipped with.


Castiel's major weakness is his vessel. While his true form is a gigantic spiritual powerhouse, to exist in physical form on Earth he must generally use a human vessel. Said vessel must willingly give their body to Cass, and once he's inhabiting a body, he is very strong -- but he can be killed with the right weaponry, such as an archangel's blade or high-level spiritual attacks. He can heal his vessel of almost any harm, but if the vessel takes too much structural damage to remain whole, it may be beyond his power to heal. Depending on the force that kills his vessel, there is also the chance that it may destroy his spiritual form, as well.

One would expect a long story for a being who is older than humankind. However, in truth, there is little to tell. Castiel was still the angelic equivalent of a child when Lucifer was expelled from Heaven, and for untold centuries after Castiel lived in Heaven amongst his angelic brothers and sisters. In time, he came to serve as a soldier in the Heavenly Host, fighting closely with other angels to defend humankind amidst spiritual warfare, particularly during a series of near-apocalyptic events after the turn of the twenty-first century. Eventually, he was sent to find a human vessel, becoming one of the then-few seraphim to inhabit a physical body and become active in the living world. His mission, at the time he enters play, is to keep track of the Winchester brothers, whom some in Heaven believe may have important roles to play in upcoming spiritual events.

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