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Sometimes a King has to remind fools why he is King.

Brock Bryant

Brock was one of two brothers born of a werewolf and a witch, his father being the Alpha of his pack. The cruelty of his father ended the life of his mother, and with her final dying breath, she swore that their sons would never end up like him. Her final curse seemed to take away Brock's werewolf heritage, which made him the recipient of his father's cruel ways. Yet, when Brock was old and strong enough, his shifter heredity kicked in, and the true nature of his mother's curse came to light when Brock changed into a lion. Killing his father, Brock became an Alpha and then shattered the pack to become rogue and go on his own way. The pack then turned around and kidnapped his kid brother, forcing Brock to hunt them down to retrieve his blood.

Personality Edit

Brock is a bit torn. He has much that he has to come to terms with. For one thing, he used to know one way of life, and in some ways he still does. But since his come into power and liberation from his father's dominance, he is able to sort through the past pain and actually be his own person. This might make him seem a bit haunted at times, but it is unlikely that you'll catch him being depressed or broody unless he is under the influence of Thorns. He keeps his problems tight and closed into his chest, not letting them known, so he mostly comes off as a punchy, loud, opinionated, doofy bastard of an Aussie that isn't afraid to say what-is-what and what he wants or feels. But he is usually pretty respectful with his more personal matters. Generally, he is lovable.

Brock's soul was tempered into that of a heroic nature, and thrust suddenly into the world he lives in. Despite his heroic nature, he can be rather selfish because of his past oppression. He despises being told what to do or forced into any sort of submission. Most of his actions before were hedonistic and he hasn't quite lost that quality, but he possesses the potential to achieve greater things, and is a part of a bigger picture. Brock's soul seeks something to save, something to protect and perhaps in return, something will save him. Begrudgingly he will not admit it, but Brock is indeed a hero, albeit dark sometimes. His heart is in the right place, his methods, a little intense, and as much as he won't own up to, he isn't as selfish as he seems.

He is a very physical being, whether it be violence or affection, and he has no regard for personal bubbles, since he really has none himself. He has a range of behaviors and his expressive movements are highly developed, while seen as rather bestial. He will perform peaceful tactile actions such as licking or rubbing/bumping heads, nuzzling and other common actions for lions, as well as a variety of vocalizations such as purrs, snarls, miaws and hissing. As a human they're a bit more subtle however.

Confidence is key with Brock. And one usually has to understand that he is not afraid to do anything at any moment. One could call it arrogance, but it isn't misplaced. He is unafraid to take risks, and be the one to initiate actions. Assertive and engaging, Brock often times can be intimidating in the fact that he gets along easily with most people, and jumps into a role of familiarity with the strangest of strangers.

Brock may be an outgoing guy, but he is very secretive about his personal actions. He is not quick to trust or show his true intentions or deeper feelings. He tends to keep people at arm's length in regards to his business, and will defend his secrecy with his bestial ferocity. And despite his outward nature, Brock can come off as a bit of a loner, or a rogue because he doesn't let people get too close.




Brock is quite the athlete. His sheer size and physique is testament to that. Aside from his supernatural enhancements, Brock stays very active and trains daily. In school(when he went) he participated in football and wrestling and weight lifting competitions, and works as a personal fitness trainer. He is stronger than he is nimble.



Brock is not just a fighter, he is a warrior. He exhibits all of the traits of a Warrior Archtype and has been fighting his whole life. Being bullied and having to struggle to get peace and his activities in streetfighting growing up have made him very formidable when it comes to nearly any form of combat. His father, being a general, tortured military training into his body, adding to his expertise.



Brock can drive or ride a bike. He isn't the best at this, but he knows how.



Brock knows a bit about first aid. He isn't a doctor or official, but he can put out the skills of a combat medic and knows how to handle and recognize wounds.



Brock grew up in a supernatural society. His mother was always teaching him things, preparing him for the world that tries to hide. His mother's Book of Shadows is in his possession, and since he was taught how to read it, it provides him with lore about various creatures.



Brock little known fact is that Brock can sing. Not just sing but SANG. He can also play two instruments quite well: guitar and the drums. It is a talent that he kinda keeps under his hat, because he is humble in thinking he cannot sing, but he is very wrong.



Brock able to utilize shapeshifting with his physical combat, changing his form for attack, defense, movement and distraction, forming his natural weapons at the right moment, etc; Sometimes being fully shifted is not the best choice for movement, but the strength that shifted characteristics provide are advantageous. It can help in time when Brock needs to make a leap that he may need an extra push to make, shifting his legs momentarily for the power, and then returning to human to maneuver. When he wants to punch through solid objects such as steel or cut through a foe, it helps if he shifts just his arm or his claws at the right moment to offer the power and weaponry needed to accomplish the feat. Or calling upon his shifted arms to block an oncoming blow for a bit of extra toughness. Brock has made a mastery of this technique, using his body and abilities to their fullest.



When it comes to survival, Brock has his animalistic instincts. In addition to that, there is the military tactics of survival that he picked up from his father.



Mostly his willpower comes from his supernatural ability; his mane in particular. But other than that, Brock is very mentally sound, grounded and indomitable for the most part. This is when he is trying to put up resistance. When he is under the influence of his own vices and flaws, he can be quite easily influenced of manipulated.




Brock is far more agile than even the best human, but not as nimble as most werewolves or other shifters. Brock is much stronger than he is quick, so other shifters tend to outdo him in this area.



More of a hindrance than an actual help most times, Brock is pulled by fate to end up going where he is needed. Circumstance and often just luck will place him in the area to where something of a crisis will happen, and it will push him to be involved. Often getting him in trouble or danger, or sometimes he is just at the right place at the right time.



Like werewolves, Brock possesses a palpable predatory nature that can dominate, but for Brock it extends beyond simple domination. He holds a majesty, a supernatural radiance of nobility and superiority. He can not only be intimidating with this, but he could also be very inspiring. His visage can instill courage where there is none, ease fears, inspire hope or belief in anyone that looks at him. This power can help charm people into doing what he desires, or invigorate and boost morale to give someone the courage and drive to do something that they would otherwise be inhibited or afraid to do. This ability can even push people to briefly reach the heights of their potential. This is of course for those that are on his side. When facing against him it can have the opposite effect, instilling fear and shaking confidence. Like most of these types of influences, it can be resisted.



Brock's mane is a mantle of power in itself. As long as he has his mane, it provides him with a supernatural resistance to influence from abilities so long as he is putting up a resistance. This is also linked to his power of Majesty, and should his mane be cut or burned from him, he will lose those abilities until it grows back.



In his many forms, Brock has powerful claws and teeth. Combined with his strength, he can rend his way through metals or snap through hard woods and bones with ease. His claws are retractable, and he is actually able to retract a set of claws in his human form, which puncture through his fingertips. He doesn't possess anything but normal teeth in human form however.



Like werewolves, Brock has senses far superior to a human's, able to see farther and employ night vision, to hear clearly at a distance, and perhaps most especially, able to pick up individual scents, even old ones, and track via scent. Other things can be sensed due to these enhanced faculties, such as illness.



Brock has multiple forms, like werewolves do, only lion instead. He has a man-beast form, a lion-man form, a sabertooth cat form, and a beast lion form in addition to human. He can shift these forms at will.



They say that the roar of big cats have magical powers, and it's proven by science that a tiger or lion's roar can have physical and psychological affects. They can produce infrasound, which has been shown to produce chills, stress or even sorrow. Brock's roar is a bit more mystical than just that. Coupled with his Majesty, Brock can emit highly enhanced destructive and deafening scream of high amplitude. The flow of destructive sound waves can often cause accidental destruction to objects in its path, and can cause vertigo or damage to hearing in targets caught in the cone of it. More so to those with enhanced or sensitive hearing. This ability can be reflected back off of certain objects, such as mirrors. Brock is not immune to his own roar, so in the event that it is turned upon him, he will suffer the same effects. This ability is rendered utterly useless when either his mane is removed or if the user is gagged by any means.



Brock is a pillar of strength in all of his forms. The lion that he is--is a powerful creature to be sure, and his strength ranks up into the levels of where he can bend and twist metal, toss around tons and leap great distances. This is in his beast forms, while in his human form, he is more along the level of just Enhanced but on the higher scale of Enhanced than most others of that level.



In all of his forms, Brock is resistant to minor or medium damage, toxins, diseases. Even lethal or vital blows may not keep him down, since he possesses the shifter's gift for regeneration. He will heal from most injuries pretty quickly, and can even regrow limbs. He also possesses great stamina, being able to run long distances without being tire, or holding his breath for extended periods.



Brock became an alpha upon slaying his father and with it came all of the advantages of being an alpha, even though he is a lion. His bite or scratch is not transformative however, unless he deems it so, on account of the mystical mane he possesses.


Brock's mother had a book that is common to all witches. She kept a record of her spells and logs of many supernatural events and creatures. She taught Brock how to read it, so with a little research, he can pull off a competent bit of lore.


Brock is pretty well off. His mother, being nobility, left him with enough of a lifestyle that he could live rather comfortably.


Brock is the son of a very powerful witch, and as a side effect, his blood is a substance of the most potent of magic. For those that can use such things, his blood can be used to successfully perform or supercharge rituals, potions and anything that may require a magical conduit or ingredient. His blood ranks up or perhaps even above dragon's blood. It is not something that is known to anyone so far, and it is possible that he could have potential for certain magics himself.



When it comes to things that Brock wants, he can be a complete beast about that too. When there is food that he might find delicious, or is attracted to someone, he almost regresses into a much more primal state, and makes feral efforts to obtain it. He doesn't entirely lose himself to the beast inside, but he is certainly drawn to do follow through.


The Beast has a solid hold on Brock's existence. Brock exhibits many characteristics of a manimal. He is much more prone to instincts and following his more primal urges when faced with a choice between logic, emotion or instinct. It comes off as a bit odd when he is growling or acting animalistic towards people who are normal.


Just as silver can be the bane to werewolves, his mother's curse made Brock inferior against gold. Wounds from gold and gold weapons cause much greater pain, and give him a difficult time in healing them with his regeneration. Likewise, binding him in bonds or chains made of gold will sap his supernatural strength and prevent him from changing until removed.


Bravery, Regality, Fortitude and Valor; all traits that make up the imagery of a lion's heart. Brock is afflicted by a compulsion to act and do good things. He is always drawn to places to where he needs to be and it takes great willpower for him to resist acting out the right thing to do. This is not to say that he is constantly out to do what is right, but usually in a crisis situation he is driven into just that. If there is someone in danger, he will have little choice but to jump in and save them, or if a robber is getting away, he will be compelled to stop them. This comes with a few other drawbacks as well: when following his compulsion, he does what must be done, even to extreme levels. This can include slaying someone even if it really isn't necessary, or subjecting himself to injury to prevent others from harm. It often puts him in danger more often than not.


While his hair and mane is a source of strength for him, it is also a source of weakness. As long as his hair/mane remains intact, Brock has access to his powers. Yet if it is cut or burned or removed through other means, he loses pretty much all of his powers until it grows back. Damage to his mane heals fast, but not as fast as most wounds. It could take him a few days to grow back a destroyed mane.


Brock has made an enemy of his father's pack of werewolves, after he killed the Alpha, his father and became an Alpha himself. He disbanded and shattered the pack, leaving them without an Alpha on account of how he was treated before by them. They never quite went after him directly, they took his kid brother, who has not come into his shifter self, and is assumed to be like Brock. With this advantage of a hostage, the pack has the confidence to try to stalk and hunt Brock, just as much as he is hunting them.


The wood of the rowan tree, also known as mountain ash, creates a supernatural barrier against most (if not all) supernatural creatures, Brock included.

SUN Edit

Werewolves are influenced by the moon. As a lion, Brock is influenced by the sun. It gives him strength, and keeps him healthy. He is stronger when in sunlight, and must receive at least two hours of direct sunlight a day (A solar cycle) in order to maintain his abilities. If he is denied this, he becomes unable to shift and call upon his strength or powers, and he even gets sick, exhibiting flu-like symptoms. It will not kill him if he is denied light for extended periods, but he will remain weak and ill until he is given light. Light from UV lamps and the like can be used as a substitute to direct sunlight.


Brock's rage is terrible. He will develop at times, a mystical condition that is named Thorns. Denoted by the appearance of a magical sliver imbedded in his hand or his paw. While afflicted with this, he goes through a period of intense anger that he cannot quell no matter how hard he tries. Every little thing sets him off, and he can be somewhat of a bully. The Thorns will go away by themselves eventually or can be removed through magical means, but it is not known exactly what causes it, but it is suspected it has to do with the weight of the world's problems he is taking upon himself, or perhaps when he resists the pull of fate and heroism.

Brock's mother was English royalty, a duchess and a witch of exceptional power and lineage. His father a werewolf and a general in the Australian army. He has a younger brother by 8 years, and was mostly raised by his father, who would one day be his alpha when Brock came of age to change. But Brock's father was very militant and cruel, and he treated his son quite harshly, much to his mother's disdain. His mother was very gentle and kind and nurturing to him, and Brock was very attached to him and his younger brother.

Brock was 10 and Brodie was 2 when his father made his intentions on raising Brodie much the same very clear. Their mother protested, and fought that her children would no longer endure his harshness in their upbringing. She refused to let them go back with him, and there was a struggle in which their mother ultimately fell to his bestial rage.

Just before she died, with her last breath, she released a powerful curse, saying that their sons would never grow up to be like him. At the time, it was believed that she took away their shifter heritage with that final curse, entirely. But blood was still blood, and he was now the only parent they had.

Their mother's death was written off as a tragic and vicious animal attack, and the boys were left with their father to raise them, who was disgusted with the idea that they would no longer be werewolves. This with the guilt and resentment for what he did to his mate, and being constantly reminded of her in their son's eyes, since they had hers, turned his harshness into cruelty.

What was militant training became nearly tortured training, which Brock took up a bit of a rebellious and delinquent streak to keep his father's attention focused on him, and not on Brodie. With their father beating this discipline into Brock, Brodie was spared the abuse, while Brock did things to draw his father's anger onto him, such as illegal street fighting.

Brock grew up strong, and skilled, tempered by his father's training, but it seemed he would always lack the strength to be free of his father's dominance. But at the age of 20, the true nature of their mother's curse was reveled. When she said they would never be like him, she twisted their bloodline rather than removing it. When the boy's father turned his abuse to focus on Brodie, Brock tried to stop him as usual, but their father knocked Brock aside and continued after the second son. Brock never quite feared his father, and his desire to protect his brother was unshakable.

Brock underwent a change, coming into his shifter self, which turned out to be a lion instead of a werewolf. Once he attained his powers, Brock was far stronger than his father was, and their fight ensued, ending in Brody ripping out his father's throat and killing him. This made him turn Alpha, and push into his true strength, proceeding over his father's pack of military soldier werewolves.

They always treated Brock and Brodie as outcasts, and were just as cruel as their father was, and now they had to suddenly respect him as their alpha. Brock was disgusted with them, and he turned his back upon the pack, shattering their connection and their structure, sending them all into chaos. He left them behind, taking his brother and went about his own way, without fear that they could harm him. But they stole Brodie away in the night, and spirited him away from his brother, knowing they could now hunt him for what he did to the pack.

Brock went on hunting them as well, making it his greater goal to safely return his brother, and tracked them to the Americas. Armed with his mother's informative Book of Shadows, Brock took residence and set up to return what was taken from him.