A Demon of Vengeance



Was that weird? That thing, earlier...
with the singing... and the coconuts...?

Anya Jenkins

Rumors of her death are slightly exaggerated. After falling into the Hellmouth along with the rest of Sunnydale, Anya found herself standing before D'Hoffryn and being given a choice. Remain dead, permanently, forever dead, or return to his service. Which one did she choose? She's oddly literal, not stupid. What do you think?

Personality Edit

More than a little obsessed with money, terrified of bunnies and oddly literal, Anya was still a genuinely nice person who would give you the shirt off her back for a nominal fee. Fiercely loyal, she died insuring her friends, and the world, would have a chance at living. When offered the chance at living again, even as a Vengeance Demon, she couldn't say no, because the alternative was literally hell for all eternity. She's now returned to the mortal world, though the world has moved on without her, and she's trying to adjust. She's found that she genuinely enjoys the company of humans, and has been catching flack for not being as bloody and vengeful as she once was.




Anya graduated high school. Her diploma might be floating around in the Hellmouth, but she graduated, and went from flunking math to running a highly successful business in just a few short years. She's at least tangentally aware of most majory history that's happened over the last thousand years, though the details may be a bit fussy, and she's good with literature, too, even if she's not good at metaphors and the like.



While she doesn't have much use for it, when Anyanka's cornered or feeling particularly nasty, she's more than able to brawl with the big leagues. Combined with her enhanced physique and strength, she's more than a match for most mortals, and can handle things like Slayers and other Demons on an even footing. This applies both to unarmed combat as well as fighting with weapons/archery and the like. Notably, she's not familiar with firearms.



Anya, as a mortal woman, was able to take the moderate salary paid by Giles when she worked at the Magic Box, and triple it with online investments, stock trading and other such deals. The woman is a gifted natural, who has an almost absurd love of money even now as a demon who has no need for it.




Who can see in the dark? Anyanka. She has to be able to, to make sure the bunnies aren't sneaking up on her! Anyanka's senses are heavily enhanced, along the lines of a vampire or demon predator, and she can see in total darkness.



When you're a demon, you want to be able to survive. Anyanka's good at that. Stabbed in the heart? No problem. Decapitated? ... Slight problem, but if you put the bits back together, we're golden. Anya's wounds heal almost instantly, but she's so rarely in combat that she actually forgets she heals faster than a human.



Anyanka is an ancient, powerful Vengeance Demon. As such, she has a higher than normal resistance to weapons and trauma, able to go toe to toe with people like vampires and slayers without being phased. It takes things like swords, driven with higher than normal strength, to even catch Anyanka's attention, pain wise.



As if being able to literally change the universe to fit the whims of people wishing things weren't enough, should Anya find herself without her amulet somehow, she's also a pretty handy Witch, it turns out. Having cast a few sexy spells with Willow back in the day, Anya doesn't do this much but can if she should need to for some weird reason.



Anyanka's true form is almost identical to her human disguise... except she looks like Freddy Kreuger's baby. As a vengeance demon, Anyanka can transform herself to look any way she wishes, only revealing her true form once the wish has been made, and even then, only when she wants it. This is an innate ability, and her form actually changes, so cameras, mirrors and the like reveal her to be exactly what she wants to be. She tends to remain looking very much like her old human self, unless something else is required to get to her target.



Anyanka... Anyanka works out. Stronger than many Slayers, and stronger than most other demons of her class, Anyanka tends to only get physical when it comes to self defense... but when she does, she hits like a ton of bricks being carried by an elephant. That's gained weight.



What's better than beating someone up with your bare hands? Beating them up with your BRAIN. As a result of, well, being a demon, Anyanka is capable of manipulating things with her mind either with precision, or flinging them off buildings and the like... up to and including people, weaponry and small long eared creatures with hoppy legs...



Have vengeance, will travel. Anywhere in the world there's someone in need of avenging, Anyanka can find them, and get to them. She can bypass security, solid walls, forcefields and chickenwire fences. She can teleport to locations of her own will, as well, but cannot bring anyone along with her, and cannot use this power for /personal/ gain... like teleporting to the other side of a bank vault, stuffing her pockets, then leaving.


Plot-Restricted Power

You wish it, she grants it... If she's in the mood. Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins is actually Anyanka, the Patron Saint of Scorned Women, also known as a Vengeance Demon. While she cannot use this power without someone making a wish, once they have, she's free to interpret it as loosely as she desires, temporarily warping reality around her. Someone wishes their boyfriend knew how being treated like crap feels? ... Anya can make it happen, but she's not cleaning up the mess. ***Of note, this power is meant primarily for use on NPCs and will only be used by PCs with the player's express permission. Anything above changing some NPCs into toads or having them be ripped to shreds by a demon or the like is strictly at staff's discretion and must be approved. No alternate universes here, folks!***



Without the amulet, she's just Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, someone who should rightfully be dead. With it? She's Anyanka, Patron Saint of Suffering Women and Destroyer of Bunnies. So long as she has her amulet, Anyanka is a demon, and is immune to all the pesky things humans worry about like aging and death. The amulet grants her many powers, and has abilities of its own, including the ability to sense people in need of avenging, though Anya tends to focus on women in need, only choosing men in very rare instances.



With the amulet, she is Anyanka, Patron Saint of Suffering Women and Destroyer of Bunnies. Without it... she's just Anya Christina Emmanuella Jenkins, someone who should rightfully be dead. The Amulet is the source of her powers, and as such, is closely guarded. Should someone destroy it, Anyanka returns to Anya...


"Evil, demented, terrifying to look at and out to dominate the world. No, not me! THOSE THINGS! With the floppy ears and the good eyesight!" Anya, as a mortal woman, developed a terror of bunnies, in part because they reminded her of her past, and in part to help cope with so many new and terrifying experiences. This has carried over to her return as Anyanka, resulting in some especially weird wishes when one woman wished 'the most terrifying fate imaginable' upon her ex husband... only to discover the next day that his house had been overrun by bunnies. Granted, he did die horribly, but...


Don't go for the kill when you can go for the pain. D'Hoffryn brought Anyanka back from the point of death for many reasons, but one of them was simply to see her suffer for failing him. He has paternal feelings toward her, but Anyanka has twice failed him. Should she fail a third time... it might not end well.


Anyanka was once Anya, and a member of the Scooby Gang. While she didn't always get along with them, she fought beside them and loved them as her new family, even when they bickered. She died for them, and not being able to return to the fold, due to her demonic nature, is going to hurt.


If there's one weakness Anyanka has from her time as Anya, it's money. Well, that and a debilitating fear of bunnies, but that's covered elsewhere. While she would never actively degrade herself for material gain, she could probably be convinced to undo a wish simply by bribery.


'I dislike that Anya. She is newly human and oddly literal.' While being literal is perfect for a vengeance demon, when Anyanka tries to interact in the mortal world, she stands out. She tends to avoid contractions, speaking perfectly and precisely, almost like a robot at times. She's socially awkward and doesn't understand mortal concepts like Death very well, except from the 'bringing' side of things.


Anyanka can't just alter reality on her own. She needs a dupe, a doofus, an idiot who speaks without thinking to allow her to unleash her power. Without that, she can't use her most potent ability and is just... oh, such a terrible fate... a super strong demon with healing powers and an ability to teleport at will.

"I'm just lately Anya, not very much to the world, I know. All these years, with nothing to show. I've boned a troll, I've wreaked some wrath, I like to bowl, I'm good with math, but who am I? Now I reply..."

Anyanka, Patron Saint of Scorned Women, was born over a thousand years ago in a small village in Scaninavia. Born Aud (pun intended) she reached maturity and fell in love with a viking named Olaf who enjoyed hunting trolls and getting trashed. Olaf liked Aud because she was brash, opinionated and spoke her mind, frequently espousing strange ideals like generosity and forgiveness of enemies. Aud liked Olaf... because he liked her. When she discovered he was fooling around with the local bar wenches, she cast a spell of vengeance upon him, turning him into a troll. The poetic nature attracted the attention of D'Hoffryn, and he offered her the chance to become a Vengeance Demon. She accepted, and became known to the world as Anyanka.

Anyanka wreaked havoc on the world for over a thousand years before her reign of terror was brought down by an alternate universe Rupert Giles, wished into existance by Cordelia Chase after Xander had cheated on her. With the amulet destroyed, Anyanka was trapped as a teenage human girl, stuck in the identity she'd assumed when she'd stalked Cordelia. As Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins, she eventually went out to prom with Xander, not because he had muscly arms she found appealing, but because they both needed a date, and it made sense from a supply and demand standpoint.

After that, high school and eventually a job at The Magic Box, and an ill-fated relationship with Xander Harris.

In time, the Scooby Gang accepted her and Anya found herself developing unlikely friendships, including Xander, after an awkward breakup... During the final battle in Sunnydale, Anya was attacked from behind by a Bringer, leaving her seemingly dead on the ground. The rest of the Scoobies had to flee Sunnydale quickly, leaving Anya's body behind, to fall into the Hellmouth.

Anya awoke suddenly to find herself mortally wounded and barely clinging to life, with D'Hoffryn, of all things, holding her hand and comforting her. Upon awakening, D'Hoffryn offered Anya a chance at life, a chance at redemption (in his eyes, anyway) and a chance at being once more the Patron Saint of Scorned Women. How could she say no?