Former Druid Emissary



I've lived in the world of the supernatural a long time, but I'm still a doctor. I'm still a man of science. Something like this happens, it rattles the foundation of everything you believe.

Dr. Deaton

Character not yet in play.

Alan Deaton was the druid who served as emissary to Talia Hale and her pack. After the Hale family was killed in a fire set by Kate Argent, he retired from druidic practice and began working full-time as a veterinarian at the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic.

Marin Morrell is his younger sister, and Scott McCall has worked for him at the clinic.

Deaton has occasionally advised Scott, Derek Hale, and the Beacon Hills Pack, but he is generally reticent about it and seldom gives much information. He has made it clear that the pack must find its own emissary; he worked with Derek's mother, not with Derek, nor especially with Scott.