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Orphaned Witch-Boy

Aidan's a Charmed style witch.

Personality Edit

Alright so, here's the synopsis. According to the Myers-Briggs personality, I'm the Debater aka ENTP. According to then I just enjoy shredding people's beliefs and letting the ribbons drift in the wind. It's not just because it's fun to do, but personally I kind of like seeing where people get to when their beliefs and everything were challenged. That's pretty much the basis of everything for me.

I think the extraverted section really fits. Social situations and being with other people is a lot of fun. It is something that I've truly enjoyed in my life, more before my parents died. However, much of how I survive depends on me being around them. I've been described as quick witted and smart.

According to the test I focus a little more on thinking things through rather than just acting on feeling. While I rely on my gut, I also like to have some sort of plan even if it requires on the fly redoing it. This is probably just the best way to survive on the streets because no matter how good the plan is, things will always happen at the last minute.

Really I work best when I'm given freedom to act. That's really really true. I am not very good when functioning within structured rules. The more rules that are placed on me the more uncomfortable I become. It just becomes way too intense for me to be able to handle.

People call me insensitive sometimes because I don't think about how they feel about things. And I guess I can be intolerant when people present me with ideas that have no basis in anything. This is really kind of annoying when they do. It's not like I want to be, but come on, if you cannot provide any support for your argument then your idea is wrong.

Outgoing and personable, people seem to get along with me most of the time. Even if they have a tendency to say I can be a little too energetic from time to time. I tend to think in very flexible ways rather than forming concrete ways to do so.




Aidan is quite capable of running, parkour and other things of that nature. He's used to running down alleys and jumping across rooftops if they're close enough.



Aidan started taking lessons when he was six years old until he was ten when his parents died. He was trained in contemporary ballet and tap. He still does practice when he gets time.



Aidan has grown up being taught about the magical world. It was never a secret around his family. Both of his parents being witches, they made sure to teach him as much about his gift and everything as he could.



Aidan's good enough at playing guitar and singing to busk on the street for some income so he can purchase some of his potion ingredients.



Aidan has the potential to be a strong witch. Currently, he knows a few spells and has been inventive with their usage.




Potions seem to be Aidan's strength. He's able to mix ingredients rather well. His parents taught him a fair amount about them before their passing. He can make potions to freeze, to explode, and to vanquish certain beings.



Aidan has the ability to discern auras and read auras. His magic allows him to determine emotional state, passive magics and even sense the nature of the creatures he's seeing. He's able to read the imprints of magic left behind and determine what sort of magic was left behind.



Similar to his ability to see auras, Aidan has the ability to determine what sort of supernatural being that he's in the presence of at any given moment. He's able to sense when they get closer to him.



Aidan possess his mother's family Book of Shadows, while not as powerful as the Halliwell Book of Shadows. It does contain potions and spells her family developed over the years.



Aidan's a child, so he has relatively little real world experience. In addition, because of his age he tends to be prone to more brash actions than someone who is older would be.


Aidan's homeless and living on the street, meaning he has no real source of income, food, or shelter.


Aidan's magic cannot be used for personal gain without a backfire.

My name is Aidan O'Toole. I was born in Brisbane. I spent like eight years of my life there. Sometimes I miss it but I cannot go back just yet. My parents moved to San Francisco in the United States after they sensed an up rise in demonic activity there and thought it was going to get really bad and that us being there might help. My mother was born in the US but had moved to Australia after she married my father.

The early years? Well they were pretty quiet. My power was passive so it didn't exactly arouse suspicion in people. I had friends and everything. My dad's parents were great. I miss them but they know why I cannot come home yet. I started doing dance lessons starting around the time I was five years old. Some people made fun of it but it was awesome. I played soccer and everything too, which personally I thought I was better at it because of the dancing.

When we moved stateside, my parents took up jobs that allowed us to leave near San Francisco but not really in it. The prices on in city were just WAY too much. I made friends easy enough. It was a cool place to be.

Next door was a guy name Jim, he was a corporate type but he had another really cool side. He was a guitarist and taught lessons at nights. He started teaching me shortly after we moved in. It was cool. It turned out that I was pretty good at it. I wasn't a half bad singer according him but he said the real test would be when I went through puberty to see how that is.

Everything was good for about three years. About a year ago, some sort of upper level demon paid us a visit. He didn't exist in our book. There were plasma balls flying and my parents were killed before my eyes and there was nothing I could do. They managed to hide me from him before they died. When the demon left I knew I had to stick around. Something BIG was going to happen and I had to be around for it when it did.

Before I fled the house, I grabbed my guitar, my mom's family's book of shadows, and her athame. Once on the street I grabbed some clothing to get by in, and went into the city itself. While I'd had classes in gymnastics and such, it took a little while to get the hang of the art of parkour. I met people here and there that helped me survive.

Whenever I could I would busk on street corners and in parks to try and make enough money for potion ingredients from time to time, and to get food. It wasn't the best arrangement and I got hurt a lot by people who stole stuff from me over time.