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Cordy gets Angel to step out for one last try at relaxing before the Night of St. Vigeous. Thaddeus Bailey and a fancy troubadour help clear the gloominess away.

3 October 2016
The Bear and Staff Pub, San Francisco

The Bear and Staff is doing some good business, especially for a Monday night. The place's friendly atmosphere tempts people to linger, though tonight there's less of that than there would be on, say, a weekend evening. It's a comfortable enough size of crowd for most.

There's a slight lull in the ambient hum of conversation and things moving when the door opens to admit Cordelia Chase, of late popular on television herself, accompanied by a well-enough-dressed man.

Well enough because all he wears is black. But she intends to keep trying. One day, some of that will be at least dark blue.

"Anyway, I guess we should mingle tomorrow night. I mean, back in Sunnydale all that happened was that they nearly destroyed the school, but here I guess we have a carnival." Cordy speaks, or continues speaking from what was clearly part of a conversation started before they arrived.

Tad steps out of the back room, glancing around. He smiles a bit at the good business, heading to the front of the bar, glancing at...sniff. Vampire, although Tad knows this particular vampire, not well as a person, but enough to know he won't have to read any riot acts. Although Angel might notice, now, something he wouldn't have noticed before about the's Accorded neutral ground.

Mondays are usually dull, and Tali does not enjoy a dull life. The Bard Errant found his way into Tad's bar and settled himself in with a few beers and a corner spot at the bar. He's dressed in a pair of faded jeans, grey shirt and a black vest and his hair is wild and shaggy. He looks up toward as new people enter. While only recognizes Cordy's face, he does raise his glass toward Angel by way of greeting. "I'll take their first round Tad." He gestures before sipping from his glass.

Angel frowns at the night of St. Vigeous being called a "carnival." He remembers what it really is, after all. "Don't take it lightly. Remember your Junior year? That's what Spike used to attack when he arrived." And yes, Angel's now aware of the accorded neutral ground thing. One of many thing's he's learned about reently.

Cordelia smiles to Taliesin and Thaddeus both, turning her head to take in the scenery and notable personalities. She hasn't been introduced formally to either one, but they seem nice enough. Angel might know them. That's probably it. Her attention returns to Angel pretty quickly. "Yeah, that's pretty much what I just finished saying. Are you even here with me? You're acting like you're at least a million miles away."

"If you insist," Tad says with a smile. Then he glances over Cordelia. Hrm. She's not one he's seen much of. Still... "What will it be?" Sure, he could probably just get it, but it's polite to make a pretense.

Taliesin is good for his coin, he just hopes that they don't order the most expensive things on the menu. "I do, after all it pays to be generous does it not?" He tilts his head as he speaks before he gestures toward the two empty seats next to him. "Come and join me, there is more than enough room next to the bar for company such as yourself."

Angel is unusually distant. Probably something to do with all the brooding. Or maybe it's what's coming up tomorrow. "Sorry, Cordy. I kinda get lost remembering what I used to do tommorrow night. It wasn't pretty at all..." Angelus, Darla, and later Drusilla and Spike...well, that was a whole lot of blood being spilled every October 4th...

Once they're close enough, Cordy finds herself addressed by not one, but two handsome gentlemen. Bonus! She pats Angel on the nearest surface. Shoulder...closer to chest. And she moves to the bar, smile spreading as she looks between Thad and Taliesin. "What's good? I mean...what do you recommend? I want something that'll wow my tongue. I've heard good things!" With a gesture back to Angel, she leans forward onto the bar. "And if you have any liquid cheer for Eeyore over there, I'm pretty much your BFF at least 5-evah." Angel's been through plenty of changes lately. Maybe one of those will make him easier to get...merry. Cordy glances back as Angel speaks, then turns her head back to Thad. "See what I mean? Eeyore."

"I suppose that depends on how much wow your tongue can handle." Taliesin says with a smirk. "Most everything here is good, but I am a fan of the beer myself. It has the right amount of richness that I expect and I don't have to hear about how Thad sings to his hops to make them blossom or some such." Someone's been hanging out in the hipster bars lately. "Though I am sure if you asked him nice enough, he would mix up something special for you."

Thaddeus Bailey smiles at Cordelia, and then moves to get her a beer. "Try this, then." Yes, he's psychic. Yes, he knows exactly what you really want. He glances at the vampire. Who probably wants a "bloody mary" as it were.

"My tongue? All kinds of wow." Cordelia laughs, raising a hand and wiggling her fingers. Once the bard has regaled her with such appealing descriptions, she turns to look to Thad, fluttering her lashes at him. "Would you really? I mean...presuming you're Thad. I'm Cordelia, that's Angel, and I'm looking super forward to trying it!"

Soon enough, she has a beer and raises her glass first to Thad, then to Taliesin, and last to Angel. "Let's see how it is!"

Cordy takes a hefty first gulp of it. She had a powerful thirst even before they arrived, so this is going a long way to satisfy that. It is so satisfying. It's that "party in my mouth" feeling, and she quickly, enthusiastically nods. "Yes. Yes, that's exactly what I wanted. You are clearly some sort of master wizard god or something, and I salute you, sir!"

"Or he's just learned a lot over time about what people like to drink." He's been quiet again, perhaps lost in what was done and what might happen tommorrow. That brooding again. "Huh. If you like the beer that much...Faith's birthday is coming up soon..."

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