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Cake, "The Distance"


Stiles has a gift for Liam, along with a few words of support.

August 7, 2015
Beacon Hills Public School

[Phone] Stiles texts: Hey pup. (to Liam Dunbar)

[Phone] Liam Dunbar texts: Stiles? Sup? Trble?

[Phone] Stiles texts: No trouble. Got something for U. Meet @school?

[Phone] Liam Dunbar texts: In the Lcker Room

[Phone] Stiles texts: OMW

Liam Dunbar was in the locker room sure its summer holidays still, but its not like its hard to get into the Gym and Coach likes his players to stay in shape. He was shitless and sweating after showing Ethan the basics then shooing him home with the promise of being ready for their 'date' soon. It was also pretty common knowledge that Liam practiced and worked out ... ALOT. He has been about to shower but instead just sits down on a bench waiting for Stiles.

A few minutes after the texted conversation, Stiles arrives. He's dressed in his usual casual clothing rather than sportswear, and for whatever reason, he's carrying a Macy's bag. Once he spots Liam, he gives a chin-up nod of greeting and grins, heading over to the younger teen. Plunking down on the bench beside him, Stiles hands over the bag without preamble. "Here ya go, Pup," he says, employing the nickname he's recently begun to attach to Liam, always used fondly rather than in a harsh way. "Thought you might like it."

Inside the bag, Liam will find what is (especially with a werewolf's sense of smell) unmistakably Ethan's leather jacket.

Liam Dunbar blinks as he pulls the leather Jacket out of the bag and turns crimson, as apparently Stiles knows. He starts trying to say something but is too embarrassed to even process anything. Finally he manages a blush, "He said he wasn't going to tell anyone." He fumbles for his phone about to send an angry text though he was so embarrased he could barely pick the thing up.

Shaking his head, Stiles says, "Hey, hey! Cool it, dude. It wasn't like that." Stiles exhales sharply, reflecting on certain personal ironies, and runs a hand through his hair. "We were kind of... relating to each other. I introduced him to my boyfriend, and we got a little... tired... and we started talking. And... stuff just kind of came up. He really needed to talk to someone, I think... and Pup. Liam. I won't say anything to anybody, okay? It's your business. And, believe it or not... I get it." He did, after all, just tell Liam he has a boyfriend.

Liam Dunbar blushes and nods a bit then can't help it his brings the jacket to his nose and sniffs it inhaling everything that made Ethan, Ethan. And it had a predictable affect on a teen boy who was starting to like someone. He flushes, "Just... Don't please? Espsecially not Mason. He'd kill me if he wasn't the first to find out... which i don't even know... and he'll kill me anyway if i... If I get a boyfriend before he does." At the moment profound embarrassment was keeping him from getting angry though his heart was beating super fast and he looked down and saw his claws were starting to show, so he took some deep breaths slowly regaining control. "So... Um why are you giving this to me.. A And what did you want to talk about?"

"Oh, just... Ethan left that in my car earlier, when we were hanging out with the new guy from out of town. I thought..." He smiles a little, giving a mild shrug. "Thought maybe it'd be fun to give it to you. Maybe you could wear it and... y'know. See if you like it." Then, leaning over to lightly shoulder-check Liam, he winks. "And hey. I won't tell anyone--'specially not Mason--if you don't tell anyone about me, either. 'Specially not Scott." By which he obviously means McCall. Offering a hand, he grins and asks, "Deal?"

Liam Dunbar puts it on and takes Stiles hand... Then remember's he's still all hot and sweaty from practice and shirtless. He gives his trademarked sheepish look and smiles, "I won't tell. Or I'll try not to. So um are you you know okay with this? I mean he did try to kill you guys didn't he?" He was obviously very nervous and not just because he might not be straight. There were a lot of things going on here.

Stiles gives Liam's hand a good shake, and then he shakes his head, too. "Nah. Ethan's been through a lot. I think... really... what he needs is friends and people who care about him. Aiden too. They need to know that they're part of our pack now. And that means family, right?" He hops to his feet and playfully chucks Liam on the shoulder again with one fist. "Get cleaned up, dude. You're all sweaty, and you wanna be presentable when you meet him... whatever happens." He pauses, turning back, and adds in an unusually gentle tone, "And Liam. You ever need to talk... about anything... I may not be a werewolf, but I'm here for ya. Cool?" He tosses off a two-fingered salute, then, and turns to head out the door, presumably just making a quick stop on his way to somewhere else.

Liam Dunbar blinks as he thinks that's the nicest Stiles has ever been to him, and he sits there for about a minute just feeling as if Ethan was holding him in his arms. And gets that Dopey teen love look on his face, then blushes pulls the jacket off and goes to the shower and gets ready for his 'date' with Ethan. He'd insisted on totally low key.