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Donny Osmond, "Puppy Love"


Liam and Ethan agree to take things slowly.

August 5, 2015
Lookout Point, Beacon Hills

This log carries a rating warning for mild to moderate sexual themes.

NOTE: This scene takes place the morning after Bungle in the Jungle.


Beacon Hills - Lookout Point


Most of this area is covered with the trees of the forest preserve. They are thin, young trees in some areas, widely spaced to allow plenty of space for the forest's carpet of past years' leaves. As one moves south and west, though, the trees grow larger, closer together, with thicker undergrowth between them. Near the road, a large sign proclaims a warning that one might do well to heed: "No Entry After Dark."


The area is named for the mountain top to the west, which is easily accessed by road and overlooks the whole of Beacon Hills, from the forest preserve to the West Hills neighborhoods, the East Hills River beyond, and then the downtown and industrial districts beyond. From here, the town of Beacon Hills looks rather small, indeed. To the east, the woods end abruptly as they meet the highway, marking a clear border between the forest and civilization.



Ten minutes later, Ethan's motorcycle rides slowly along the forest lane, stopping at the chained posts. He pulls off his helmet, then untucks the front of his t-shirt, pulling out the paper sack of food he secured beneath his shirt for the ride. "Liam?" he calls, heading toward the cliffs. "I brought the rest of your breakfast. Hope it's not too cold. Or squished. You like waffles, right?"


Liam Dunbar was shirtless, but this time in just his gym shorts not his boxers, and his shirt was still in one piece as were his shoes those his socks were a lost cause. And next to him was a shredded tree and he was panting his back against the tree he'd basically made a toothpick of. He blushes and looks at you, "Yeah I'm starving!... Uh yeah I think if we're gonna try this we better do it out here.... So I don't like eat someone. Or break stuff." The puppy was panting by this point. "Can you help me? With all this? Scott's awesome but he has all his stuff and stiles and saving everyone. I need help learning to control this. And um figuring out you know ... If I do maybe like guys... Or at least you..."


Ethan Carver smiles as he drops to his knees, offering the food. "Sure, of course. I'll do whatever you need me to do. Look, I know it's hard to control at first. I was born a werewolf, but I didn't start changing until I hit puberty, so I've been where you are." He grins suddenly. "Actually, that's when I realized I liked guys too, so I've been there, too. It's not easy, but you can do it. Just breathe a lot, think about something calming, soothing. I used to close my eyes and picture this little stream that ran along the edge of our property. When we were kids, me and Aiden weren't treated the best, and sometimes we'd run away, but we never went any farther than the stream. We'd just sit on the bank, dangle our toes in the cold water, and breath until we'd calmed down. That's where I go in my head now, whenever I feel like I'm going to lose control. I bet you've got a place like that yourself, somewhere you go to just be alone with your thoughts. So close your eyes and picture it in your head, and keep taking long, slow breaths." And because Liam just looks so adorable shirtless, Ethan leans in for a light but lingering kiss to his lips, whispering, "I really like you."


Liam Dunbar blushes and pushes Ethan away, but it was a gentle push, not a werewolf throw, or even the hot ass athlete he was before he was bitten. It was just a gentle give me some time push, then after that time he pulls Ethan back down but not to kiss instead he leans against the big wolf instead, "Can we just do this for right now.. Just hold me?" He felt safer that way, plus he was almost positive that Ethan could take him easily if he did wolf out, which was oddly calming in itself, he knew he wouldn't hurt anyone with Ethan around.


Ethan Carver chuckles at the gentle shove, then wraps an arm around Liam and settles beside him. "You bet, sweetcheeks," he says playfully. "Any excuse to touch you, I'm gonna be there. Feels really good, my arm around you like this. Feels right, somehow. Even if you decide you're just into girls, I hope we can still do this sometimes. Just...chill together." He rests the side of his head against the top of yours, inhaling deeply. "Eat your waffles before they get too cold. There's butter and syrup in there too. Also eggs, sausage, and lots of bacon. And a little carton of milk, like at school. Milk does a body good, ya know. Grow up big and strong, like me." Suddenly grinning, he can't resist turning his face and whispering in your ear. "Big and strong and able to pin me to the bed, punish me like the bad boy I am."


Liam Dunbar grins and blushes, "I'm Probably the one that should be punished, I kinda uh slashed the tires of three motorcycles on the way here. So i didn't do it to yours." HE looks sheepish at you and blushes, "How about this I'll admit That... I like you. You don't go to any more clubs till we figure this out... And Um stop saying sexy things... Le Le let me be my age and Start off getting the nerves to kiss?"


Ethan Carver growls softly and playfully in your ear, the grin evident in his voice. "Okay, but don't take too long to get your nerve. You're a very good kisser, and I'm starving for your lips on mine." He turns his head again, giving your hear a break. "Sorry, was that too much? Because I didn't even mention how I throw wood every time anyone mentions your name, or how I'm dying to slowly and sensually run my tongue over every single inch of your skin and...." He lets out a small groan, shifting a bit uncomfortably as he grabs at his crotch, adjusting himself within the tight jeans. "Yeah, let's talk about something else, before I need to borrow your shorts to get home."


Liam Dunbar just turns read and pushes you this time it was a werewolf throw but it was playful, and nothing like what your pack used to do to you. "Stop it, let’s just cuddle and if you tone it way down, we can try kissing maybe, when you come over tonight and help me get caught up on my summer reading list, I'm kinda way behind on everything school wise." He blushes again.


Ethan Carver lets out a groan and rolls his eyes. "Screw summer reading. Can't we just make out? I'm really into you, Liam. I don't wanna pressure you or anything, 'cuz I want you to be into me, too. I just...can't get enough of being with you." He presses a soft kiss to the top of your head, then inhales deeply. He lowers his voice to a whisper then, resting his forehead to the top of your head now, so he can completely avoid any possiblity of eye contact. "I don't ever want to hurt you. Ever. I want your first time to be special. Mine was hell. Yours should be gentle and beautiful and leave you wanting more. Your first kiss, first everything. patient with me, okay? I've never been with a virgin before."


Liam Dunbar rolls his eyes, "Dude doesn't studying always mean making out?" He rolls his eyes, "Please just go way slower don't think ahead, we're kinds in school.... And fuck... I'm totally the girl cause I wanna go slow... Well whatever... Anyway IF you can help me study and get my grades up, I might be greatful." HE trembles and takes a breath then gives you HIS cocky grin, "Am I worth waiting for?"


Ethan Carver leans back again, cocking a brow as he looks into your eyes, lips curling into a matching cocky grin. "Totally worth waiting for. And I'll help you study, if that's what it takes to get to make out with you. But I'm not doing any math, so just forget that, okay? Not even for a handjob." His eyes flash at this, though it's clear he's only joking. "So you'll try being my boyfriend? For now, at least? Are we keeping this a big secret from everyone, or can I totally rub it in Stilinski's face that -my- boyfriend is a werewolf, while he's stuck with a lowly Hell's Angel?"


Liam Dunbar turns red and clears his throat, "The waiting and being patient thing. I I don't even I mean I think I'm still... Look No more sex talk or handjobs… Or uh uh YOu won't get any handjobs!" He blushes and blushes at how that sounded then finally whimpers, "Look lets just keep it to ourselves for now. And no not try to plan what happens or.... talk about it? The next time you bring up a hand job i want it to be a gentle touch at yoru thigh or gently putting my hand on your thigh and not getting upset if i move away, The next time you kiss me you to offer and let me deide if I'm ready, and As far as being your boyfriend, lets wait and see and next time you ask." HE hits the side of your head with probably a bit more force than he meant to and didn't realize his clas were almost out, "BE ROMANTIC."


Ethan Carver flinches at the strike, though only a little, despite the trickle of blood from the small gashes accidently inflicted. "Oh my God," he whispers, eyes suddenly flashing blue, though his tone is utter reverance. "You are so beautiful, Liam. I think I just fell in love with you a little." A shiver runs through him, as his eyes fade and the slashes seal themselves. "You wanna come over tonight for dinner and some movies? Anything you wanna watch, I'll get. We can get a pizza or Chinese, whatever. Just the two of us, you and me, on the couch by the fireplace."


Liam Dunbar whimpers and looks horrified he'd just hurt Ethan, thugh the healing was a plus, and he whimpered even more that you weren't mad. He takes a few breathes almost hitting himself, but slowly calms down biting his lip, "I I'm sorry. Really Just can we please really take it slow. Please? I don't even know if I am you know... One step at a time? And Yes Pizza Studying, then a movie? Wait What's tonight... Okay no plans with Mason tonight he's going clubbing... Cool .. Uh studying then a movie right?" He was very carefully avoiding the word date.


Ethan Carver nodnods quickly, the excitement clear in his eyes. Far from being upset at Liam lashing out, he seems all the more adoring. "Yeah, sure. Pizza, studying, then a movie. Anything you want, Liam. Just let me spend time with you, and I'll be happy. We can go slow or not go at all, just so long as we're together. Okay?" He leans close, but forces himself to stop. "Can I kiss you now?" he asks in a soft, hopeful voice. "Or better yet, will you kiss me?"


Liam Dunbar looks a little afraid at how it went from him being the timid one to Ethan begging for a kiss. He was confused he didn't know how he felt and Ethan was all over the place. He took a breath and hesitantly kissed Ethan on the cheek, "Studying, you're like 2 grades ahead of me. You should be able to help right? And please lets just let it happen cause we feel it or don't. Don't force it please... Cau cause I like you I do, but i feel like you're forcing me and... I just I wanna fall in love with someone, I don't want to be told or asked... I want to figure it out, I want us ta figure it out together okay? Please?"


Ethan Carver gently caresses the back of his fingers against your cheek, still shivering from the kiss. "Okay, babe. We'll take it slow, you set the pace from now on. Just know, I'm here for you and only you, okay? There's nobody else now, no other guys. I wanna fall in love, too." He smiles, eyes sparkling with mist. "You really are beautiful, Liam. Your smile makes my heart, howl! Howl joyfully, like a wolf." He leans in, placing his forehead against yours, and just gazes into your eyes in adoration. His heart really is racing, his pupils dilated, and his skin slightly flushed -- all the signs are there.


Liam Dunbar relaxes and blushes then pokes your ribs this time making sure its just playful and checking his fingers first to make sure they're not claws, "Dude pressure... but thanks." He gives you that grin again, then says shyly takes your hand, okay hand holding might be kinda immature but he's only 15 and definately a virgin. "How about um we eat the left overs, then we sneak into school? I can show you how to play Lacrosse?"


Ethan Carver gives your fingers a gentle squeeze, smiling. "Uh, lacrosse? I sorta know how to play, but I'm not really...You know what? Sure, that sounds like fun. Gotta get my abs back in shape before school starts anyway. Really let myself go this summer." His free hand dips down to lift the edge of his shirt, showing off his six-pack abs. "Look how flabby I've gotten?" He grins wickedly, knowing just what effect his bare body has on you, but his teasing is very playful, rather than actually wicked.


Liam Dunbar kinda looks both ways then squeezing the hand he's holding he leans in and gives you a completely unasked for kiss on the cheek, completely spontaneous then he's grabbing the food out of the bags and nibbling on it while resting against you, though he does leave the sausage in the plates lest he tempt you with other bad jokes.


Ethan Carver sucks in a breath at the surprise kiss, face blushing just a bit more. Yep, he's really liking this side of Liam. He slides his arm back around your shoulders, watching you eat in silence, though he does tip the side of his head against yours now and then, gently rubbing his cheek to your hair. As for the sausages, he keeps his mouth shut and waits to see what Liam has in store. No need to spoil the mood or the surprise!


Liam Dunbar blinks as he seems to be the onyl one eating and nudges you at some of the bacon, and well every thing then once the food was gone he was still cuddled up with you, he was just a shy kid and ethan had been blunt with him waaay too forward, he wants gentle and subtle he's supposed to be the stupid one that blurts things out. After a few moments of sitting when he's finished eating he looks at you nuzzling just a tiny bit then says hesitantly, "You look really tired, Did you maybe want to take a nap here before, I kick your bu... errr teach you how to play Lacrosse.


Ethan Carver takes one last, long breath, nodding a little. "Would that be okay? I really couldn't sleep until I talked to you after...what almost happened. And now that it's out, I think the sleepies have caught up to me." He starts to scoot down, stetching out a bit, but pauses. "Would you stay and hold me while I nap?"


Liam Dunbar had already moved before Ethan could ask. His body was melded with the bigger boys and his eyes closed. His breathing was already softening. IT was clear he meant both of them taking a nap together, after all he'd been up till almost 2 and woke up at 5 he's tired too. He seems to fall asleep as Soon as Ethan has stretched out.


Ethan Carver gently pulls Liam against him, squirming around until both are more comfortable, offering his shoulder and arm as a pillow and using a particularly large tree root for his own headrest. He smiles, just watching Liam sleep for a few minutes, until he drifts off as well. Yet no matter how deeply he falls into sleep, his senses remain on high alert, ready to leap to Liam's defense at the slightest provocation. It's just his nature.