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Scott McCall's Pack



"Sugar Sugar" by the Archies


Liam and Ethan cuddle on the couch enjoying dinner and a movie. But it's not a date!

August 6, 2015
Beacon Hills - 3011 Forrest Hill Park

Beacon Hills - 3011 Forrest Hill Park

The entry hall of this large home is quite a bit cheerier than it could have otherwise been, due perhaps to the tastes of the owners. While   the stone walls and floor might lend themselves towards a cold and gloomy look, brightly colored rugs and wall hangings have been used to add   warmth and vibrancy, as well as to keep the chill of the floor from the feet of guests. An ebony coatrack and a mat for shoes has been placed   near the door, with a table a bit further down the hall, made of matching wood, with a gilt-framed mirror placed above. A large archway opens up into a massive sunken living room, accessed by walking down three steps, with an oak door directly across from it, though it's usually kept closed. Further down the hall, a set of French doors open up into a dining room. Across from the dining room is a large, frosted glass door, which is warm to the touch. A smaller hallway leads off into the kitchen area, laundry room, and garage. Finally, a massive spiral staircase, with an ebony banister, winds up to the second floor of the house.

Ethan Carver dressed up for tonight, or at least dressed a bit more nicely than he does for just hanging around. A clean button-up shirt over a clean tee, spotless jeans that fit well without being overly tight or revealing, and even a nice pair of shoes, rather than boots. When he answers the door, he resists the urge to greet with a kiss, giving Liam a smile instead. After serving sodas and chips, Ethan settles them at the kitchen table for studying, the room surprisingly clean for the house of two single teenagers with no parental influence. No dirty dishes, not so much as a crumb on any of the surfaces.


Ethan tries to help with the studying, he really does. But he took the classes Liam is currently working on, and after getting passing grades, he promptly forgot as much as he could. School just isn't a big priority for the Carver twins. But for Liam's sake, he does his best, and that means concentrating on the books, rather than gazing longingly at the boy at the table with him.


After about two hours of homework, Ethan is just about ready to climb the walls. Fortunately, he's saved by the bell -- the doorbell, that is. "Pizza's here!" he shouts triumphantly, leaping from his chair and making a dash to the front door. A few minutes later, he calls, "Hey, why don't we eat in the living room? Grab us some sodas from the fridge and join me?"


Liam Dunbar arrives himself in a light blue T-shirt, and a pair of shorts that were loose enough for him to move easily, but not so loose to bed someone to put their hands in them. And lastly Ethan's leather jacket. He was blushing like mad when he entered but didn't say anything and just went straight o studying. He wasn't stupid really his brain just worked differently not a learning disability per say, just he needed things explained sometimes in different ways. And it didn't hurt that the whole time he was studying Liam kept shyly letting Ethan put his arm around his waist for a second or massage his neck just little things for a few seconds, but trying to ease them both into this rather than diving into something e wasn't sure he wanted or was ready for.


Liam Dunbar also brings sodas then after a moment still wearing Ethan's jacket he lightly plops on the couch so he's basically sitting in Ethan's arms and with a huge blush whispers, "Are you gonna turn on the movie or not?"


Ethan Carver has the extra large pizza box open on the coffee table, and there's a (gas) fire crackling in the fireplace, and he grins when you sit right next to him, as he aims the remote and the large flatscreen TV. "I hope you like scary movies," he says, sliding his arm around your shoulders before taking the soda. "American Werewolf in London is a classic, you know." His fingers lightly trace over the shoulder-seam of the jacket. "Out of curiosity...Where did you find this?" Yep, he knows it's his -- his scent is pretty strong on it. Not sweaty-stinky, but musky.


Liam Dunbar blushes, "Stiles. Said you left it with him and he uh brought it to me to see if I'd like it." He bites his lip again and he was liking this the simpler things he liked being held he liked smelling you and you know pizza. He rolled his eyes at your movie choice but grins. Then hesitantly leans up and gives you a kiss on the lips, a simple one not a peck but not much deeper then ne settles back into the arms and nibbles on pizza with a happy sigh.


Ethan Carver blushes just a touch at the unexpected kiss, smiling. He's trying so hard not to push things, to let Liam set the pace. It's not easy, especially with Liam sitting so close, pressed against his side, proudly wearing his jacket...his scent. After stealing a long, deep sniff of the younger boy's hair, Ethan settles back to watch the movie, nibbling at the pizza. But as the evening stretches on, it becomes obvious that something is troubling him. Something more than the sexual tension in the air, something deeper, perhaps more profound. For one thing, he's been very, very quiet most of the night, and while he smiles often, there's a tension around his eyes, a tightness to his lips. Several times during the film, he turns to Liam and opens his mouth, about to say something, but he stops himself and goes back to watching the old scary flick.

 Liam Dunbar hits the pause button on the T.V. Finally he wasn't the smartest tool in the shed. Or the sharpest boy in class, but he was't stupid. He leans back and looks over to Ethan , "Is somethign wrong, hun? Um Am I doing somethign wrong? Never really did this before with a girl even." There is is that adorable inscure look he gets.

Ethan Carver flinches just a bit, forcing a smile. "No, you're good. Perfect. I...Are you comfortable? I want you to have a good time, not be worried about...." He lets out a long breath, closing his eyes. "Something weird happened earlier, that's all. Can't really describe it all, but there was this guy, and he was...." He opens his eyes at last, focusing on yours. "What did Stiles tell you?"


Liam Dunbar shrugs, "Just that he's there to talk basically and that uh he knows what I'm going through?" HE looks confused and curls a little into Ethan but turns a bit so he's looking up at Ethan not at the TV. "What’s going on? We gonna have to fight a bunch or weresquirrells? ‘Cause I'm totally not up to fighting weresquirrells."


Ethan Carver tightens his hold around Liam's shoulders, holding him close. "I don't know, honestly. The guy mentioned some people might be coming to town, looking for Scott Howard. People and other things, maybe even vampires." He frowns. "Didn't even know vampires were a real thing. But if they are, and if they're headed for Beacon Hills, we need to be ready to fight them. And that means...." He hesitates, chewing on his lower lip. "That guy I mentioned, called himself the Prince of the Werewolves or some crap. But I saw what he can do. We all did. It was amazing, more amazing than anything I've ever seen. He offered to" He shivers a bit, lowering his voice. "We were all there. McCall, Stilinski, even Hale. But it was me he singled out with his offer. He wants to teach me how to do the stuff he can do."


Liam Dunbar blinks a bit, "No fair, you get someone call the Prince to teach you cool shit. And I can't even figure out how to turn these on and off yet." HE says looking at his hand and trying to make it claws and failing." HE pouts then looks into your eyes, "Wait or is this bad stuff like when you were an alpha?" He whimpers a bit, "Dude... don't if its bad. I mean I'm still getting my head around liking you as much as I do. I'm so totally not ready to be into a bad boy yet."


Ethan Carver can't help but chuckle softly, leaning forward until his forehead is against yours, looking deep into your eyes. "I'm a bad boy," he says softly, "but not a bad guy. Not anymore. I wanna do good, what's right. I want to fight for McCall, for his pack...for -you-. You know that, don't you? I'll do anything and everything to keep you safe. If that means learning what this Prince joker has to teach, then I think I need to do it. I just don't know if we can trust him. Pretty sure McCall doesn't either. That's another reason I think I should do it, so I can find out for the rest of us if this guy's legit. If what he's offering is real, and what sort of price we'd have to pay." He pauses, his gaze intensifying. "But if you don't want me to go, I'll stay."


Liam Dunbar nuzzles into Ethan surprising himself by how okay he is with being held now and looks into Ethan's eyes, he's starting to feel it too now, that touch his heart beating faster, all of it including a certain tightness in his pants. He bites his lip, "You'd have to tell me what it is... But if you think it's wrong, we'll do it ourselves. We'll just beat it as a pack. Cause if I'm pack I'll make sure Scott lets you in. Cause... I well ... Um I need you to uh help me study? Yeah, that’s it!"


Ethan Carver grins, his eyes lighting up. "Yeah, that's it." He rubs the tip of his nose lightly against yours, still grinning. "I think I'm already in, after tonight. McCall really stood up for me, put himself between me and the Prince. I've never felt so...included. I just wish Aiden had been there, too." He sits back a little, eyes averted. "I miss him, Liam. Can't really explain what it's like, but I feel like part of me is missing when he's so far away. Not a finger or toe, like a whole arm is gone. I really need to be part of McCall's pack." He brings his gaze back, eyes a bit misty. "I need you, too. For, uh...studying."


Liam Dunbar leans in this time and gives you his first real willing kiss his hands grasping at your shirt your chest, his tongue entering your mouth for just a second, it wasn't a logn kiss but it was a real one. A passionate one. Then he breaks it again and curls up, "Look Scott will handle it... WE'll handle it together. Don't go offo on your own. And if he says you have to then tell him to fuck off. You're part of the pack now. We're family... and maybe more." HE then turns the movie back on and pretends it the most fascinating thing he's ever seen.


Ethan Carver is left gasping for breath, too stunned to really respond to the kiss or the words after. A shudder runs up his spine, as he slowly turns back toward the TV, but he keeps stealing glances toward the boy under his arm. How could he have ever even considered leaving Beacon Hills, even for a moment, when there's so much for him here? McCall, the pack, that Scott Howard kid who may or may not need help...and Liam! One kiss from Liam, with its promise of so much more one day, is worth more than all the superpowers a werewolf prince might offer.