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Dean comes to find Fred, who introduces him to Faith.

July 31, 2015
Hyperion Hotel, San Francisco

Dean had called earlier. He may not be great at computers or the internet, but phones? He can do that. So he's back at the Hyperion, through the door with his bow-legged gait snappy and driven. He doesn't look very happy, but maybe that's the nature of the beast, so to speak. Whatever's happened, it's apparently motivated him. "Fred!" He calls out.

And right after Dean arrives, a bike pulls up. Faith tugs off her helmet, dismounts and... realizes somebody else is in the doorway calling Fred's name. Faith's pretty sure he was at the taqueria the other day. Good. He's not a mundane client who needs their dog finding or something.

To be honest, Fred has been worried a bit. There's not only the matter of the hotel moving, but there's also Wesley and Angel and now the actual angel. If Dean hadn't have called first, it's quite likely he'd have found a locked gate out front. However, as it is, she's waiting for him on the circular blue sofa, looking down at a research book in front of her. As Dean enters, she smiles. "Hi Dean! I've been looking into the fake mustache thing and I think it may be problematic," she tells him right off the bat. Her eyes focus behind him, seeing Faith and she smiles a bit, not yet greeting the brunette Slayer.

"Fred! Uh." Dean's not exactly sure about the whole moustache issue, but then he remembers what they talked about the other day. "Uh, it could work...?" He glances over his shoulder at the bike, but figures whoever it is, they must have some idea of why they're here too. He's prepared, either way. Drawing closer to the sofa, he leans up to take a look at the book. "So. Anything...on the whole...moving buildings thing?"

"I didn't...realize you had visitors," the brunette slayer notes as she follows Dean inside. "But it sounds like business--I can leave if you really want, but..." But moving buildings, Angel. She's going to make it her business, one way or another.

"It'll take a bit more research, I guess," Fred sighs. And most of her resarch time is being taken up by angels and moving buildings. The mustache will have to wait. At the question, she props the book up on the top of the sofa so that he can see it. The language looks like scribbles, but there's pictures of demons on it. "I'm chekin' to see if there's demons that parade as angels. But, so far I haven't gotten far. Wesley's really the one who's better at this."

As Faith comes in, Fred gestures at her to follow Dean's example. "No, we're just talkin' about the stuff the angel told us about over tacos. Dean doesn't think he's an angel or speaking for the Powers That Be, so we're bein' extra careful."

Dean takes a look at Faith in the doorway. That's enough to perk him up a little more. Fred, this other woman he's pretty sure he remembers from the restaurant the other day... and no hulkish dudes or plucky axe-wielding guys to take away from the Dean Winchester-ness of it all. "Yeah, come right in. The more, the merrier!" Dean probably hasn't been what might be called "merry" a day in his life, but he could use a little mood-lifter. Because his mood does dip a little when the whole business is brought up again in depth. "I'm...pretty sure he' least not a demon. Doesn't feel like anything else I know. We're just gonna have to assume he's for real, for now."

"I'm not sure I've encountered a demon, even a hell god, that could move the Hyperion from San Francisco to Los Angeles. If it's not the Powers That Be, I suppose it could be a particularly powerful coven of witches. With a lot of experience, working together." Faith sits down, glances at Dean, then back to Fred. "I'm not always the best at research, but we might want to see who or what else is...out of place."

"That's a big change of though," Fred points out gently to Dean. The last time he was here, he was convinced that Castiel was a fake or someone who was crazy. Now, though, he's willing to believe he might be the real thing. "Is that why you're here? Did something change?" She's an observant person, Fred. To Faith, she smiles. "I'm not as good at it as Wesley is, either. But, that's a good idea. Figure out what everything that got moved has in common."

"Look," Dean answers, gaze shifting between Faith and Fred, "I just wanna get this done and get this whole angel business outta my life. Or whatever he is. Whatever the hell's going on." He folds his arms over his chest, shaking his head, huffing out a sigh. "Once it's over, all of us can move on with our lives." And maybe he can grab Sammy back. Maybe then, he can get back to finding that damn yellow-eyed demon. But when Faith makes her point, he grins a little bit. "You too, huh? Guess it's a good thing Fred's into it."

"I'm into killing things that need to be killed," Faith says, simply. "But we're on the same any case. I think what we need to do first is see if who and what got moved backs up angel boy's story." Because, yeah. If something that big is on the move...

"Sure. Though, I think this is something a bit more involved. Like Faith said, something very powerful had to be involved to move all these things. The energy requirements alone are phenomenal and that's not even thinking about putting things in it's place or replacing what was already here." Her own interest in this is on the more scientific side, but that's Fred. "What I'm tryin' to get at is it may take a little bit." Frowning, she glances upstairs. "And, really, we need Wesley." As for being on whose side, she nods. "I think we are. Y'know, I should really go see if Weley's gotten any good tips." She pushes the book towrad Faith and Dean, maybe just assuming they can read it, too. "I'll be back."

"I'm totally into that." Dean replies to Faith almost immediately. Killing things that need to be killed, to be specific. He gives Fred a sort of salute, then looks back to Faith. The name. Faith. That makes him feel a little...well, not-happy given what's going on in his life. A lot of things are shifting in his worldview, and he's almost entirely sure he doesn't like it. "So. Faith, right? Dean Winchester. You were at the Taco Lunch of the Apocalypse."

Faith Lehane nods. "Yeah, I was. Angel boy kind of set me up. If he does work for the Powers That Be, that's typical. They can't just ask, you know. Have to manipulate and stuff." She leans back in her chair. Unlike Dean, she doesn't provide a last name. "On the other hand, he gave us at least some non-cryptic information."

"Right?!" Now here's someone Dean can really connect with. "And they 'can't intervene', of course. But they can apparently teleport, and who knows what else." He starts gesturing with his hands, which is a sure sign he's become enthusiastic about the topic at hand. "So...sounds like you got some experience with these 'Powers That Be'. Care to share?" There's just a beat. "There any place to get a drink around here?"

"Not sure. I don't live here, so I don't know where their stash is. But, there's a bar just down the road that seemed pretty good and just the right amount of dive-y?" Faith grins at Dean. "And sure, I can share. Some."

"Fine by me. My ride or yours?" Dean offers a hand up, breaking into a grin equal parts boyish and bright. It doesn't quite reach his eyes, though; it's clear he's seen some things. Maybe the light doesn't reach them very often. But it's at least a nice enough expression up to there.

"Depends. My ride's a bike," Faith notes, with a bit of a mischievous expression. Oh, she thinks she's going to like this guy.

Dean laughs a little bit, with a single nod of his head. "Yeah, I got a look at that when you pulled up. I've got a '67 Impala if you wanna right shotgun. But if you want to bike it, I can hang on with the best of 'em." He's pretty sure Faith is right about his type, or at the very least, she's definitely the type he hangs out with if he has a choice.