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The angel, Castiel, begins gathering champions to face a mysterious new threat.

July 27, 2015
Kintetsu Mall, San Francisco

Lord Glamorgan emerges from one of the many bookshops with a large sack loaded with books. He pauses just outside the shop's entrance to consult a pocketwatch, which he naturally keeps in his vest's watch pocket. Satisified, the tucks the watch away again, glances at his reflection in the window, and adjusts his bowler hat. He frowns at the reflection. Something is missing, but what? Then the clerk hurries out, offering him his forgotten umbrella. He thanks the young man with a smile and tip of his hat, then turns to make his way deeper into the mall.

The food court isn't that busy today, as the lunch rush is over. Wyatt is there, though, handling money to someone serving him up a burger. The guy behind the counter looks at the money, laughs, and hands it back, "Funny, kid. Now how about some real money?" Wyatt blinks, "That is real money." The guy shakes his head, "Money ain't made of plastic, and anyway, this says it was printed in 2025. Is it from a board game or something?" Taking the money back, Wyatt's shoulders slump, "Nevermind." He turns, walking away and plopping down into an empty seat.

"Hello, Wyatt," says a voice, so deep as to be called gravelly, from just beside the boy, as he's suddenly no longer alone on the bench. Now a man in a tan trench coat of average height, average build, and fairly average appearance sits there. In fact, he looks completely average... except if one can see with eyes beyond the physical, as Wyatt doubtless can. That, of course, makes all the difference. "You know," the newcomer says in a tone that might seem concerned but comes out stilted, "It's unlikely that you should be on your own in this way."

Life is good when you're Dean Winchester. Sometimes. This is one of those times, though. Sure, it may be kind of a weird fusion, but flirting with cute girls got him way more food than anyone should probably expect. Hot dog! With...some sort of topping that is delicious that he didn't understand, with fries similarly garnished. It's all good, even if it's not the stuff he'd get in the greasy spoons of highway America, but maybe that's why it's good -- this isn't the usual stop for the hunter. "Sammy's gonna wish he'd been here for this," he comments to himself, mouth full, a sesame seed plastered to his cheek. His eyes settle on the man in the trenchcoat. Say, wasn't that why he was even here? So he makes a beeline for him. "Hey. Cass?"

Lord Glamorgan gets twisted around and somehow ends up in the food court, assaulted by myriad unfamiliar scents. Shuddering, he turns in a slow circle, trying to figure out which direction leads to the exit he entered through in the first place. This is the main reason he normally sends someone from his staff to do the shopping, but one of the books is particularly rare and difficult to find, and he couldn't trust anyone but himself to locate it. Sighing, he starts making his way across the court, a somewhat befuddled expression on his face, as he mutters, "I would kill for a good cup of tea right now."

Wyatt Halliwell jumps a little at the surprise voice, looking up quickly. He has the look of someone ready to defend himself, not exactly a usual sight on someone his age. As he gets a look at the stranger, however, he visibly relaxes. He might not know exactly who this is, but apparently he senses enough to trust. "I know, but I don't know what to do." He looks up curiously as someone else new approaches, but as he does so he spots Lord Glamorgan in the distance and waves, a simple friendly greeting wave.

The coated stranger reaches into a pocket and produces a billfold, from which he draws a twenty dollar bill. Offering this to Wyatt, he says, "My name is Castiel. First, I suggest you obtain sustenance. Particularly at your age, that will be imperative. Then, I suppose we will have to look into finding you a place of residence. The Powers have... suggested... that I aid you in this." He adds, if uncertainly, "After all, we are--family." And then he notices Dean. Rising to his feet, Cas returns Dean's greeting with a wave. "Ah, Dean. I'm pleased to see you."

"Got a twenty for me too, Uncle Cas?" Dean grins, which of course looks pretty comical with his mouth as full as it is. They're kind of difficult to miss, especially for someone like Glamorgan. Finally Dean does chomp down his mouthful and lick his lips, but he still hasn't found that sesame seed on his cheek next to his mouth. "Hey, how's it goin'? You know Cass here? I'd uh, shake, but uh..." This time the grin is a little less ridiculous, as he holds up his basket of food and his drink. In kabuki colors, not that he'd really know.

Lord Glamorgan's steps falter as he recognizes the boy waving in his direction. Raising a brow, he slowly approaches the group, looking Castiel and Dean over warily. "Hello, Wyatt," he says, his accent very upper class British, though the exact region might be difficult to place. "Is everything all right?" He stops a few paces away, trying to keep the other two adults within his line of sight.

Perhaps the man Wyatt was buying the burger from was paying attention, as he hasn't thrown out the burger yet. Wyatt smiles happily, accepting the money from Castiel, "Thank you!" He runs to pay for and accept the burger, which takes in just a moment. He returns in time to answer Dean, "Hi. Um, sort of. But we just met too." He looks up to Lord Glamorgan, and nods quickly, "Everything's fine." Done answering, he takes a big bite of his burger.

Castiel seems pleased, in his way, that Wyatt has obtained food. He offers Glamorgan a polite enough nod, echoing, "Everything's fine." Turning to Dean again, Castiel begins to speak--then he stops, nodding toward him. "You have a seed stuck to your cheek," he points out. Then, "Dean, this young man is in need of a place to stay. He's--" the man stops, looking thoughtful, then gives a small nod, as if he's assured himself of something. He resumes, "He's my nephew."

"He is? Wait, I do?" Dean looks around suddenly and finds the nearest table, setting everything down and grabbing a napkin to wipe at his face with. He wipes all over...and still misses it. Looking in Castiel's direction, he smilesand gestures with his hands, as if to ask "everything cool?" But it's still there anyway.

Lord Glamorgan scowls just a bit, narrowing his eyes as he looks Castiel over again, before turning again to Wyatt. "Is this true, Wyatt?" he asks, sparing a glance for Dean. "I thought you said you had no family in the area who knew you."

Wyatt Halliwell giggles a little as Dean misses the seed so completely, shaking his head. But, he's still chewing, and he takes a moment to swallow before he nods quickly to Lord Glamorgan. "It's true. I didn't know anybody knew I was here, but he does." Then he pauses and he looks up to Castiel, "Does that mean my dad does? No, he can't know."

Castiel makes a sound of mild annoyance, which comes out in a curiously maternal tone for someone of his appearance and vice, before he finally just reaches over to lightly brush the seed from Dean's cheek. "There," he declares, and looks back to Glamorgan. "And yes. It's true, as is it accurate that Wyatt did not have anyone in the area until today. Until this evening, I was in Seattle." Looking then to Wyatt, he attempts a sympathetic expression, but it comes out a grimace. "Unfortunately, no. Your father cannot be made aware of the situation at the present time. However... the family... wishes me to ensure your safety and well-being."

Dean looks disappointed at even Wyatt noticing this. How did he miss it? Then again, he's not the neatest eater around. Appreciative, sure! He loves food. Neat, not really. Sam would fuss, if he were here. "Oh. Yeah! Uh. So you" He looks between them, reaching out for his hot dog and taking another bite of it. He even waits until he's swallowed to speak to Glamorgan. "Oh, uh, Cass here, he's good people. Don't worry. He's never molested anybody I know of."

Realization suddenly dawns, and Glamorgan looks between Castiel and Wyatt a few times. "Ah, I see," he says, nodding slightly. "It would appear you've found your guardian angel then." He fixes his eyes upon Dean as well. "Or are you both guardian angels?"

Wyatt Halliwell nods a little to Castiel, disappointed but seeming to understand. He smiles again, then, somewhat, "Thank you." He takes another bite, nodding to Dean again and then to Lord Glamorgan with a grin. After swallowing he says to Castiel, "He witnessed me vanquishing..." He catches himself, not wanting to use the d-word in a public place, and just glosses over that as he finishes, "So I explained a bit. Not everything." And then another big bite of burger. He's hungry!

"I see," Castiel says with a nod. Then he gestures to Dean, explaining, "This is Dean. He's a hunter. We worked together cleansing a boarding school of slime demons a few weeks ago." He pauses, attaining a grim look "It was profoundly disgusting." Then, shaking that off, he explains, "However, I am not a Guardian Angel. I am one of the Seraphim. Guardian Angels have duties quite different from my own." He says this with deadpan matter-of-fact-ness, as though he were announcing the day's weather.

Dean does the "finger guns" thing at Glamorgan's question. You know it! Best guardian angel around. Then it all gets real as Castiel starts talking about things so openly. He makes a kind of face, briefly, at the mention of that whole slime thing, but then he raises a finger and opens his mouth. But then Cas just continues speaking, and Dean shuts his mouth again, giving him a sort of accusatory look. When he stops, there's frustration and confusion on the man's face. "Uh. Right, uh. Look, as far as I know, Cass here's just a real bookworm. And I'm a harmless old seller of apples. Right, buddy?" It's getting weird. He's totally sure it's passed the point of weird.

Lord Glamorgan cocks a brow again, slowly turning from Castiel to Dean, then to Wyatt. "I would be curious to hear more," he says, though since Wyatt is busy eating, he turns his attention back to Castiel. "A Seraphim, you say? Curious. I can't say I've ever met one before. And seller?" His gaze moves up and down Dean once or twice. "I'm unfamiliar with that particular type of angel. Unless, of course, you're a fallen angel who tempts people with forbidden fruit."

Wyatt Halliwell rolls his eyes at Lord Glamorgan's reaction to Dean's words. Swallowing, he says softly, "He's not an angel." He looks up to Dean then and says, cheerfully, "Hi. Cool to meet you. I'm Wyatt, but, I guess, yeah, you already heard that." Now he's eaten over half his burger, he can slow down a little more to chat.

"Dean, ah," Castiel says uncertainly. "I believe there's a conversation we neglected to have the last time we met. I had hoped to spare you the confusion, but it seems that may no longer be possible." Frowning, he says, "I don't have many details, but it seems... there are plans in motion of a celestial nature. The Powers That Be, if you will, have been forced to take a more active role than in the past."

Dean gives a little wave to Wyatt, but he's slowly looking between everyone here. "Uh," he starts, narrowing his eyes as he settles his gaze on Castiel, "is this like, one of those hidden camera shows? Am I gonna be some kinda 'look at that poor asshole' star people are talking about for months? Cuz I ain't okay with that."

"The Powers That Be?" Glamorgan says, his curiosity definitely aroused. "I would greatly like to hear more about them as well." He again spares Dean a quick glance, lips curling just a touch. "Dean, is it? I wouldn't worry too much. I very much doubt anyone will be talking about you. Unless, of course, you plan to do something particularly noteworthy here in this temple to consumerism."

Wyatt Halliwell shakes his head to Dean, "Don't worry, if anybody hears us talking, they'll think we're playing a game. As long as we don't actually do anything." Then he looks up to Castiel, "Is it about why I'm here? Or is it the other way around? Did the spell bring me here because of what's happening?"

Answering Wyatt first, Castiel says, "I strongly suspect these events are what draw you here. The entire... mystic landscape, if you will... is being affected. But, I believe it's true we should relocate. This is not an ideal location for strategic planning." He looks over to Dean, then, and says, "This was not my preferred method of informing you, but matters are moving swiftly, and I believe that you may be of some importance in handling them." Finally, to Glamorgan, he says, "On the contrary, there is a certain contingent of Heaven that takes great interest in--" he stops, glances back to Dean, and then shakes his head. "Nevermind."

Dean opens his mouth, then closes it again, and his eyes go narrow when Glamorgan says his bit. "Yeah, you just keep telling yourself that." With a huff, he ambles back to the table and stuffs the rest of his food in his mouth. He's not just going to let it get cold or go to waste. Food's food! And he got extra, and even if it was weird, it tasted good. He's not entirely sure about all of this, but when Castiel continues, he breaks his silence again. "Yeah, yeah. Look, is this why you were so desperate to get me to come here? I thought you remembered how much I like anime or something."

Lord Glamorgan frowns a touch, looking between Wyatt, Castiel, and Dean a few times. "Well. It sounds like the three of you have important matters to discuss, and certaintly don't want impede celestial business, as it were. Perhaps I should take my leave." He pauses though, focusing on Wyatt. "That is, if you're absolutely certain everything is all right." The guy in the rumbled trenchcoat may seem more than a little off, but it's his beefy companion that is giving off the more dangerous vibes, and Glamorgan isn't at all sure he should leave a defenseless child with such a man. Then again, Wyatt has proven himself to be anything but defenseless.

Wyatt Halliwell finishes off his own burger, as he listens to Castiel's explanation. After swallowing his last mouthful, he says, "I'm ready to go somewhere else." He looks to Lord Glamorgan, and nods emphatically, "I'm sure. And I'll come visit to show I'm okay, later."

"You are an observer," Castiel says to Glamorgan pointedly. "It may be wise for you to become apprised of the situation as well." He furrows his brow a bit at Dean and says, "An-ime? No, I'm not even certain what an 'ime' is. Is that what the food you're eating is called?" Shaking his head, he says, "This situation is something you should all be made aware of."

"I uh...I mentioned it last time. Nothing. Never mind." Dean shoves his hands in his jacket pockets, old brown leather still solid and soft enough after all these years of him wearing it. He knows better than to question this. It may sound crazy, but that's his life: things that sound crazy to everyone else. Things that, oftentimes, are crazy, no matter who's involved.

Lord Glamorgan quirks a brow again, then checks his pocketwatch. "Well, if you need a place to discuss this matter, I suppose I could offer my home. I would be happy to do so for the opportunity to, as you say, observe. Wyatt, do you still have the card I gave you? It has the address. Shall we reconvene there in, say, an hour?"